Carmen Renee married Michael Wycoff. Carmen is a nurse. They have one child, Lindsey Marie. Paul Edmund is married to Jane Kremer. He is in Business Administration and she is in Business Education. Eric Andrew was born in Davenport. Louise Bertha Caroline is a retired professor of Psychology from Ohio State University. She is author of 2 mystery books under the pen name, 'Alison Glen” with Cheryl Meredith Lowry. Her daughter Alice Myron (Miron) was born 30 Dec 1938 and died 31 Dec 1938. Naomi Ann married Joseph (Joe) Christopher Therres (b. 5 Mar 1928 - d. 5 Jan 1977). Naomi is a home health aid and Joe was a farmer. They had one child Maria Naomi (Cecilia). She is a college student.

Otto Theodore (b. 20 Aug 1901 - d. 30 Jan 1967) was a farmer and a trucker. Otto is buried in the Calmar Lutheran Cemetery.

Luella (See Ness, George Story)

Florence Ruth (b. 19 Dec 1905 - d. 24 Oct 1988) married Clarence Nesvik (b. 26 Jan 1900 - d. 19 Nov 1958). Clarence was a creamery trucker. Florence was a nurse at the Smith Memorial Hospital in Decorah for many years. They are buried in the Calmar Lutheran Cemetery.

George E (b. 24 Mar 1908 - d. 21 Aug 1966) was a farmer in Winneshiek Co. He is buried in the Calmar Lutheran Cemetery.

Vick, Lars (Skinderviken) and Marie B. (Narum)

(Eleanor Womeldorf and Lila Ehrie)

Bio Photo

Nels L. Vick

Lars Johansen Skinderviken was born in Toten, Norway 8 Nov 1820. He was the great- grandfather of the submitters, Lila (Ehrie) Knoke and Eleanor (Vick)

Womeldorf. The name was changed to Vick when the family came to America. Lars first married Anna Mathea Kise in Norway. Lars and Anna had 5 children: Deoline Marie (b. 19 Aug 1847); Johan Ingebret (b. 18 Feb 1850); Hans Anton (b. 9 May 1852); Nels Lars (b. 9 Aug 1855) and Helmine (b. 1 Apr 1857). Anna died in 1858.

Lars’ second marriage was to Marie B. Narum born 1 Mar 1826 in Norway, died 3 Feb 1897 in Gary, MN. Lars and Marie had 3 children: Bernt Maurits (b. 20 Jul 1862); Augusta (b. 13 Dec 1863) and Lisa Mathea (b. 5 Sep 1865).

Lars and Marie and their 8 children left Toten on 17 Apr 1869 to emigrate to the U.S. They went to Eidsvold, then Oslo and finally sailed from Drammen on the sailing ship “Manilla” with Capt. C. Baardsrud. They arrived at Quebec, Canada 5 weeks and 7 days later and from there continued by steamship, via Milwaukee, Wl to Lansing, IA arriving 1 Jul 1869. They were fortunate in meeting a farmer, Christian Sivesind, who was living in the neighborhood where they planned to go. He gave them all a ride in his lumber wagon from Lansing to Winneshiek Co.

Lars bought 40 acres in Glenwood Twp. in 1872. In 1878 he sold the farm to his son, Nels. Lars and Marie and their family then moved to Norman, Co., MN. Two of the sons, Johan and Hans, lived and died on a farm just west of Gary, MN. Marie died 3 Feb 1897 in or near Gary and was buried there. After her death Lars returned to Winneshiek Co. in Nov 1897 to live with his son Nels. Lars died 23 Nov 1897 and was buried at the Pontoppidan Cemetery, Glenwood Twp.

Vick, Nels and Karen (Pederson Amundrud)

(Lila Ehrie and Eleanor Womeldorf)

Nels Vick was born 9 Aug 1855 in Toten, Norway to Lars Johansen and Anna Mathea (Kise) Skinderviken. The Skinderviken name was changed to Vick when the family left Norway. Nels had 4 brothers and sisters: Deoline Marie, John Ingebret, Hans Anton and Helmine. He had 3 half-brothers and sisters: Bernt Maurits, Augusta and Lise Mathea. (See Lars and Marie (Narum) Vick story.) Nels came to America with his family in 1869 and settled on a 40-acre farm in Glenwood Twp. that his father Lars had purchased. Nels bought the farm from his father in 1878.

Nels married Karen Pederson Amundrud on 16 Jan 1881 by Pastor Andreas Turmo. Karen was born 17 Oct 1859 in Valders, Norway to Ole P Amundrud. Nels and Karen had 10 children: Adolph Melvin (b. 14 Jan 1882); Olga Lerdine (b. 1 Aug 1883) m. August Prestsater; Herman Joseph (b. 2 Apr 1885 - d. age 1 year and 4 months); Hilda Josephine (b. 29 Oct 1886) m. Knudt Lee; Nora Ameline Charlotte (b. 23 Mar 1888) m. Elmer Bergen; Herfred Dolbert (b. 3 Dec 1889); (See separate article); Delia Violetta (b. 4 Apr 1892) m. Carl Steen; Clarence Nubert (b. 19 Apr 1895) and his twin Epha Selma (b. 19 Apr 1895) m. Morris Woldum and Marvel Jubeline (b. 27 Sep 1898) m. Jergen Ehrie.

Nels a painter for over 50 years lived out his days in Glenwood Twp-a period of more than 70 years. Nels had


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