and Augusta (Blum) Thompson in rural Decorah. Ole M. was born 24 Jun 1883 at Toten, Norway to Mathias S. and Lisa (Vegan) Stromstad. Augusta was born 24 May 1891 in Winneshiek Co. to Henry and Katherine (Holzer) Blum. LaVerne’s brothers and sisters were: Harold Milton (b. 15 Aug 1912 - d. 24 Sep 1961) married Ruth Rude (b. 21 Jun 1921) and had 6 children; Raymond Milbert (b. 7 Mar 1914 - d. 7 Jun 1914); Lucille K. (b. 5 Sep 1915 - d. 29 Mar 1995) married Robert Walker and had 2 children; Gertrude Margaret (b. 15 Aug 1917 - d. 8 Jul 1980) married Nicolas Kakos and had one son; Orval Sylvester (b. 5Sep 1918-d. 7Apr1950) never married; Dorothy Luella (b. 19 Oct 1921) married George Carroll (b. 26 Jul 1914-d. 19 Aug 1961) and had 2 girls; Margaret Beatrice married Raymond Ratliff (b. 14 Jul 1918) and had 3 boys, divorced and married Richard Swanson (b. 4 Apr 1931 -d. 4 Nov 1995); and had no children; Frances Emma married Orval Haugen (b. 29 Nov 1919 - d. 30 Jul 1991) and had 6 children; Alice Mae married Frederic Reum (b. 6 Mar 1914) and had 2 children; Darlene Ruth married Raymond Sacquitne (b. 24 Jun 1926 - d. 7 Jun 1982) and had 6 children; and Beverly Jean married Edward Dickman and had 3 children. LaVerne attended the Decorah schools and graduated in 1942 from Decorah High School.

Giles and LaVerne had 4 children all born in Decorah: Dennis, Janet, Craig and Karen. Dennis married Mary Jane Hoskins and had one child Chelsea Denise. Dennis divorced and married Marlene K. Reif. Dennis and Marlene live on an acreage outside of Solon, IA. Janet Marie married Evan Kleinwolterink and they have 2 children: Siobhan Katherine and Cassandra Rose . Janet is divorced and lives in Burnsville, MN and works for Anderson Consulting. Craig James  married Kris Elstrom and they had 5 children: Sean Regan (b. 13 Aug 1986 - d. 16 Aug 1986); Christian James; Ashlee Ailene; Zachery Ryan; and Cameron Alexander. Karen K. married Daniel Drtina and had 2 children: Alanda Kay and Brendan Daniel . Karen was divorced. She has a daughter Ciara Regan Seitz.

Giles was in business as a drilling contractor. He enjoyed golfing, fishing and camping. LaVerne worked at Gross’s Cafe and Sande's Cafe as a waitress, at a bakery and about 17 years at Rambo Pharmacy. She was active with Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Kilties, church circle and the VFW Auxiliary. Giles and LaVerne attended St. Benedict’s Catholic Church in Decorah. Giles died 31 Oct 1988 of Lou Gehrig’s Disease and is buried at the Catholic Cemetery, Decorah.

Tieskotter, William and Katherine (Busch)

(Gerald N. Johnson)

Bio Photo

William Bernard and Katherine (Busch) Tieskotter November 18, 1908

William Bernard Tieskotter was born 20 May 1893 near Ossian, IA in Section 29 of Military Twp. He was the son of Bernard and Anna Tieskotter. He married Katherine Elizabeth Busch in Festina, IA on 18 Nov 1908, the daughter of Gerhard and Elizabeth (Bauman) Busch of Festina who emigrated to the U.S. from Hanover, Germany. William “Bill” and Katherine "Kate” farmed in Military Twp near Stavanger Lutheran Church, In 1915 they purchased 187 acres from G. T Pearson in Section 2 of Decorah Twp. In the late 1940's they sold that farm and bought a farm in Section 24 of Burr Oak Twp. Bill passed away in 1958. Katherine moved to 810 Mechanic St. in Decorah in the 1960’s. She died in 1964. They are buried in St. Benedict’s Cemetery in Decorah.

Bill and Kate were very hard workers. Kate took care of her invalid father for many years and cared for her niece for a year after her sister died in childbirth.

They were the parents of 5 children: Hildegarde Elizabeth (b. 1909-d. 1935) married Elmer Rosendahl in 1928. They had 3 children: Curtis married Norma Gilbertson in 1951; Lavonne  married Clarence Brown in 1952 and Lynette married John Wichman in 1954. Rose Marian (b. 1911) married Olgar Rosendahl in 1928. They had 3 children: Lyle married Rosemary Hove in 1950; Gordon (b. 1931 - d. 1984) married Carol Stevens in 1954 and Dennis married Susan Brenke in 1975. Viola Louise (b. 1917) married David Clair Palmer in 1938. (See family under David Clair Palmer). Irvin William (b. 1919 - d. 1990) married Marjorie Peterson in 1941. They had 4 children: Shirley Ann married Jay Usgaard in 1963; Carolyn married Keith W. Walter in 1964; Marsha Diane married James Hoffman in 1972 and Irvin W. Jr. married Gretchen Meyer in 1984. Edward Bernard (b. 1924 - d. 1986) married Helen Orletta Drievold in 1945. They had 2 children who are deceased.


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