NY Lori and James have 3 daughters: Rachael; Kirsten and Emily. They live in Grimes, IA. Lori is a preschool handicap teacher and Jim works for the Department of Human Services. Jenny married Dan Donlon 18 Oct 1986. Dan is the son of Dale and Lavonne Donlon. Jenny and Dan had one son Samuel. Then Jenny married Paul Butler 14 Jul 1989. Paul was born to Bartlett and Barbara Butler of Decorah. Jenny and Paul have one son Seth. Jenny is a cosmetologist and homemaker. Paul works for Gemini, Inc.

Glen and DeLoris have lived in Decorah all their lives. Glen has worked at Thornton Feed Store since graduation from high school. He became owner in 1967. It is a third generation business and hopefully will continue for more generations to come. DeLoris has been a homemaker and helped with office work for Thornton Feeds.

Thornton, Roy and Josephine (Pederson)

(Evelyn Seegmiller)

Roy Orlando Thornton was born 14 Jan 1898 near Hardin, IA now a ghost town north of Luana, IA. Roy’s parents were William Orlando Thornton who died in 1947 and Jane Gordanier who died in 1943. “W. O." and Jane are buried in Phelps Cemetery at Decorah, IA. Both were born near Hardin. Roy’s siblings were Eva, Bessie, Gladys, Andrew, Mabel, Richard and Dorothy.

William Orlando Thornton was a teacher, lay preacher, farmer, salesman and dairy man. Jane was a homemaker and Sunday School teacher. W. O.’s parents were James Thornton who died in 1906 and Bessie Lightfoot who died in 1872. Bessie died from a fall in their log cabin and the children were scattered among the neighbors. James married twice more. James and Bessie are buried in the Monona, IA cemetery. James was born in England and came to Ottawa, Canada in 1858. He taught at an Indian school. James married Bessie and came to the Monona area in 1864. He was a lay preacher, farmer and realtor. A street and a bridge in Des Moines, IA are named after him. James Thornton’s parents were James Thornton and Susanna Croft. James and Susanna died in England. W. O.’s siblings were: Henry, twins Christopher and Rollinson, Lucinda and Susan Laconda.

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Roy and Josie Thornton

Jane Gordanier’s parents were Philip Gordanier who died in 1927 and Permelia Segrist who died in 1910. Both are buried in the Hardin Cemetery. Jane’s siblings were: Rose, Pearl, Viola, Cecil, Lynn and Horace.

Roy Thornton and Josephine Florence Pederson were married in 1922 and celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1972. Josephine was born 8 Aug 1903 near Goehner, NE the daughter of Ole Pederson and Emelia Louise Halseth. Josephine’s siblings were: Lula, Christina, Ollie and Emil. Ole died in 1919 and Emelia died in 1966. They are buried in the Hesper Lutheran Cemetery. Ole was a farmer and had a reputation for straight fences and straight rows of shocks. Emelia enjoyed all kinds of hand work. Ole Pederson’s parents were Christian Pederson who died in 1910 and Pauline Kyseth who died in 1904. They are buried at Henrytown Lutheran Cemetery in Fillmore Co., MN. Emelia Halseth’s parents were Eilert Halseth who died in 1918 and Laura Wennes who died in 1888. They are buried in the Hesper Lutheran Cemetery. Eilert Halseth’s father was Iver Iverson. Laura Wenne’s parents were Erick Wennes who died in 1912 and Karen Lingdahl who died in 1908. Laura and Erick are buried in Hesper Lutheran Cemetery.

Roy Thornton was a mechanic and liked best to work for himself but at various times worked for Monson, Reed and Lennon, Groustra and others. He said he was glad he could retire when cars became more complicated. Roy also was a gardener, carpenter, electrician and craftsman. He was most proud of his jigsaw work. Josie enjoyed all kinds of sewing and handwork. Roy and Josie had 3 daughters: Evelvn Josephine (m. Telford Seegmiller); Lucile (m. Lawrence Eilers) and Lillian (m. Berwyn Yates). Lucile died in 1967.

Roy died 24 Jan 1981 and Josie died 5 Aug 1986. They are buried in Phelps Cemetery.

Thorson, Andrew and Ingeborg (Kjomme)

(Mildred I. Kjome)

Anders Torsen was born on the Loven farm in Aurland Parish, Sogn, Norway, in 1841, to Tor Torgersen Loven and Synneva Andersdtr Vangen. In 1857 Anders emigrated to America, and found his way to the Norwegian settlements in northeast Iowa. He took land in Highland Township in Section 10, and built a log house there. He Americanized his name becoming Andrew Thorson. He soon met and married Ingeborg Nelson Kjomme, (1841-1887) daughter of Nels and Margit Kjomme of the neighboring section. A brother, Torger, joined him in 1861, and lived for a time in a log house on his property. His parents and 5 younger brothers and sisters, Alv, Ole, Marita, Kari and Katrina, followed his example and emigrated to America in 1867. Yet another brother, Gjert and his wife Marta Torsdtr Veum, came to America in 1871.

Andrew and Ingeborg started their family with the birth of a daughter, Svnneva in 1863, but the child lived only a few days. Their first son was born in 1865 and given the name Nels who would live to be 91 years old. His de-


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