Orlando married Sarah Jane Cage of Elgin, IA on 21 Oct 1884. For 16 years they lived in Elgin. Sarah Jane was born 19 May 1870 in Clermont, Fayette Co., IA. She was the daughter of Francis and Sarah Cage. Sarah Jane had two sisters. Orlando and Sarah Jane were the parents of 3 children: Nellie (m. Fred Leithold) of LaCrosse, Wl; Charles B. of Castalia; and a daughter who died in infancy.

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Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Schopp Married October 21,1884.

Orlando Schopp died 16 Jan 1936 near Castalia, IA. He was 76 years old. Sarah Schopp died 19 Jan 1952 in the Decorah Hospital. They are buried in the cemetery at Elgin.

Schreck, Amos and Kathryn (Noecker)

(Myrtle Noecker)

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Amos and Kathryn Schreck

Kathryn Noecker, the only daughter of Rudolph and Rose (Karmann) Noecker, was born 5 Feb 1913 in Decorah. Kathryn was a nurse. She accompanied several area doctors as they went to people’s homes on sick calls or to deliver babies. Times have surely changed! Very few, if any, doctors make house calls today.

Kathryn married Amos “Stub” Schreck 31 Dec 1938. Amos and Kathryn lived in and around Des Moines, IA for many years. The last business they owned was an upholstery shop in which they both worked.

Amos and Kathryn had 1 son, James Willard,. After graduating from college, James married Judi Crawford. James and Judi have 4 children: Dana Lynn; Amy Leigh; Erin Kay; and James William . James is a sales representative for Iowa Lime Company, Des Moines. Judi is employed by her father at Investment Company Data, also in Des Moines.

Amos died 7 Dec 1961 following surgery. Kathryn continues to make her home in West Des Moines, IA.

Schreiber, Lillian (Steele)

(Harriet Steele Fayne)

Lillian was a daughter of Harold Raymond Steele and Amanda R. Stegen. Weighing only two pounds at birth.  she required constant attention from her parents, aunts and uncles. They would take turns breathing through a handkerchief into her tiny undeveloped lungs. She did survive.

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Kenneth Schreiber proudly observed by his parents Lillian (Steele) and Keith Schreiber. August 1985

She attended rural schools in Winneshiek Co. She worked for Rev. and Mrs. Bredesen. Once she and a first cousin, Manford (better known as “Mike”) Stegen took a daring ride on an old stripped down buggy. Riding on it was a favorite playtime activity, but this time the buggy had what seemed like “a mind of its own,” scooting downhill it overshot the road and sped into the house yard, uprooting two of her mother’s favorite rose bushes, then hit the house with a resounding bang! Lillian’s mom, Amanda, was so relieved they were not injured that she had to laugh.

Confirmed at Canoe Ridge by Rev. Bredesen, Lillian wore a light blue dress as did all the girls in her class.


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