Charles and Anna were the parents of the following children: Frank (28 Mar 1893-29 Nov 1966); Otto (1895-1896); Elizabeth (20 Jun 1896-12 Nov 1983) married Arthur Schroeder; Lena (13 Aug 1898-17 Mar 1976) married Fred Everman; Matilda (13 Apr 1900-6 Mar 1992) married Edward Meyer; Mabel (11 Jun 1902-28 Feb 1957) married Don Wirkler; Leo (30 Mar 1904-24 Mar 1939); Elsie (19 Jul 1906-21 Jun 1993) married Millard Sampson; Viola (29 Aug 1908-7 Nov 1897); Otto J. (11 Jan 1911-2 Feb 1982); Esther (b. 16 May 1913); and Frances (21 Feb 1916-28 Oct 1975) married Flarvey Reinhardt.

Charles and Anna farmed for many years in Fayette and Winneshiek Counties. In 1945 they moved to Castalia. Anna died 22 Jul 1949. Charles died 28 Dec 1954. Anna and Charles and many of their children are buried in the Pleasant View Cemetery at Castalia.

Schweinefus, Lavern and Margaret (Wander)

(Margaret Schweinefus)

Lavern Schweinefus was born on his parents’ farm near Castalia. Elis parents were William Schweinefus (1882-1961) and Minnie (Abbe) Schweinefus. He was educated in the rural school near the family home. Lavern became a farmer.

On 6 Apr 1942 Lavern married Margaret Wander at the parsonage of the Lutheran church in Castalia. Margaret was born 28 Jan 1912 at home in Fayette Co, IA. She was christened in the Catholic church in Ossian, IA. After 12 years of education, including 2 years of Normal Training, Margaret taught in rural schools in Fayette and Clayton Counties for 8 years before she married. Margaret’s parents were John G. Wander (1869-1964) and Christina (Michel) Wander (1882-1949).

Lavern and Margaret farmed for 36 years near Castalia. They were active members of Zion Lutheran Church. Lavern served as director of the Pleasant Ridge Telephone Company and was active in civic and church affairs. They moved to West Union, IA in Dec 1978. Lavern died of cancer at the West Union Hospital 25 Oct 1990. He is buried at the Pleasant View Cemetery, Castalia, IA. Lavern and Margaret had no children.

Schweinefus, William H. and Minnie (Abbe)

(Margaret Schweinefus)

William H. Schweinefus was born 26 Feb 1882 on his parents’ farm six miles south of Castalia in Fayette Co, IA. His father Louis Schweinefus was born in the village of Levern, Westphalia, Germany on 20 Dec 1855. William’s mother Elizabeth, or “Lizette" as she was known, was born in Germany on 30 Aug 1862. Louis and Lizette became the parents of eight children: William H. (b. 1882), Louis W. (b. 1884), Henry B. (b. 1887), Marie C. "Mary” (b. 1889), Frederick (b. 1893), Minna (b. 1896), Rosina (b. 1899) and Edward (b. 1901).

William attended rural school. He learned farming at an early age. He was known as “Black Bill” because of his dark hair, and to distinguish him from a cousin with the same name who was known as “Red Bill" because of the color of his hair. William was confirmed at the Eldorado Lutheran Church.

William married Minnie Abbe on 28 Nov 1906. They were married at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Meriden, MN. Minnie was born 21 Apr 1888 near Waseca, MN.

William and Minnie moved to Winneshiek Co. in 1916. They were the parents of ten children which included three sets of twins and one set of triplets. William and Minnie farmed in Bloomfield Twp, Winneshiek Co, near Castalia for over 50 years.

William and Minnie were the parents of the following children: Ernest (b. 2 Nov 1907), Ervin and Earlan (b. 9 Feb 1910), Lavern and Lorene (b. 2 Nov 1916), Martin and Melvin (b. 23 Oct 1919 - Melvin died the same day) and Alvine, Alma and Augusta (b. 27 Mar 1924 - all three died in Apr 1924).

Ernest married Gladys Peterson on 2 Jun 1937 at Eldorado, IA. Gladys was born 3 Jun 1914. Ernest and Gladys farmed near Castalia for 39 years before moving to West Union, IA in 1969. Ernest was then employed at the Baumler Implement Company. Roma Diane, the only child of Ernest and Gladys. Following local and higher specialized education, Roma became a nurse in a hospital in Denver, CO. She currently is a medical specialist who travels widely while continuing to reside in Denver. Ernest died 17 Oct 1979 at the West Union Hospital. He is buried in the First Lutheran Cemetery, south of Ossian, IA.

Earlan married Leona Lyngas on 18 Mar 1951 at West Clermont Lutheran Church in Fayette Co. Leona was born 23 Feb 1921. Earlan farmed near Castalia. He died of a heart attack while fixing fence on 6 Jun 1955. He is buried at Pleasant View Cemetery, Castalia. Earlan and Leona had no children.

Ervin never married. He died of a heart attack on 19 Jul 1967. He is buried at Pleasant View Cemetery.

Lavern married Margaret Wander (see separate story).

Lorene was born on her parents’ farm near Castalia. She remained single. She lived at home until she moved to Ossian in 1991. Lorene died 7 Dec 1995.

Martin was born on the family farm near Castalia. Following his locai education, he served in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Cimarron, USS Memphis and USS Wisconsin. On 8 Mar 1944 he married Grace Gunzenhauser at New Port, Rl. Grace was born 9 Jun 1920 in Iowa City, IA. Martin became a power plant engineer at Muscatine, IA where he continued to live after retirement. Martin’s wife died 6 Aug 1989. They had no children.

Schweinefus, William H. and Olivia (Hegland)

(Ray Schara)

William H. Schweinefus, son of William S. and Kristina (Hartman) Schweinefus, was born 1 Feb 1896 near Ossian. He was known as “Red Bill" to distinguish him from a cousin of the same name. Following a rural school education at Dover #7, he became a life-long farmer.

On 22 Jan 1919 William married Olivia E. Hegland at her sister Ellen’s home in Castalia. Olivia was born 24 Aug 1899 near Ossian.


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