served as a Friends' pastor of the Meeting there for several years before his death on 7 Oct 1989. Merrill has lived most of his life in Colorado. He married Luella LeValley on 21 Jun 1931. She died 28 Apr 1960. He later married Nan (Peterson) Owens on 10 Aug 1962. Grace Street married Plarold Byers on 8 Jul 1934 and has spent most of her years in Rochester, MN.

Granville Street and Leroy Street still have descendants living in Winneshiek Co., calling Hesper “home.”

Street, Leroy and Lueda (Brenna)

(Joyce Street)

Bio Photo

The Leroy Street family, taken in the late 1950’s. Left to right: Douglas Roger Street, Harold Lee Street, Lueda Brenna Street, Robert Leroy Street and Leroy Oscar Street.

Leroy Oscar Street was born 22 Apr 1912 on a farm south of Hesper, IA, the son of Oscar Leroy and Minnie Melissa (White) Street. His father was born 16 Oct 1871 and died 14 Jan 1924. His mother was born 3 Feb 1878 near Flesper and died 12 Jul 1971. They were married 30 Mar 1897 and lived at Flesper except for two years in North Dakota in about 1902. After Oscar's death, Minnie married Waldemar O. Bielski on 21 Jul 1926. He died 30 May 1956. Leroy's brothers and sister were: Guilford, Granville, Merrill, Grace and Byron. Leroy attended the Hesper school, graduating from the 8th grade.

On 15 Sep 1932, Leroy married Lueda Kelse (variously spelled Calise, Calsey, Kelsey, etc.) Brenna at Hesper. They were married at the Bielski Store with their mothers, Minnie Street Bielski and Kristine Brenna Sanden as witnesses. Lueda was the daughter of Anton Eliafson Brenna and Kristine Karoline Knutson and was born 17 Nov 1911 on a farm south of Hesper. Anton died 4 Oct 1915 and Kristine later married Knute Sanden, Sr. a widower. Lueda had one sister, Calma and a half-sister, Ruby and several step-brothers and step-sisters. After Anton’s death, Kristine worked for others and Lueda and Calma often stayed with friends or relatives. Lueda went to eight different Hesper-Mabel area schools before finishing 8th grade. Then she “worked out’’ for others, often caring for mothers with new babies.

Leroy and Lueda Street had three sons: Douglas Roger, Robert Leroy and Harold Lee. All three sons were born in Hesper, attended the Hesper school and graduated from Mabel High School.

Douglas Roger Street married Barbara Marie Walhus, daughter of Christian I. and Marie (Ovre) Walhus, on 31 Mar 1956 at the Highland Lutheran Church, Highland Twp., Winneshiek Co. Douglas farmed, worked as a mechanic, and did carpentry work in the Hesper-Mabel area. He was in the Army for two years before his marriage working as a Medical Supply Specialist. In 1963, the family moved to Rockford, IL where Douglas worked for Woodward Governor Company until retiring in 1995. Douglas and Barbara have two daughters: Roxane Lynn married Cornelius A. Sinclair, Jr. on 3 Jul 1976 at Rockford. They had two children: Lacey Kristine and Jesse. Roxane and Cornelius later divorce. She and her family live in Winnebago, IL. Greta Kay married John Milton Henry V on 4 Aug 1983. They have two children: Brenna Marie and John Milton VI. They live in Oakland, IL.

Robert Lerov Street married Clista Joyce Rose, daughter of Arden Clair and Gladys (Sickels) Rose, on 13 Nov 1960 at the Christianburg Methodist Church near Ottumwa, IA. They have two sons: Arden Leroy and Brian Vance. They are residences of Hesper.

Harold Lee Street married Marcia Lynn Nehre, daughter of Harold Frederick and Lois (Terrell) Nehre, on 20 Jun 1970 at the First Baptist Church in Oskaloosa, IA. They are not blessed with children of their own, but as teachers have touched the lives of many. Harold served two years in the Peace Corps before his marriage, building bridges in Nigeria and the Cameroon. Harold Lee Street died of a massive heart attack on 19 Jun 1994 while on a bike ride across Missouri. Marcia continues to teach and lives in Cedar Falls, IA where they had made their home for many years.

Leroy Street spent most of his life farming, with time on a road construction crew and as a truck driver during the early years of marriage. In later years, asthma and allergies encouraged a move into construction work. He was a good carpenter and handy with mechanical things. He was in the process of building a new house for himself and Lueda when he died of a heart attack 28 Apr 1967.

Leroy was a member (from birth) of the Hesper Friends Meeting and was an active member, taking responsibility as needed. Lueda was confirmed in the Lutheran church, but joined Hesper Friends after her marriage. In later years, she rejoined the church of her youth, with the blessing of her family.

Leroy had a lively sense of humor and loved good fun. He often took part in the plays and programs given by the Hesper Improvement Club, with a real gift for comedy, and could keep the family in stitches with tales of hot-wiring the hubcaps of the family car and other escapades. He was always ready to help others and practiced his Christian faith quietly, but consistently. Lueda, too, has a fine sense of humor and a gift for caring for people. She baked many cakes for special occasions and, after Leroy's death, again “worked out,” this time caring for older people. She currently lives at Green Lea


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