drew (b. and d. 23 Sep 1956). Kristi Bobette. Emmons married 3) Marie Victoria (Luzum) O'Leary 24 Apr 1954.

Timmerman, Amo and Delyla (Boliman)

(Wayne Timmernan)

Arno Timmerman was born 22 Mar 1899 near Castalia, lA a son of John and Minnie (Meyer) Timmerman. Johann Joachim Carl Timmerman was born 26 Aug 1854 in the Province of Mecklenberg near Schwerin, Germany. He emigrated to America about 1882 going to Clayton Co. where he worked long enough to earn money to send for his future bride Wilhelmine Anna Caroline Meyer. She was born 9 Jul 1860 in Germany. They were married in Clayton Co. 4 Apr 1884. John died 23 Jul 1933. Minnie died 16 Nov 1940. They are buried in the Postville Cemetery. They were the parents of 4 children: Alma Clara, William, Clara and Arno. Alma Clara Wilhelmine was born 19 Mar 1885 near Giard, IA. She did not marry. She died 3 Apr 1973. William John (Bill) was born 13 Aug 1886 in Clayton Co. He married Velma Meyer 14 Jan 1915. In addition to farming, Bill ran an implement business in Castalia. They ran their home as a boarding house in Castalia for many years. Most of the time the rooms were rented by teachers. However during the summer of 1934, they discovered that their rooms had been rented by the infamous Baby Face Nelson of the outlaw criminal Dillinger Gang. When he left Castalia he drove to Chicago where he was killed in a shoot-out with Chicago police. So ended the case of the mysterious boarder in Castalia. Bill died 27 Mar 1966. Velma was born 22 Sep 1890, daughter of Henry L. and Elizabeth (Senholz) Meyer. After the death of William she married Fred Brouillet. She died 4 Jun 1979. They are buried in the Bloomfield Cemetery near Castalia. Clara Elizabeth was born 12 May 1889 in Farmersburg Twp. Clayton Co. At the age of 9 she moved with her family to a farm near Castalia. On 24 Nov 1910 she married William Burdell Sphar. They farmed near Castalia and were the parents of 2 children: Clifford and Grace (m. Chester McIntosh). Clara died 24 Jul 1973. W. Burdell died in 1957. They are buried at Pleasant View Cemetery near Castalia. Arno Fred born 22 Mar 1899 grew up on the family farm east of Castalia. He attended the Castalia Public School. He worked for his brother Bill as a hired hand until his parents moved to Postville. He then began farming on the home place. On 7 Oct 1922 he married Delyla Boliman, daughter of Willard and Elizabeth (Sphar) Boliman. Delyla was born 23 Sep 1901 at Lime Springs, IA. She was a rural school teacher after her graduation. Arno liked to watch things grow and so planted the latest oats and corn varieties to increase production on the farm. He was one of the first to follow directions of the Iowa State College to use lights to lengthen the days and keep the hens laying during the winter months. This was done with gasoline mantle lanterns until electricity came to the farm in 1940. Arno and Delyla kept a big garden where they grew many types of flowers. They also had a large apple orchard. When they retired to Castalia they continued to have a big garden with many varieties of flowers.

They had a large strawberry patch where others could come to pick their own strawberries. Arno kept active with gardening until his death in 1992.

Arno and Delyla were the parents of 3 children: Cloy, Wayne and Kenneth. Cloy William was born 16 Feb 1923. After graduation from high school he moved to Chicago where he married June Klouser 25 Jan 1947. They had a son Scott. Cloy worked for a manufacturing plant until he joined the U. S. Naval Air Force during WWII. He received his gold wings as a pilot but did not see any active service. Cloy’s second marriage was to Mina Mae Harrison 20 Mar 1954. He stayed in the Naval Air Force Reserve until his death. After his stint in the Naval Air Force he moved to Montana where he worked as an iron worker. While working on a tower on a dam project in Boulder, Montana he fell to his death on 28 Jan 1957. He is buried in Rockford, IL. After graduating from Postville High School Wayne started farming. He was married to Delores Osmundson in 1947. They farmed near Castalia for 25 years. Then after moving to Postville, Wayne worked for the Allamakee/Clayton REC for 18 years. He retired in 1990. They had 3 children: Gary of Decorah; Kathryn of Fayette Co. and Rebecca of CA. They have 3 grandchildren. In 1985 Wayne married Betty Schutte Ruckdaschel. They live in Postville. After graduation from Postville High School Kenneth took over farming the home farm near Castalia. He married Mary Jane Schlee 29 Dec 1950. They farmed until retirement in 1995 when they moved to Decorah. They are the parents of 4 children: Dawn, Kevin, Joel and Craig and have 6 grandchildren.

Delyla died 14 Oct 1983 and Arno died 6 Jan 1992. They are buried in the Pleasant View Cemetery near Castalia.

Tinderholt, Gerhard and Lilia (Zulueta)

(Gerhard Tinderholt)

Bio Photo

Gerhard and Lilia Tinderholt

In 1844 Lars and Kjistie (Nielsen) Tinderholt brought their family from Bamble, Norway to America. It took 13 weeks on the sailing vessel Prince Oscar to Boston. Then they went by railroad to Albany, N.Y From there they traveled by canal boat to Erie, PA where they took passage on a lake boat to Milwaukee, Wl. Finally they rode by


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