bees also contributed to their income. All this was accomplished so there would be sufficient funds to have their children educated. After completing the first 8 grades at St. Aloysius Parochial School in Calmar, their children were sent to high schools and colleges of their choice. Albert and Mary’s children were: John, Mary, Terese, Anna, Barbara, Albert, Joseph, Vyola, Jessie and Frances.

John (Father Francisek) attended St. Procopius at Lisle, IL and joined the Benedictine Order. He was ordained a priest 2 Jun 1917.

Mary (Sister Gertrude) attended St. Benedict Academy in Chicago. At an early age she entered the Benedictine Convent at Lisle and completed her education there.

Terese completed high school at Mary of the Angels in Dubuque, IA. She received her degree in music at the Chicago Conservatory of Music. While at the Conservatory she met her future husband, Camille Halamicek. Terese’s parents financed a music studio for her in Hampton, IA. She married Camille Halamicek and they taught music there for a few years before moving to California where they continued their profession. At the same time they worked for and received their doctorates in music. Terese and Camille had 9 children: Vincent, Renee, Giovanni, Franz, Joseph, Camillus, Jeanne, Joan and Judy.

Anna was a mentally handicapped child. She spent practically her whole life at St. Collettas, Jefferson, Wl. It was a great institution that took great care of her.

Barbara attended St. Mary’s in Prairie du Chien, Wl, Clarke College in Dubuque, IA and Drake University, Des Moines, IA. She taught school for 3 years, then married Albert Kuhn and settled on a farm which was a 3rd portion of the Shindelar farm. Barbara and Albert had 7 children: Margaret, Jerome, Terese, Ramon, Rita, Anthony and Valarian.

Albert. Jr. and Joseph attended St. Procopius in Lisle. Both chose to be farmers. Each settled on a 3rd portion of the original Shindelar farm. Albert specialized in hi-bred corn and Joseph in thoroughbred cattle. Albert married Helen Ruzicka and had 9 children: Richard, Helen Ann, Aloysius, Gertrude, Cyril, Joseph, Anselm, Marie and Frances. Joseph married Agnes Kopacek and had 6 children: Monica, James, Agnes, Vincent, John and Josephine.

Vvola finished her education at St. Mary’s College in Prairie du Chien. She married Edward Kuhn and settled on a farm near Ft. Atkinson, IA. They had 7 children: Marianne, Stanley, Jane, Bonnie, Martha, Donald and Madonna. Vyola is a talented landscape painter. At this time (10 Oct 1995), Vyola is 93 and lives in New Hampton, IA.

Jessie went to high school in Calmar. She continued her education at DeSales Heights in Dubuque. She took a job in Milwaukee, Wl with the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. She worked her way to a management position.

Frances, the youngest, died of measles and convulsions at the age of 15 months.

The following is a translation of a Czech newspaper article from 31 Sep 1937:

“With full satisfaction, look at your half-a-hundred years united for life. Husband, Albert and Marie Sindelar at Calmar, Iowa took place on Monday, Sept. 30 celebrating their Golden Anniversary. Not every couple’s wish is answered from God that for all 50 years they could be healthy and happy. They raised 9 children that are still living, 6 girls and 3 boys. Two boys were married and one son and one daughter are serving God. Rev. Francisek Sindelar O.S.B. is administrator at St. Procopius at Lisle, IL. One daughter is a teacher at a convent at Sacred Heart at Lisle. Her name is Gertrude. All children were raised Catholic and attended Catholic school. On their Golden Jubilee their son, Francisek will serve Mass at church of St. Aloysius at Calmar. They will celebrate at home. A Mass was sent for them by the Holy Father so they will have good health and will be able to celebrate their Diamond Anniversary.”

Albert and Mary Shindelar retired to a small house on the outskirts of Calmar shortly after their 2 sons married hoping to live comfortably after years of hard work. A bad investment and the Depression drastically reduced their income, but they managed somehow.

In 1995 living grandchildren remember visiting their grandparents in this house on the outskirts of Calmar. The young children played “Hide the Button" or “Hide and Seek" while their elders visited. Grandma Shindelar seemed to always have homemade honey cookies. Her recipe is still used by her descendants. At the age of 79 Albert Shindelar died of pneumonia.

Mary lived in her house for 3 years, then moved to a small apartment in Lisle, IL. She lived next door to the Slav Missions which her son Fr. Francisek managed. When Fr. Francisek was transferred to a Chicago parish, Mary moved into the St. Benedict Home for the Elderly which was located near Fr. Franciseks’ parish house. She was called to the Greater Life at the age of 86.

Shindelar, Albert, Jr. and Helen (Ruzicka)

(Helen Zbornik)

Bio Photo

For the Shindelar family many things centered around church, school and community. As a young man, Albert Wenceslaus Shindelar, Jr. delivered milk to homes and


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