jor. The school opened in 1894 so Henry would have been one of the first students. In 1900, the tuition at the school was $3 a month and board was $2.50 a week.

Henry was the Recorder of Deeds from 1905 to 1910 in the Winneshiek Co Courthouse in Decorah, IA. The present Winneshiek Co Courthouse was built in 1903 so Henry would have worked there five years. We saw his beautifully written documents in several books, in 1911 Henry left Iowa to work in California. A few years later, he moved to Warwick, ND. Henry Stinson and Ray Harmon started a general merchandise store in Warwick, and Henry worked there until about 1916.

Blanche Violet Anderson and Henry Stinson married Wednesday, 1 Nov 1916 in Warwick. From 1918 to 1924, Henry worked as a banker. He and Blanche lived in Warwick all of their married lives. Henry died 5 Nov 1958 at Mercy Hospital in Devils Lake, ND from prostate cancer. He was nearly 81 years of age. Blanche died 21 Jul 1969 in Ellendale, ND. Both are buried in Warwick Cemetery.

Henry and Blanche had two sons: Henry Spencer, Jr. (b. 18 Apr 1919) and James Stanley (b. 30 Nov 1921). Both sons were born in Devils Lake.

Henry Spencer Stinson. Jr, married Ovie Deleevia Palmore in Nov 1945 in Abilene, TX. Ovie was born on 6 Nov 1922 in Lufkin, TX to Comer Hampton Palmore and Lily Belle Harris. Henry, Jr. and Ovie lived in Lakehurst, NJ. They had two sons, Ronald Gary and Larry Wayne (b. in Sherman, TX). Ronald married Janice Ruth Aaron on 8 Oct 1983 in Vineland, NJ. Ron and Janice live in Smithville, NJ. Larry married Lorraine Hartnett on 14 Oct 1978. They live in Mount Holly, NJ. Larry and Lorraine have three children: Eric Laurence, Kimberly Nicole and Pamela Christine.

Bio Photo

Blanche Anderson Stinson and Henry Spencer Stinson Warwick, North Dakota, about 1950

James Stanley Stinson married Lois Marilyn Cameron on 4 Nov 1950 in Jamestown, ND. Marilyn was born to Ralph Edward and M. Ellen (McLean) Cameron. James and Marilyn live in St. Joseph, MN. They have four children: Gregory James (b. in Sacramento, CA), David Ralph ( Sacramento, CA), Diane Marilyn (b. in Sacramento, CA) and Gerald Duane (b. in Ellendale, ND). Gregory married Penelope Keller in Scranton, ND on 29 Dec 1973. Greg and Penelope live in Edina, MN.

They have two children, Anna Elizabeth and Eric Gregory. David married Peggy Meisel in Grand Forks, ND on 6 Sep 1977. Dave and Peggy live in Denver, CO. They have two children, Corrie Ann and Davey James. Diane married Terry Rudeeen in Olympia, WA in 1984. They have two children, Linnea Rochelle and Karl Cameron. Gerald lives in St. Cloud, MN.

Stinson, James and Marilyn (Cameron)

(Dr. L. Marilyn Stinson)

Bio Photo

Dave, Diane, Gerald, Greg, Marilyn and Jim Stinson.

James Stanley Stinson was born to Henry Spencer and Blanche (Anderson) Stinson on 30 Nov 1921 in Devils Lake, ND. He lived in Warwick, ND until age 18. Jim worked as an optician; served four years in the Air Force: graduated from Yuba College and Jamestown College. He taught in Sacramento, CA; Ellendale Branch of the University of North Dakota; the University of North Dakota; and St. Cloud State University. Jim married L. Marilyn Cameron on 4 Nov 1950 in Jamestown, ND. Marilyn is a professor at St. Cloud State University.

Jim and Marilyn have four children: Gregory James (b. in Sacramento) married Penelope Keller. They have two children, Anna and Eric, and live in Edina, MN. David Ralph (b. in Sacramento) married Peggy Meisel. They have two children, Corrie and Davey, and live in Littleton, CO. Diane Marilyn (b. in Sacramento) married Terry Rudeen. They have two children, Linnea and Karl, and live in Olympia, WA. Gerald Duane (b. in Ellendale) lives in St. Cloud, MN. Jim and Marilyn live in St. Joseph, MN.

Jim's father, Henry S. Stinson, was born in Winneshiek Co., IA. He was Winneshiek County Recorder from 1905-1910. Besides Winneshiek Co., Henry lived in California and North Dakota. He died in 1958 in Warwick, ND.

Stinson, Sjur and Magdele Engelsdtr (Haavik)

(Jim Skurdall & Dr.L.Marilyn Stinson)

Sjur Stinson, who was also known as Syver or Siever, was born on the Hauge farm in Strandvik, Norway, near Bergen, on 15 Apr 1829, the fourth of ten children of Sten Olson and Brite Eriksdtr (Sundvor) Hauge. His parents farmed the large Hauge gaard about 1/2 mile up from Strandvik, on the northeast shore of the Bjornefjord. He was baptized in the Strandvik Church on 20 Apr 1829. Magdele Engelsdtr Haavik was born 28 Dec 1834 in Strandvik, Norway to Engel Engelsson Haavik and Magdele Hansdtr Bjannes.


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