Greenhouses for 51 years. W.T married Olga Alberta Kjome (b. 1900), daughter of Andrew and Clausine Kjome, at the Little Brown Church at Nashua 24 Jun 1924. Olga grew up in Highland Twp, attended the Kjome School, was baptized and confirmed in the Highland Lutheran Church, and in 1918 moved to Cedar Rapids to attend Cedar Rapids Business College. She was employed by Iowa Mutual Liability Insurance Company in Cedar Rapids but in 1922 moved back to Decorah to work at Baker Lumber Yard. She was employed there for 19 years as the bookkeeper. The couple purchased a home on 5th Avenue where they resided for 48 years.

Duff, like his father, experimented with creating new varieties of plants. One of his new varieties of geranium was named “Olga." Christmas Eve 1940, Olga hung a little note on the Christmas Tree telling Duff that he was to become a father. On 19 May 1941, an announcement was sent out from Decorah Greenhouses that “a brand new bud named Judith Anna Symonds, a crossing of two well-known varieties, had blossomed into a tiny new offshoot, a perennial of delicate coloring and covered on top with a black fuzz, requiring special nourishment and dry packing." Duff and Olga shared many interests, but fishing was their favorite relaxation. Duff was a member of the Elks Lodge and the American Legion. In April of 1971 Duff sold his interest in the greenhouse to his nephew, Don Symonds. Duff died 1 Feb 1972 following a lingering illness. Olga stayed in their home until 1983 when she moved to the Eastern Star Home. She passed away at the Home on 23 Apr 1988 of heart failure. Both are buried at Phelps Cemetery in the Symonds plot.

Judith Anna Symonds married Joe Pettit. They have three children: Jody, Steve and Jennifer. Judith is now married to Raymond Kalec of Spillville.

Szabo, Estevan “Steve” and Laura (Reisner)

(Agnes Smith and Mary Szabo)

Steve Szabo was born in Budapest, Hungary on 22 Dec 1890. He first came to the United States at the age of 14 where he worked in steel mills in Pennsylvania and Ohio. He returned to his native country and eventually came to Fayette Co., IA. When he was 24 years old, he married Laura Reisner on 27 Feb 1921 in Fayette Co. She was born 28 Aug 1897 near West Union, I A. They came to Castalia about the year 1932. They had a family of 12 children.

During the war years of 1941-45, Steve had a scrap iron business, and felt that his work was important for the support of his adopted country. He was proud that his 8 sons could serve in the U.S. military. He many times remarked that "this is a grand and glorious country.” Steve Szabo died in 1964. Laura Szabo died 20 Jan 1985. They are buried in the Bloomfield Cemetery, Castalia.

Theodore (b. 18 Feb 1922) attended school in Castalia and graduated from Castalia High School. In 1939 he joined the U.S. Marines. He was on the U.S.S. Arizona when it was bombed at Pearl Harbor. Theodore was one of the first to die in World War II on 7 Dec 1941. He was awarded the Purple Heart. William attended school in Castalia and graduated from Luana High School. William entered the U.S. Marines in April 1943. On 11 Jan 1953 he married Betty Schroeder, daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth (Schweinefus) Schroeder. For several years they farmed on the Art Schroeder farm west of Castalia. Then they moved to Castalia and started the Szabo Rock and Lime Business with their son, Terry. They are parents of 3 children: Terry, Lori and Lonnie. Terry attended Postville schools and graduated from Postville High School. He married Julia Rogallo of Minnesota. They live in Postville and manage the Szabo Rock and Lime Business. They have 2 daughters: April and Angela. Lori died in a car accident 5 Apr 1968 and is buried in Pleasant View Cemetery, Castalia. Lonnie L. (b. 25 Jan 1970) was killed by accidental gunshot on 12 May 1985 and is buried at Pleasant View Cemetery. Bill and Betty are retired and living in Postville. Robert entered the U.S. Marines in March of 1943 and served in the South Pacific with rank of sergeant. He married Mary Ferguson of Monona on 26 Nov 1945. She was the daughter of Lloyd and Irma (Drahn) Ferguson. She graduated from Monona High School in 1944. After graduation she attended Western Union School in Cedar Rapids and later was employed as a Western Union Telegrapher in Chicago. Robert and Mary lived for a year in Chicago, after which they moved to Castalia where they still live. Robert owned and operated a bulk milk truck until his retirement. They are the parents of 3 children: Robert Jr., Barbara and Beverly. Their grandchildren are: Chad and Robert Franklin Szabo and a step-grandson Brett; Jeremy Kurth and Elise and Evan Meyer. Edward entered the U.S. Navy in Nov 1942. His children are: Eddy Jr., Jim, Daryl and Tom. Darlene married Lavern Schultz. They had Steven, Stanley, Mari Lynn and Guy. Darlene lives in Decorah. Eugene served in the U.S. Army. He married Jean Gordon 25 Feb 1955. She was the daughter of Milton and Anna Gordon. Eugene was employed at Frudden Lumber Co. in Castalia until it closed. Later he was employed at a lumber company in Decorah. He was also employed by the Postville Community Schools. Jean is a nurse and was employed at the Postville Community Hospital until it closed. They have 2 sons: Jeffrey and Gregory. Jeff married Sharon Sedar on 25 May 1985. Sharon's children are: James, Timothy (14 Nov 1969-15 Nov 1991) and Jessica. Jeff and Sharon’s son is Justin. Greg married Dawn (Harris) Brockway. Dawn’s children are: Kristi, Shannon and Kari Brockway. Greg and Dawn's daughter is Kelli. Agnes married Earl Smith of Cedar Rapids on 28 Jun 1953. Earl was born in Monticello, IA. His parents are William and Irene Smith. He was in the U.S. Air Force from 5 Dec 1950 until 28 Oct 1953. They lived in California for 9 years. Earl was a barber. Later he began working for Swiss Valley Milk Producers at Luana. Their children are: Kevin  Deanna and Larry. Kevin married Janet Brainard


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