Stoen, Charles and Nellie (Sivesind)

(Sally Leibold)

Charles Gifford Stoen was born on 20 May 1898 and died on 15 Oct 1992. He married Nellie Amelia Sivesind on 17 Aug 1922. Nellie was born on 18 Apr 1901 and died on 18 Jul 1964. She was the daughter of Hans Martin Sivesind and Amanda Bramina Halverson. Hans was born on 26 Nov 1871 and died on 18 Sep 1959. Amanda was born on 30 May 1879 and died on 15 Oct 1954. Nellie’s brothers and sister were: Benny, Raymond, Gladys and Lloyd. Charles and Nellie had five children: Roger Carlton, Helen Eileen, Francis Laverne, Dorothy Lorraine and Mary Jane.

Roger Carlton was born in Decorah. He married Margie Rita Rausch on 25 Apr 1953. Roger and Margie have six children: Lawrence Eugene, Charles Henry, Roger Mark (6 Sep 1958-9 Sep 1958), Sandra Irene, Jan Theodore and James Frederick. Charles married Martina Vinson on 22 Mar 1980. They have one child, Crystal Marie. Sandra married John Dougherty in 1989. They have one child, Alex. Jan married Nancy Belin on 16 Oct 1982. They have two children: Dennis Adan and Emily. James married Kendra Voytec in 1990.

Helen Eileen was born in Decorah. She married Danny Leonard Olson (b. 8 Apr 1922) on 17 Aug 1949. They are the parents of three children: Kristi Ann Scott Daniel and Terry Lee. Kristi married Paul Zuraff on 27 Nov 1976. They have two children: Joshua and Shau. Scott married Susan Hersrud on 12 Apr 1986.

Francis Laverne married Sid Eugene Curtis (15 Apr 1923-16 Apr 1979) on 18 Dec 1949. They were the parents of seven children: Julie Kay, Tom Eugene, David Sidney, John Charles (b. 18 Jul 1959-19 Apr 1984), Edward Martin, William Paul and Amy Lynne. Julie married Lippe Smit on 16 Dec 1972. They have two children: Kari Ellen and Nicholas. Tom married Debbie Bryant on 20 Sep 1980. They have four children: Amber, Chelsea, Christopher and Katherine Frances. David married Theresa Sommers on 25 Sep 1976. They have two children: Christine Allison and Melissa Dawn. Edward married Irma Aracely on 31 May 1991. They have one child, Justin.

Dorothy Lorraine was born in Decorah. She married Roger Howard Barstad on 2 Jun 1956. They are the parents of four children: Rachel Lynn, Brian David, Ellen Christine and Paul Howard. Rachel married Scott Lamb on 20 Jun 1987. They have four children: Joshua, Anna Corrine Caleb Charles and Daniel. Brian married Estelle on 8 May 1994. Ellen married Doug Lill on 28 Apr 1990. Paul married Jackie Ray Anderson on 27 Jun 1992.

Mary Jane married Don LaVerne Marquard (28 Aug 1930-1 Aug 1990) on 27 Dec 1954. They had four children: Kyle Alan, Jeff Craig, Randy Luther and Gary Donald. Kyle married Diane Dale Dixon on 4 Jun 1977. They have three children: Amanda, Paige Marie and Molly. Jeff married Dawn Dixon on 11 May 1985. They have two children: Erica and Angela . Randy married Kay Ellen  on 19 May 1984. They have two children: Rachel and Hillary. Gary married Mari Paling  on 13 Oct 1990. They have one child, Alexi Julie.

Stoen, Harold and Celia (Lien)

(Harold A. Stoen)

Bio Photo

Back, left to right: Laurel and Edward Stoen, David and Elayne Werges and son Kris. Front, left to right: Harold and Celia Stoen, Kevin and Marcus Werges.

Harold Albertus Stoen was born in Spring Grove, MN , the son of Walter O. and Thea (Amundson) Stoen. His father was born in Highland Twp. on the homestead 20 Aug 1900. His mother was born on the Amundson homestead in Pleasant Twp. 16 May 1906. They were married 10 May 1928 at the Big Canoe parsonage, rural Decorah, IA. Harold has two brothers: Ronald Wayne who resides in Des Moines, IA and Darrel Dean who resides in Decorah.

Harold married Celia Edna Grace Lien at her grandparents’ farm home in Springfield Twp., the daughter of Elmer H. and Grace O. (Borness) Lien. Her father was born on the Lien homestead in Springfield Twp. 2 Jun 1895. Her mother was born 20 Jul 1907 on the family farm in Springfield Twp. They were married 4 Jun 1931 at Washington Prairie Lutheran Church. Celia has three brothers and two sisters: Raymond Donald of Orlando, FL; Robert Edward of


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