private secretary to the vice-president. He died 10 days later.

Harris Clarence (b. 14 Oct 1902 - d. 9 Aug 1975) worked in the lumber business with his brothers. He and Tim started the Vick Bros. Hardware business in Harvard (Chicago), IL. He retired in Delavan, Wl and later moved to Calmar, IA.

Ole and Sarah along with their children are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Decorah, IA.

Vick, Tolleiv Tolleivson and Kjersti Lansrud (Endres)

(Charlotte Wilkins Lee)

Bio Photo

Ella Vick

The Vik farm in Slidre (Valdres) was registered as early as 1667. The Slidre Fjord could be seen in the valley as one looked southward. It was one of the oldest farms and the family can be traced back to the 13th and 14th centuries. (Tore Ey’s book, VANG OG SURE p. 6 compiled by Samson Bakken). Sverre (Jordet) Vik’s oldest son (b. in 1936) lives on the Vik farm today.

This is the land that Tolleiv Tolleivson Vik left to make a new home in Winneshiek County. His parents were Tolleiv Knutson born in 1804 and Kari Olsdtr. Faerden born in 1801. Tolleiv’s brothers and sisters were Knut (b. in 1823) married Marit Olsdtr. Lome in 1845; Ola (b. 1825) went to America; Sebjorg (b. 1827) married OlaTrondson Lome; Ingrid (b. 1829) married Tolleiv Istad; Kari (b. 1834) married Jerger Vika and went to America; Ola (b. 1838) married Guri Jonsdtr Hamre; Anna (b. 1840) married Ola Uran and went to America; Engebret (b. 1845) went to America; Endre (b. 1846) went to America.

In April 1853 Tolleiv set sail from Oslo on the same ship that his girlfriend, Kjersti Lansrud Endres (b. 1829) was on. Kjersti lived on a neighboring farm. Her parents were Endre Oisteinson and Ragnild Torgersdtr. Tolleiv and Kjersti entered the U.S. via Quebec and came directly to Winneshiek Co.

On 15 Apr 1857 “certificate #28998” was issued to Tollif Tollifson of Winneshiek Co., IA from the Registrar of the Dubuque Land Office for full payment for the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Sec 7 in Twp 97 North Range 8 W (Frankville Twp) containing 40 A. This was recorded 17 Nov 1871 in Book 28 of Deeds, pp 449-450.

Bio Photo

Left to right: Erick Haakasen, Otto Haakasen and Carrie Vick Haakasen.

Tolleiv Tolleivsen became a citizen of the United States, Winneshiek County the 7th day of June 1860. This document was found in the Winneshiek Co. Clerk of Courts Office.

Buried in the Lutheran Cemetery are Tollif T. Vick (b. 7 Jun 1832 - d. 10 Jan 1903) his wife Kjersti Lansrude (b. 28 Oct 1829 - d. 4 Aug 1886), and their children: Ingeborg (b. 14 Oct 1869 - d. 5 Mar 1888); Andrew (b. 6 Nov 1861 - d. 3 Sep 1890); Christene (b. 5 Nov 1871 - d. 10 May 1917) and Mary (b. 13 May 1859 - d. 13 Dec 1900).

Kjersti and Tolleiv also had Knute born in 1867 (See: Vick, Knute; Bertha Haukedal) who is buried in the Calmar Lutheran Cemetery; Tollif born in 1860 (See: Vick, Tollif; Anna Foss) who is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery one lot away and Ole born in 1864 (See Vick, Ole; Siri Foss) who is buried to the west of them on the hillside.

In the Winn. Co., Decorah census book for 1880, on page 447 is listed: Tollefson, Toilet M age 48, born in Norway; Christina F age 51; Carrie F age 26; Mary F age 22; Tollif M age 20; Andrew M age 18; Ole M age 15; Knute M age 13; Inger F age 13; Emily F age 10; Christina F age 8; Vik Andrew M age 33 brother; Amelia F age 23 sister-in-law.

There are numerous relatives of Tolleiv and Kjersti Vik. Their daughter Carrie married Eric Haakasen and their son Otto graduated from Luther College; Rachel married a Tofte; Inger married a Larson. Ella Vick’s father Endre was a brother of Tolleiv. Ella taught in the Decorah schools for many, many years. Sharon Finberg Wilkinson Luther College graduate, Mrs. Hans Solum, Selma Wheatman, Lorraine Erickson are related viaTolleiv's sister, Anna who married Ola Uren. Mary Jane Hovey, Ema Istad and Luella Lee are related by Ingrid Istad, a sister to Tolleiv. Palmer Vick Larsen is related via Tolleiv’s brother, Ola.


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