The Solheims had three children: Marian Elizabeth Harding has three grown sons and two grandchildren. Marian graduated from the University of Washington majoring in sociology and administration of social justice. She is presently the manager/counselor in a home for homeless and/or abused women and children in Bremerton, WA. Marait Elaine Hunt is a flight attendant for USAir and the mother of two girls, Jessika, a freshman at Eastern Colorado University and Rachel Frances, a sophomore at Mecklenberg High School in Charlotte, NC. She also has a son, Bryan James, who is in the Navy (weather service). Charles Melvin works for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton. He served on a US Navy minesweeper in the Philippines from 1970-1973, the third generation in the Womeldorf family in the military. His father, Melvin, and two Solheim uncles were also in the military. Chuck lives in Fircrest, WA. An excellent horseman, he volunteers with the Search and Rescue team in the Puget Sound area. He is married, but has no children.

Since moving back to Decorah, Frances is a member of the Decorah Travel Club, Minowa Rughookers, Beta Sigma Phi, Retired School Personnel Association and a charter member of the Decorah Genealogy Association.

All the members of the Solheim family were baptized and confirmed in the Decorah Lutheran Church except Charles who was confirmed in Parkland, WA at Trinity Lutheran Church. (See Andrew Solheim and Fred Womeldorf stories.)

Sommerlot, Delvin and Renee (Moen)

(Kenneth Moen)

Bio Photo

Renee, Zachery and Delvin Sommerlot.

Renee Frances Moen was born at Decorah, IA, the daughter of Kenneth and Virginia (Barth) Moen. She was one of the first children from Pleasant Twp. to start her schooling in the Decorah school system. Renee attended grade and junior high school in Decorah before moving with her family to Readlyn, IA. There she attended Wapsie Valley High School for one year. After the family built a house in Dunkerton, she finished high school in Dunkerton where she was Valedictorian of her graduating class in 1973. Renee graduated from Luther College in 1977 with a double major in music, both vocal and instrumental. In 1976 she went to Europe on a concert tour with the Luther College Band. Renee and her sister, Janmarie, were fifth generation students at Luther.

Renee married Delvin Sommerlot on 11 Jun 1977 in Zion Lutheran Church, Readlyn. Delvin was born in Waterloo, IA, to Dale and Ruth Sommerlot. Renee and Delvin have always lived in the Dunkerton area where Delvin works as a millwright (grain bins and handling equipment). Renee and Delvin have one son, Zachery Eugene. As this is being written, Zachery is 13 years old and his grandpas have to look up to him! Zach is very involved in sports and music. He plays tuba in the band because both of his grandfathers played tuba. He played in the high school band as a 7th grader and has had very good ratings in music contests in which he participated.

Renee has been teaching music and giving piano lessons since her graduation from Luther. She taught at Independence, IA for two years and has been teaching at Dunkerton since 1979. She teaches singing in the elementary school and helps with instrumental lessons in junior high. Renee and her family have been very active in the Cedarloo Baptist Church since their marriage in 1977. Renee and Delvin both have beautiful voices and sing many duets at church and for other special occasions. They sang to each other at their wedding and sang a beautiful duet in church on her parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.

Sorenson, Hans and Karen (Gullickson)

(Alice Hamre Arneson)

Hans Sorenson was born 9 Nov 1818 in Skien, Telemark, Norway and died June 1888 in Decorah. Hans’ wife Karen Gullickson was born 3 Mar 1823 in Skien, Telemark, Norway and died 10 Jul 1909 in Decorah. Both are buried in Pleasant Valley near Florence, SD.

In 1867 the whole family came together from Norway to Round Prairie, north of Waukon. Roxta was the farm name in Norway. The name was dropped to Sorenson in the United States. Three of Hans and Karen’s sons homesteaded in Dexter Twp., Codington, SD — Hans in 1879, Abraham in 1885 and John in 1879.

Hans and Karen Sorenson's children were: Maren fMarvt Sorenson (b. 21 Apr 1849) married Paul Stee (24 Dec 1868-4 Jan 1924). Soren (Sami Sorenson (b. 7 May 1851) married Annie Christina Bakkemoen (3 May 1851-5 Apr 1932) at Freeport on 25 Mar 1881. They had eight children. John Sorenson Rukstad (b. 6 Oct 1856) married Elizabeth Haukaas Olson (1893-7 Jun 1921). Hans Sorenson Rukstad (b. 22 Jul 1858) married Anna Karine (Carrie) Arneson (19 Jun 1888-25 Mar 1914). Abraham Sorenson Rukstad (b. 11 Aug 1862) married Marit E. Rye (24 Nov 1895-4 Nov 1944).

Soren and Annie’s children were born in a log cabin. Mabel married Al Headington and had five children including Nora Headington Sharp and Bennie who went down in the Juneau in the Battle of the Coral Sea in World War II with the five Sullivan brothers of Waterloo. Judith married a Stortz. Hans and Stella did not marry and lived on the family farm. Phoebe married Al Headington after Mabel died, took care of children, and had a son Milo. She is still living in March 1996. Leona married a Thomp


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