son. Lillie (b. 21 Nov 1900) married Olav L. Hamre. She lives at the Aase Haugen Home. (See separate story.) Wilma (1905-1977) married Milton Moellerman.

When father Soren died, the family did not have money to bury him. Wilma, a teacher, got $49.00 a month and paid for the funeral.

During the Depression people with extra food, wrapped it carefully, and put it in the garbage for poor people.

My Aunt Lillie is a favorite of mine. Her niece Nora Sharp worked for Cora and Knut Hamre during her difficult pregnancy and took care of Alice and Lilly after Cora’s death. As a result we came to know the whole Sorenson family. Lillie gave me this information.

Sorenson, Soren L. and Ellen (Larsdtr)

(Norman Hjelmeland)

Bio Photo

Soren Sorenson family

Soren Larsen Sorenson, son of Lars Sorenson Lokkebo and Anna Eriksdtr Ommedal, was born in Norway on 10 Jun 1838. He married Ellen Larsdtr in Norway. Ellen was born on 1 Jan 1840, the daughter of Lars Anderson and Bertha Larsdtr. Soren and Ellen lived at Sunnfjord, Norway and had 6 children: Lars, Andrew, Benedick, Anna, Bertina and Marie. The two eldest sons immigrated to Decorah in 1892. Soren, Ellen and 4 of their children immigrated to Decorah in 1895. They farmed in Pleasant Twp, Winneshiek Co until their deaths. Soren died 28 Dec 1926 at age 88. Ellen died 30 Aug 1928 at age 88. They were members of Decorah Lutheran Church and attended services at Springwater Lutheran Church in Canoe Twp. They are buried in the Springwater Cemetery.

Soren and Ellen's children were: Lars (b. 1871, Norway) married Ida Joseph Lien in 1907 and farmed in Pleasant Twp. They had 6 children: Leonard, Selma, Glenn, Myrtle, Willard and Edwin. Andrew (b. 1873, Norway) lived in Winneshiek Co and died in 1973 at age 99. He never married. Benedick (b. 1876, Norway) married Susan Dinger in 1906. They lived in Winneshiek Co and had 10 children: John, Melvin, Ethel, Oscar, Sylvester, Walter, Ervin, Clara, Raymond and Vernon. Anna (b. 1878, Norway) married Martin Larson in 1899. They farmed in Pleasant Twp and 12 children: Lloyd, Selmer, Gladys, Esther, Arthur, Myrtle, Ella, Violet, Madaline, Leon, Merton and

Arlene. Bertina (b. 1884, Norway) lived in Winneshiek Co and died in 1924 at age 39. She never married. Marie Louise (b. 1886, Norway) married Oscar Julius Erickson in 1908. They farmed in Canoe Twp and had 8 children: Chester, Harold, Edith, Wallace, Leona, Vivian, Arthur and Merlan. (See Oscar and Marie Erickson story.)

Spaun, Harold Adelbert

(Ruth Allen)

Harold Adelbert Spaun was born 13 Jun 1895 in Frankville, IA. He was the only son of Lewis and Nellie (Van Way) Spaun. Lewis was born 3 Jun 1869 and died 17 May 1926. Nellie was born 4 Nov 1873 in Frankville, the daughter of Cornelius and Maria Catherine (Elting) Van Way. Lewis and Nellie were united in marriage on 30 Nov 1893.

Harold lived with his parents in Frankville until he was called to the colors 25 Apr 1918. He left Decorah the next day for Camp Dodge, Des Moines where he was made a member of Co. D, 338th Machine Gun Battalion. After several weeks he was transferred to Camp Travis, TX and assigned to Co. K, 358th Infantry, 90th Division. On 9 Jun the company was sent to Camp Mills, Long Island, NY. They sailed on 20 Jun and arrived in Liverpool, England 2 Jul and Le Havre, France 7 Jul. Due to hard work Harold was made a corporal on 11 Aug just before leaving the training camp for the Front. The company moved into Mihiel Sector on 1 Sep and on 12 Sep they took their position in the trenches on the front line. On the morning of 26 Sep 1918 the battalion was ordered to advance against the Hindenburg line under heavy shell fire. During the advance Harold was struck by an exploding shell and killed instantly. He fell with his face to the foe, giving his all for the sacred cause of liberty. He was loved by his comrades for his never failing cheerfulness and was always ready to do his part or bear his share.

Bio Photo

The picture of funeral of Harold Spaun on October 23, 1921 in Frankville, Iowa.

His commanding officer in writing of Harold to his mother said “Harold had always proven to be a good soldier and did his duty faithfully at all times. Therefore, you may feel proud to know that though he did make the supreme sacrifice, he did his duty as an American soldier.”


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