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Nels Vick wedding picture.

Nels Vick born August 9, 1855. Karen Pederson Amundrud, born October 17, 1859 in Valders, Norway. Married on January 9, 1881 by Pastor Andreas Turmo. My grandparents (mother's parents).

been baptized and confirmed in Norway. He was one of the charter members of the Pontoppidan Lutheran Church of Glenwood Twp.

Karen died 26 Jul 1927 and Nels died 18 Nov 1939 at the Decorah Hospital. He had broken his hip in a fall. Karen and Nels are buried in the Pontoppidan Cemetery.

Vick, Ole Tolifson and Siri (Foss)

(Charlotte Wilkins Lee)

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Left to right: Harris C. Vick, Charlotte (Vick) Fink, John Tilmon Vick, Herbert O. Vick and Melvin Vick.

Ole Tolifson (b. 18 Jun 1864 - d. 1916) was confirmed on 11 May 1879 in the Decorah Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church (First Lutheran) by Rev. Brandt. He married Siri (Sarah) Foss (b. 27 Jan 1868 - d. 26 Mar 1907) sister of Anna Foss. They had 6 children: a baby died, Herbert, Charlotte, John Tilmon, Melvin and Harris. Their home was on the southwest corner of Mechanic and Sanford. (See Vick, Tolleiv) and (Foss, John).

Sarah died from tuberculosis when the children were young. Not wanting to separate the children, they were placed in the Martin Luther Orphan’s Home in Stoughton, Wl. Herbert the oldest ran away. When he had saved enough money, he sent for his brothers and sister and cared for them. Their aunts and uncles often visited them in the Lutheran Home and had them stay with them many different times.

Herbert Oberlin (b. 2 Aug 1895 - d. 25 Aug 1967) was a stationary engineer for a lumber company in Northwest Canada and Alaska. His brothers and he owned a lumber company in Penny, B.C., Canada. One might find Herbert in Decorah riding his motorcycle his only means of travel. He would turn his hearing aids off (he had been deaf since a child) and take off on his cycle touring the entire country. Herbert retired in Delavan, Wl.

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Herbert O. Vick

Charlotte (Lottie) Sylvia (b. 5 Mar 1897 - d. 10 Jul 1982) graduated from 8th grade and high school in Decorah. She finished the Chicago Wesley Memorial School of Nursing. She married Lester Meyer (b.1 Sep 1896 - d. — ) a glass-glazer for the Chicago Public School System. After his death she married Gene Fink (b. 26 May 1907 in Switzerland) 25 Aug 1967 a research and design engineer expert for several watch companies.

John Tilman (Tim) (b. 7 Dec 1899 - d. 21 Dec 1966) worked with his brothers in the lumber business. He and Harris started the Vick Bros. Hardware Store in Harvard (Chicago). He retired in Delavan, Wl.

Melvin (b. 26 Jan 1901 - d. 22 Apr 1926) graduated from Valder Business College in Decorah and Gregg School of Commerce in Chicago. He was honorably discharged from the U.S.Army as a Private #65188460, Company ’A", 30th Infantry on 5 Dec 1922. He was the private secretary to the traffic manager of the Illinois Central Railroad Co. in Chicago. When Melvin became ill with lumbar pneumonia, he was in line for promotion to be


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