she died and then married Beuiah (Peterson) Moudry. Beulah had 2 daughters, Susan Cozette and Grace. John farmed near Spillville all his life. John and Beulah became the parents of one son, John Oliver. Vaclav J. married Edna Jacobs, daughter of Frank and Frances Jacobs. They farmed in the surrounding area till they bought an acreage near Fort Atkinson. Vaclav 'Jim” worked in Charles City, IA at the Oliver/White tractor plant. When Edna died in 1970, Vaclav moved to Charles City. Vaclav and Edna were the parents of 4 children: Charles, Charlene, Edward and Edgar.

Shindelar, John and Barbara (Zavadil)

(Helen Zbornik)

In 1855 the Franz Shindelars decided to leave Strancice, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. (Franz' wife had been Maria Bartakova.) The family’s exact reasons for leaving are not known, but, whatever the reasons, they were looking for a better life. The following persons set sail on the bark Atlantic out of Bremen, Germany: Franz Shindelar (57), John (32), Catherina (30), Anna (28), Maria (24), Wentzel (22), Franz (20) and Barbara (17). It is said John Shindelar and his future wife Barbara Zavadil helped pay the expense of their voyage to America by singing, playing musical instruments and entertaining the other passengers.

The Shindelar party landed in New York, NY on 21 Sep 1855. From New York they went to Milwaukee, Wl. They settled there and worked at various jobs to save money to buy some land to farm. In Milwaukee John married Barbara Zavadil. Barbara was from the small town of Babice in Czechoslovakia. It is just north of John's home town of Strancice.

John and Barbara had 5 children: Mary, Albert, Catherina, Anna and Barbara. The first 3 children were born in Wisconsin; the last 2 in Winneshiek Co. Mary (1859 - 1931) married John Hruska (1857 - 1915); they had 9 children: Libby, Emma, Edward, George, Steven, Joseph, Jack, William and Albert. Albert (1861 - 1940) married Mary Frana (1886 -1954); they had 10 children: Frances, Jessie, Vyola, Joseph, Albert, Barbara, Anna, Terese, Mary and John. Catherine (1863 - 1937) married James Markovetz (1860 - 1909); they had 10 children: Joseph, Rudolph, Adolph, Edward, Henry, Martin, Abigail, Frank, William and Albert. Anna (1869 - 1944) married Anton Frana (1867 - 1950); they had 9 children: Erma, Albert J., Elizabeth, Helen, Valentine, Lewis, Frank, James and Albert. Barbara (1871 - 1947) married Joseph Horejs (1866 - 1914); they had 5 children: Lauretta, Edward, Frank, Albert and Mary.

Sometime between 1863 and 1867 the family moved to Winneshiek Co. John and Barbara purchased a farm in Calmar Twp. It was the northwest quarter of Sec. 25, Twp. 97, Range 9, West of the 5th Principal Meridian.

Shindelar, John and Beulah (Peterson)

(John and Beulah Shindelar)

John Alois Shindelar was born 9 Mar 1917, the fifth child of John J. and Anna (Kruchek) Shindelar.

John married Beulah C. (Peterson) Moudry 18 Nov 1967. Beulah was the oldest child of Oliver G. and Annie (Sollien) Peterson. Beulah had been married to Leonard L. Moudry who died 31 Dec 1961. Beulah grew up on a farm northwest of Highlandville in northern Winneshiek Co. It was known as the “Berg or Berge Homestead" and is mentioned in histories as one of the first farms settled in the area.

Beulah had 2 daughters: Susan Cozette and Grace. Cozette married John Michael Pearson of Omaha, NE in 1974. John works at a bakery and Cozette works with temporary services since retiring from the bakery. They have 2 sons: Bryan John and David Allen. Grace married James L. Barloon in 1969. Jim is an agent with Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance and Grace works in the business office at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Their son, James Ronald. A daughter, Keri Lynn, was born 28 Oct 1971 and died 29 Dec 1971.

John and Beulah have a son, Oliver. Soon after graduation from South Winneshiek High School he went to California seeking employment and possibly schooling. He met and married Cristie Herrick, originally from Iowa. They live in Temecula, CA. John is distribution manager at Temecula Valley Building Material and Cristie is a Paralegal secretary.

A history of John Shindelar’s life would not be complete without mentioning the music he has made. His formal training consisted of one year of violin lessons from a school teacher. When the teacher did not return to school the next year, John’s training ended. From then on, he was largely self-taught.

He sometimes played a button accordion while walking to and from school. In later years, he played the piano accordion with several bands, including the “Bohemian Accordion Band,” 'Johnny and His Tune Crackers," “The Rhythm J's" and the “George Krumm Trio.”

John also played the clarinet at band concerts held for many years in Spillville on Friday nights during the summer. Performances were held in the town's bandstand in the middle of the town square. John now plays drums for band concerts on Wednesday nights in Fort Atkinson. John gave up playing the clarinet when he injured the tips of 3 fingers in 1964.

He played accordion and drums with “Ray’s Old Timers” from 1968 until the group disbanded in 1983. John also played drums with “O.K. Conklin’s German Band" from Nashua for several years. He has performed at hundreds of wedding dances. He played for one couple's wedding dance, 40th wedding anniversary dance and the wedding dances of most of their children.

John has been a farmer and carpenter most of his life. He has helped build or repair many buildings in the area.

Sindelar, Matthew and Rosalie (Shilhacek)

(John and Beulah Shindelar)

Matthew Sindelar, son of Frank and Petronella (Trnka) Sindelar was born in Budejovic, Czechoslovakia 5 Feb 1863. He came to America at the age of 3 in July 1866


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