1939) never married; Sverre (1897-1976) married Emma Skogen; Emma (1895-1973) married Clarence Iverson; and Oscar (1893-1959). Ole died 18 Mar 1915 and Ellen died 1 Jan 1942. They are both buried in the Hesper Lutheran Cemetery. Lawrence (b. 21 Dec 1845 in Stod) married Margrethe Casperson (b. 20 Aug 1853). Lawrence died 7 Apr 1893 and Margrethe 13 May 1913. Their only known child was Charley Oscar Olsen (1877-1946) who married Mary Moen (1881-1938). Ellen Anna (b. 6 Mar 1849 in Stod) married James B. Harvey in 1885. Ellen's children were: Anna (1870-1952) married John N. Selness; John; Louise (1877-1941); Lola married Newton Willie; Nellie married a Mr. Coffey; and James. Ellen and Harvey were pioneers in the Walcott, ND area and later settled in Milnor. Ellen died 27 Dec 1929 of flu/pneu-monia. Harvey died 2 days later of the same illness. They had a double funeral and were buried in the Lakeview Cemetery. Thomina (b. 18 May 1851 in Stod) married Andrew Rygg. Their children were: John, Olaf, Albert, Emma (m. a Bolstad), Marie, Mathilda and Tilessa. The family moved out of the Hesper area and left little trace of their whereabouts. Plena (b. 18 May 1853) married Anton J. Smith in Ham Lake, MN. Their children were: Ada (m. Mr. Jyland), William Henry, Ole, Emma (m. Mr. Dillaber), Delia (m. Mr. Hallet), John, Edward and Anna (m. Mr. Morrison). Anton died in 1917 and Olenadied in Jan 1941, both at Inman near Parkton and are buried in the Leaf Lake Cemetery. Ove (b. 24 Feb 1858 in Stod) married Mary Benson (b. 4 Feb 1867) on 7 Mar 1893. Their children were: James (1893-1975) married Esther Nelson; Grant (1896-); Blanch (1897-) married Kenneth Storlie; Minnie (1901- ) married Gilman Myrah; Judene (1905-1995) married Mildred Anderson; Melvin (1907-); Bennie (1909-1980) married Thora Lommen; and Stella married Harry Lommen. Mary died in Jan 1941 and Ove in April, both are buried in the Hesper Lutheran Cemetery. Berith (b. 7 Sep 1861 in Stod) married Esten Klegseth (1870-1941) on 2 Jun 1892. Their children are: Ida (1892-1966) married Edwin Erikson; Olga (1894-1971) married Martin Folstad; Emma (1900-1976) married Myron Welsh; Melissa (1902-1995) married Lawrence Korsness; and Albert (1905-1960) married Sarah Myhre. Esten died in July 1941 and Berit died in Oct 1959 at the age of 98. Both are buried in the Hesper Lutheran Cemetery. Berent (b. 29 Apr 1869 in Hesper Twp.) never married.

Ole Storkerson Aasum and his wife Anna Marthe lived in the Hesper-Mabel area until they died. Both were member so the Hesper Lutheran Church and were among the founding members. They are both buried in the Hesper Lutheran Cemetery. There you can see their headstone or memorial. They are surrounded by their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Strait, Larry and Sharon (Sampson)

(Sharon and Larry Strait)

Sharon Ruth Sampson was born in Postville, IA. She is the daughter of Roger Leland and Jean Shirley (Crawford) Sampson. Sharon is the sister of Shirley Ann (Sampson) Foels who lives in Postville. Sharon attended the Frankville school from kindergarten through 5th grade, and then attended Postville schools from 6th grade until graduation in 1969. Her 5th grade class at Frankville was the last year the Frankville country school was open. She was active in band and chorus in high school. After graduation at Postville High School, Sharon went to the University of Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls, IA where she obtained a B.A. degree with a double major of Spanish and English, graduating from UNI in 1973. She married Gregory John Gowdy from rural Williams, IA, the son of Jack and Lorraine Gowdy, on 16 Jun 1973. She began teaching at Mukwonago High School in Mukwonago, Wl (southwest of Milwaukee) in the fall of 1973. Sharon is currently teaching Spanish at Mukwonago High School, and is the foreign language department chairperson and district co-chair for foreign languages for Mukwonago.

Bio Photo

Sharon (Sampson) Strait and Larry Strait.

She obtained her M.A. in Foreign Language and Literature from UW-Milwaukee in 1985. Sharon was married for the second time to Larry A. Strait, the son of Clarabelle Strait North and Orville Strait of Traverse City, Ml, on 15 Sep 1985. Larry has two sons: Daryl married Jenni Rintamaki of Racine, Wl on 8 Aug 1993 and Christian. Both sons currently make their home in Madison where they are working and going to school. After 8 years in the U.S. Navy, Larry received his B.S. in electrical engineering from UW-Parkside in 1980. He completed a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A) degree from UW-Parkside in 1984. Larry works at Placon Corporation in Madison where he is Contract Services Business Unit Leader.

Sharon’s hobbies and interests are: reading, quilting and needlework, gardening, tennis, and boating. She is active in her local chapter of PE.O., and had been involved in the Mukwonago Jaycettes. Larry is active in tennis, running, boating, wood-working, and is restoring a 1931 Model A pick-up truck that his late brother, Ron, had owned. Both Sharon and Larry spend much of the spring, summer and fall near Sister Bay in Door County, Wl where they keep a summer place and boat. They en


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