stead in a beautiful valley later to be known as “Skaim Hollow” where 4 generations have been reared. John, Jr. lived on his parents place which was the first homestead. In 1869 several Norwegian Lutherans began building the stone church which became Glenwood Lutheran Church. Johannes and Brita Americanized their names to John and Bertha.

John and Bertha had 5 more children after coming to America: Lars (b. Jan 1866), George or Gjert (b. 1870), Anna (b, Aug 1872), Bertina Josephine (b. Oct 1873) and Mina Jo or Minnie (b. 1877). They also raised their grandson, Ben (b. Apr 1881). Ben’s mother was Brita who was 15 when Ben was born.

John, Sr. helped his children acquire land in the immediate vicinity when they were old enough to start farming. He also presented his daughters and daughters-in-law with a new South Bend range. The oven door was so strong one could sit on it when an extra chair was needed.

The children of John, Sr. and Bertha and their descendants are:

Metta first married Chris Ashim. They had 5 children: John first married Bertha Tokvam. John and Bertha had 2 children: Clarence and Julian. John later married Karen Helgeson. John and Karen had one son, Ernest. Henrv married Mathilda Jorgenson from Harmony, MN. They had 7 children: Tillman; Marjorie; Clifford; Clara Mae; Jean; Henry, Jr. and Shirley Ann. Mary married Lars Tokvam. They had 2 daughters: Mabel and Cora. Mabel married Emmet Haane and had a daughter, Jean. Cora married Bernard DeWitt and had a son, Bruce. Clara was married twice; first to Jim Bell and then to Al Johnson. She did not have any children by either marriage. Julia never married. She died at the age of 58.

Metta’s second marriage was to Andrew Anderson. Metta and Andrew had 2 children: Arthur and Bertina. Arthur died from the flu during World War I; he was 21 at the time. Bertina married Enos Applen. They had 6 children: Junetta “Dolly” (m. Stanley Fishbaugher), Donald, Charles, Orrin, Allen and Marie (burned to death).

John Jr. (d. age of 45) married Martha Underdahl. They had 2 children: Joseph (1898-1937) and Olga (1900-1982). Joseph married Thelma Moen. Joseph and Thelma had 7 children: 1) Mildred married Bob Daniels. They had 3 children: Larry, Dennis and Tommy. 2) Jeanette married Robert Lein. They had 2 children: Kevin and Karin. 3) Thelma married Lester Sampson. They had 2 children: Reggie and Bruce. 4) Gladys married Graydon Howe. They had 3 children: Pamela, ? and Susan. 5) Lorraine married Dick Wright. They had 3 children: Jeffrey, Denice and Steven. 6) Markeata married Dick Schuler. They had 2 children: Stacy and Kelly. 7) Adeline married Robert Jetson. They had 3 boys and 4 girls. After Joseph died Thelma married Leonard Larson. Thelma and Leonard had 6 children: 1) Harry married and had 4 children: Darrine, Wendy, Todd and Tena. 2) Anna Marie married Jerry Ewing. They had 3 children: Scott, Lisa and Douglas. 3) Darlene married Gary Klein. They had 4 children: Michelle, Darin, Greg and Gary. 4) Clark married. He and his wife had 3 children before she died. 5) Darryl married and had 2 girls and 1 boy. 6) David married and had 2 boys. Olga married Gunder Lundtvedt. They had 8 children: 1) Agnes married Norman Koester. They had 2 children: Janice and Ronnie. 2) Gilman married Gladys Tweten. They had 2 sons: Roger and Donald. 3) Marlys married Odell Tweten. They had 9 children: Larry, Bev, Wayne, Denis, Shirleen, Darlene, David, Randy and Lynette. 4) Oscar. 5) Kenneth married Marlene Stomer. They had 3 children: Donna, Shirley and Joyce. 6) Ernest married Lillian Olson. They had 4 daughters: Linda, Laurie, Lois and Lisa. 7) Aria Mae married Lester Hjelmeland. They had 8 children: Neil, Daryl, Brain, Bradley, Chris, Deneise, Diane and Debra. 8) Arnold married Maragaret Setter. They had 2 sons: Mark and Gary.

Brita (1863-1960) married Elling Vangen. They had 9 children: Peter married Georgina Hagen. They had 5 children: Palma, Celia, Ellen, Palmer and Rebecca (d. 1937). Ida married Albert Henrickson. They had 2 children: Bernita and Edgar. Ida later married Ambrose Halverson. Minnie married Andrew Ford. They had 5 children: Alice, Agnes, Earl, Edward and Harry. Edgar married Mildred Larson. They had 8 children: Irvin (d. age of 3), Bernice, Ethel, Eileen, Roy, Roland, Eldeen and Norma Jean (d. at 3 months of age). Adolph never married. Ejja married Henry Kirkeby. They had 4 children: Everette, Harlan, Wayne and Deloris (died). Two other children - Ida (age 9) and Edgar (age 3) died the same week in 1897 of diphtheria. Because it was so contagious, they could not have a public funeral. In addition, their first child, Adolph died in infancy in 1890. Brita and Elling were married 67 years when she died in 1960 at the age of 98.

Lars (1866-1908) married Lena Underdahl; she was 16 when they married. Lars and Lena had 5 children: Clara (m. Andrew Anderson), Minnie (m. Carl Gulrud), Joseph (m. Viola Borsethb Louise (m. Leonard Sutton) and Anna (Ben Anderson). After Lars died, Lena married Lar's nephew, Ben Skaim (1881-1956). Lena and Ben had 4 children: Emma (m. Leo Tollefson), Lillian (m. Joe Carlsborg), Oscar (m. Hazel Ansten) and Melvin never married.

George (1870-1947) married Jessie Smorstad. They had 3 children: Laura first married Henry Void; she later married Anton Aspeseth. She had a daughter, Gloria Pierce. Marie married John Sherwin. and Clarence married Evelyn Johnson. They had a son, Ronnie. Clarence died in the service.

Anna (1872-1930) married Hans Larson. They had 7 children: Ida married Gerald Moen. They had 4 children: Gretchen, Iverna, Mary Lou and ? . Leonard married Thelma Moen. Adolph married Ruth Johnson. Harry married Mary Zimmerman. Martin never married. Nora married her brother-in-law, Gerald Moen. Mabel married Melvin Loven.

Bertina was to be married 4 Jul 1892, but died suddenly.

Minnie died in 1897 at the age of 20 of diphtheria.

Skogen, Magnus and Marie (Haaland)

(Alida Ask)

Magnus Skogen was born in Tronheim, Norway on 23 Jun 1871. He died 9 Jan 1943 and is buried at the Madi


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