as a section man on the railroad for 27 years. He was responsible for “hanging the mail” for the Milwaukee Railroad for 15 years.

This Castalia family had the distinction of having five sons in the service at the same time during World War II. Everett enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1935 for a period of four years. When Japan made an attack on Pearl Harbor, Everett re-enlisted in the Navy. Within the next year, four more sons were called. Lavern, Ronald and Kenneth to the U.S. Navy and Ralph to the Army Air Force. They all returned home safely when the war was over. A younger son, Charles, served in the Navy during the Cuban affair.

Walter and Elsie Schultz were the parents of six sons and one daughter: Everett (4 Oct 1915-12 Jun 1950) married Orlene Bareis (4 Sep 1921-21 Jun 1965) on 5 Nov 1941. They had two daughters, Gloria and Judith. Lavern (18 Mar 1917-1971) first married Marcella Burrows. Lavern and Marcella had a son, Daniel. Lavern then married Darlene Szabo. They had four children: Steven, Stanley, Mari Lynn and Guy. Steven has three children: Randall, Shawn and Derrick. Stanley married Cindy Stee on 18 Sep 1976. Cindy, the daughter of Merle Elwin and Bonnie (Ewing) Stee. They children are: Amy and Heidi. Violet (b. 20 Oct 1919) first married Carl Synder. They had a son, James. Violet then married Edwin K. Smith on 15 Apr 1944. Ralph (22 Jul 1920-1972) married Vila Mae Monroe. Vila Mae, the daughter of Thomas and Ella (Schroeder) Monroe. They had a daughter, Linda. Ronald (b. 22 Feb 1922) married Wilmarie Huinker. Their children are: Nancy, David, Dennis and Timothy. Kenneth (b Oct 1924-13 Nov 1975) married Ernestine Lange on 7 Apr 1951. Their children are: Susan married Donald Haberkorn; Myron married Lynette Johnson on 2 Feb 1980. Lynette was the daughter of LaVern and Jeanette (Rose) Johnson. They have two children: Matthew and Annie Rose; Kevin; and Thomas married Charlyn Bleitz on 30 May 1980. They have a daughter, Kathy. Charles married Barbara Hansen. They live in Texas.

Walter died at Iowa City on 17 Feb 1960. Elsie Schultz died in LaCrosse, Wl on 9 Oct 1968.

Schutte, Helmuth J. and Wilhelmine (Konow)

(Gwenn Koenig)

Helmuth John Schutte was born 26 Feb 1844 at Goddin, Meklenberg/Schwerine, Germany where he spent his boyhood days. At the age of 21, he was drafted into military training and in 1871, at the time of the French and German war, he served in the Grenadine Regiment No. 89.

On 6 Apr 1868, Helmuth married Helmina Caroline “Minnie" Konow. Two sons were born and died in Germany. They came to America on 4 May 1872. For two years they lived in Chicago. Then they went to Clayton

Co. where they farmed. About 1879 they were living in Bloomfield Twp. on a 40 acre farm belonging to John Sass. Later Helmuth and Minnie Schutte purchased their own farm in Grand Meadow Twp, Clayton Co. near Postville.

The records in the St. Paul Lutheran Church at Postville list the surname as Hellmuth Schutt, with the umlaut over the u.

Helmuth and Minnie Schutte were the parents of 11 children (3 of whom passed away in infancy): Fred (b. 29 Dec 1869 in Germany) married Lena Schroeder in 1895. She was born 15 Jun 1874 in Clayton Co, the daughter of Carl and Elisa (Drahn) Schroeder. They farmed in the Launa, IA area. They had 5 children: Louis (11 Mar 1898-1977) married Clara Diedrich; Eldo (b. 4 Sep 1899) married Verla Willman; Ceacil (25 Jan 1901-27 Oct 1995) married Eldo Gericke; Arnold (10 Oct 1902-6 May 1984) married Ruth Geno; and Emmett (27 Oct 1904-1940) married Florence Sebastian. Lena died 6 Nov 1930 and Fred died Apr 1949. August (b. 26 May 1874) married Caroline Diedrich on 4 Feb 1898. Caroline, the daughter of Johann and Elizabeth (Brandtmann) Diedrich, was born 12 Jul 1876 at Gohren, Germany. At the age of 5. she came to America with her parents. August and Caroline Schutte farmed in Bloomfield Twp. until their retirement in 1935 when they moved to Postville. They were the parents of 9 children (2 of whom died in infancy): Amanda, Elmer, Florence, Helmuth, Marie, Walter and Velma. Louis (b. 18 Nov 1877 in Clayton Co.) married Elizabeth Weihe on 14 Mar 1907. They had 2 children: Willard and Elizabeth. Elizabeth died 29 Jun 1920 and his wife, Elizabeth, died 27 May 1921. Louis then married Huldah (Hofer) Miller in 1922. They had a son, Paul. Huldah died in 1959. Louis died 19 Aug 1968. Charles (b. 11 Apr 1879) first married Ida Sander on 27 Feb 1906. Ida, the daughter of Christopher and Caroline (Schultz) Sander, was born 12 Apr 1880. Charles and Ida were the parents of Ethel, Arthur, Harry, Charles Jr., Robert and Ruben. Ida (Sander) Schutte died 8 mar 1927. Charles then married Ida Schultz. They had a daughter, Doris. Charles Schutte, Sr. died 4 Mar 1966. Elizabeth (b. 20 Feb 1881) married Charles Weihe. Wilhelmina "Mina" (b. 1 Apr 1883) married George Atwater. They were residents of California. They had no children. Ida Dorothea Wilhelmine was born 8 Sep 1884 in Grand Meadow Twp, Clayton Co. She died 22 Mar 1885. Susan (no birth record) married Edward Courson. They had no children.

Schutte, Leonard and Jean (Morse)

(Jean Schutte)

Leonard Schutte, son of Helmuth and Amanda (Block) Schutte had one sister, Dorothy, who married John Kluth of Farmersburg, Clayton Co. Leonard grew up on the family farm in Bloomfield Twp. and attended the rural school near his home. He graduated from Postville High School in 1955. He served in the U.S. Army from 1955 to 1957 and was stationed in Olympia, WA for over a year.

Leonard married Jean Morse on 2 Dec 1956. Jean, the daughter of Horace “H.R.” and Thelma (Boehmler)


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