Clair was born 24 May 1906, also in Hawkeye. He is buried in Strawberry Point, IA. He died 2 Mar 1960. The Smock line is traced back to Holland in the 1640’s.

Robert’s mother was Lucille De Frances Liddy, born 18 Aug 1909 in Hawkeye. She died 5 Apr 1990. She is buried in Strawberry Point. She lived her last 16 years in Decorah.

Bio Photo

The Robert Smock family Cynthia, Reva, Robert, Christine and Elizabeth.

Robert was known as “Bitsy” throughout his school years and after that Bob. Bob went to school in Manchester, Decorah and McGregor (Mar-Mac). He had always been active in sports and has earned many trophies and awards starting when he was 10 years old when he won city, district and state awards for shooting marbles. In baseball he had pitched a no-hitter game. He was also good at basketball. He was among the top scorers. After high school he went on to win trophies in golf, bowling and pool.

Robert went two years to Drake University, but decided he wanted to become a barber, so he dropped out of college and went to Waterloo to barber school. Robert has been a barber since 1959. He also has driven school bus for South Winneshiek since 1984.

Robert and Reva were married 28 Jul 1960 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in McGregor, IA after six months of courtship. To that union three daughters were born: Christine Kae (b. in Prairie du Chien, Wl), Elizabeth Ann (b. in Decorah), and Cynthia Lynn (b. in Decorah).

Chris is married to Kerry Langreck. She had two children from previous marriages: Tara and Josh. They reside in Decorah. Beth is married to Jeff Novotny. They have a daughter, Brandi Lynn, and are expecting their second child in March 1996. Beth and Jeff live in Spillville, IA. Cindy married Ross Regannetter. They live in Ames, IA.

Reva Kae Kadlec was born in McGregor, IA. Her father was Frederick William Kadlec born 27 May 1903 and died 30 May 1994. Fred is buried at Giard Cemetery, rural McGregor. He had lived most of his life in McGregor. He had been a carpenter and farmer. His father was Joseph Kadlec who came from Czechoslovakia when he was very young and a farmer in Clayton Co. for many years.

Fred met and married DeElla Beulah Welch at Giard Methodist Church on 31 Dec 1927. DeElla was born 22 Feb 1908 in Beulah, IA, rural McGregor. She resides in McGregor. De’s grandparents, the Douglases, came from Scotland.

Reva had a brother who died of diphtheria 4 Sep 1935 in McGregor when he was six years old. He was the first born. Roger Frederick is the oldest living. He lives in Denver, CO. Then come twins, Reva and Deva. Deva Randall lives in Prairie du Chien, Wl. Bonnie Troester lives in McGregor.

Reva has worked for Drs. Juffer and Meehan for 16 years before starting her own business, R.K. Upholstery in Decorah.

Robert and Reva are also International Coordinators for ASPECT Foundation for the last three years. In that time they have placed over 40 exchange students from all over the world and have hosted some of the students themselves. Robert and Reva are members of St. Benedict's Catholic Church. They make their home in Decorah.

Soland, Erick and Henrietta (Hegg)

(Antoinette Webb Bakke)

Bio Photo

Erick’s children - Anton, Emma and Elizabeth Soland.

Erick E. Soland was born 26 Feb 1856. He was the son of Engbret and Eli (Skaalie) Soland. Both Engbret and Eli were born in Norway and emigrated to America. They were married in 1850 in Muskego, Wl. Engbret and Eli moved to Winneshiek Co and settled in Springfield Twp. They had two sons: Gulbrand and Erick. Eli died in 1879 and Engbret 6 Dec 1901. Their son, Gulbrand died Mar 1941.

Erick was baptized, confirmed and married by Rev. Vilhelm Koren. He received his education in the rural schools, Breckenridge Institute (Decorah) and attended Luther College for a short time.


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