later they moved to Decorah Twp. Freeport, IA.

Hans and Maren brought 5 children with them: Maren, Soren, John, Hans and Abraham. They lived on a farm 3 miles northeast of Freeport. Soren was the only one that stayed in lowa-the others homesteaded in Dexter Twp., Codington Co., SD.

Bio Photo

Sorenson family as they were in 1910 or earlier.
Standing: Leona Sorenson Thompson.
Sitting: Sam Sorenson by Wilma Sorenson, Stella Sorenson, Hans Sorenson, Phoebe Sorenson Headington, Annie Sorenson (sitting) and Lilly Sorenson Hamre.

Soren (Sam) married Anne (Bakkemoen) in Freeport 25 Mar 1881. To this union 8 children were born: Mabel, Judith, Stella, Hans, Leona, Phoebe, Lilly and Wilma. Sam and Annie lived on the farm all their lives and took care of Sam’s mother Maren. When Maren died the farm became Sam's. Hans, Sam's only son, helped his father on the farm and his daughter Stella stayed home to help care for her parents.

In 1947 Hans and Stella sold the farm to their sister Leona and her husband Albert Thompson. Leona and Albert lived on the farm until their son LaMoyne was married in 1951.

Bio Photo

LaMoyne Thompson family
Front row: David T, Jesica T Edna T, LaMoyne T, Brandy T and Michael T
Back row: Diane T, Justin T, Denise Drievold, Chris T and Erik Drievold.

LaMoyne married Edna M. Sylvanus on 16 Jun 1951 at Ridgeway Lutheran Church. To this union 2 boys were born: David LaMoyne  married Diane Stevens at Decorah Lutheran Church on 26 May 1973. They have 2 children: Justin, 18, is a student at Wartburg

College and Jesica is a student at Clarion High School. David is a carpenter contractor and Diane is a social worker. Michael Duane has one daughter Brandy Lynn. She is a graduate of Decorah High School and is working in Decorah. Michael married Chris Drievold 9 Jul 1988 at Decorah Lutheran Church. She had 2 children: Denise a graduate of Luther College teaching preschool in Minneapolis, MN and a son Erik, a senior at Decorah High School. Michael is a carpenter for Brown Builders of Decorah. Chris works at Luther College. Michael and his family also live on the Thompson farm. At this time, there are 3 generations living on the farm.

LaMoyne has farmed all his life and also worked 38 years at Ingvoldstad Lumber Co., later called Decorah Building Supply. He retired Apr 1993 and is now working for Oneota Golf and Country Club where he is a groundskeeper. Edna is a homemaker and enjoys gardening and sewing. She is active in church work as circle chairman and Sunday School teacher. Both are active in their church and other community projects.

We are very thankful to still have 2 of Annie and Sam’s children living. LaMoyne’s Aunt Phoebe Headington turned 100 in July of 1995-is very alert and loves visiting. His Aunt Lilly Hamre was 95 (21 Nov 1995). Phoebe is living at the Oneota Care Center and Lilly is at the Aase Haugen Home.

Thompson, Martin and Mayme (Stoskopf)

(Ray and Arlene Thompson)

Martin Thompson, (b. 13 Feb 1885) the son of Mathias and Elizabeth Lisa (Vegan) Thompson in Toten, Norway was 3 months old, when he along with his parents, 4 brothers and 2 sisters, sailed from Toten in a ship that was a double decker. It had sails and the bottom deck was covered with sawdust. The journey took a month after which they settled in Winneshiek Co. Here were born 4 more brothers and one sister.

Mayme Stoskopf, (b. 30 Aug 1889) the daughter of Diebold (Dick) and Julia (Barth) Stoskopf, was the oldest of 6 children, 2 of whom died in infancy: Harry, Vernon and Vera Stoskopf (Stortz). They lived in Pleasant Twp. where Diebold farmed. Because of diabetes his left leg was amputated and later also his right leg. In spite of his problems he was able to do many things and he especially liked to reminisce about his family and early days, some of which his grandson Ray can tell about. Diebold (d. 10 Nov 1938) and Julia (d. Apr 1945).

Mayme married Martin Thompson 13 Mar 1913 and to them were born 4 children: Kathryn, Roger, Ray and Curtis. Kathryn (b. 25 Apr 1914) married Laruitz (Lars) Hamre 23 Jan 1938. Lauritz died 26 Aug 1968 and Kathryn died 13 Nov 1989. Roger (b. 10 Oct 1918) married Dorothy Tomasek 7 Sep 1939. To them were born 4 daughters: Priscilla, Glenna, Louise and Debbie. Roger died 19 Dec 1974. Rav (b. 7 Jan 1920) married Arlene Larson 20 Apr 1945 while he was in the service during WWII. They had 3 sons: Larry, Leslie and Lee. Curtis (b. 25 Aug 1922) married Mildred Komisrud 27 Jul 1949. To them were born 2


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