married David A. Lee (b. 25 Sep 1850) on 5 Jun 1881 in LaCrosse, Wl. He was a tailor in Lerdahl, Norway. Mary and David had 5 children: Emma, Adolph, William, Elise and Luella. Emma was born 11 Jul 1882. Adolph (b. 23 Mar 1884) was called Addie. He worked at Ben Bear Co, Decorah, a men’s store. On 19 Sep 1909 he married Amelia Munson. Adolph and Amelia had one son Ray of New Haven, CT. Ray had a career in the Army during WWII and the Korean War. He taught at West Point and military science at Yale. He was an Attache at the U. S. Embassy in Switzerland. Ray was an assistant to the president of Connecticut State College. His daughter Linda married Anthony Amden of St. Louis, MO. His son Mark Lee was in college when I got this information from Luella Lee years ago. William (b. 5 Sep 1887) married Ruth Francis. They had one daughter who married Wayne Julian. The Julians had 2 daughters: Lee and Margot. Elise (b. 1884) died as a baby. Luella (b. 16 Aug 1891) did not marry. She was a beloved school teacher in Decorah. She taught penmanship. I had her for 5th grade. She treasured her father’s food chest which had a special box for cheese inside. He brought the box from Norway. Tollef left Decorah with his father in 1882 and homesteaded at Hatton. He married Dorothea Arneson (1899-1939). Their oldest boy died as a teenager. The girls, Emma, Marie and Alice, did not marry. Emma married Rev. Borgen of LaCrosse, Wl and died in 1881 of tuberculosis just one year after their marriage.

Tobiason, Theodore and Julia (Sorenson)

(Alice Hamre Arneson)

Bio Photo

Theodore R. Tobiason

Theodore R. Tobiason was born 21 Jul 1860 in Decorah and died 16 Feb 1928 in Grand Rapids, MN. He was the third child and oldest son of Tobias and Mary (Henrickson)

Tobiason. He was a coachman (drove buggy) for a millionaire in Minneapolis.

On 15 May 1911 he married Julia Christina Sorenson (b. 26 Mar 1879 - d. 7 Nov 1953) in St. Paul. They lived on a farm at Remer, MN.

Two sons, Orlando and William homesteaded with Clarence Arneson in Canada. The sons came back to Remer. One lives on the farm and brother Ted lives to the north. There is another son Henry B. and a daughter Julia Brown and her son Gordon.

Tobiason, Tobias and Mari (Henrickson)

(Alice Hamre Arneson)

Bio Photo

Mari Henrickson Tobiason and Tobias Tobiason

Tobias Tobiason was born 11 Jan 1828 at.Lomen, Oppland, Norway. He was the 8th and youngest child of Tommas Tobias Larson (Qviil farm) and Ingri Iversdtr Trosvikhagen. (See Ingri Quil Tobiason article). Tobias was the first of his family to leave Norway. He left 9 Mar 1850 by ship to Quebec, Canada, Great Lakes to Milwaukee, Wl then overland. In the Jul 1850 census he was living in a rooming house in Beloit, Wl with other Norwegians who were all brickmakers.

Henri Enderson (farm Lien) was born Dec 1805 at Gol Buskerud, Norway. On 5 Jun 1830 he married Kari Aslachsdtr (farms Langeberg & Benterud) who was born 7 Jun 1802 at Nes Hallingdal, Buskerud. Henri and Kari had 4 children: Guri, Mari, Endre and Kari. In July 1845 the entire family came to Beloit, Wl. Henri died 2 weeks after they arrived. Kari's brother and sisters' families were with them and took care of Kan and her children aged 3-14 years. In 1849 Kari married again to Knud Halvorson. In 1859 Kari and Knud moved to Worth Co. IA with children Endre and Kari. The oldest daughter Guri Henrickson Lien was born 23 Feb 1831 in Nes, Halingdal. On 13 Sep 1852 she married Ole Halsteinsen-Stoen (b. 25 May 1828 - d. 23 Feb 1886). They moved to Highlandville near Big Canoe.

Mari Henrickson was born 30 Mar 1834 in Nes, Halingdal. She married Tobias Tobiason 14 Apr 1854 in Beloit, Wl. They moved to Decorah. They lived on a farm a half-mile over the Twin Bridges on the left (west) side of the road. The farm was mostly pasture. They had cows and pastured cows for others. There was a large spring


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