John Edward (b. 9 Feb 1921) married Rita Marie Kuhn. They farmed west of Ft. Atkinson. John and Rita had 9 children: David P, Mary Jane, Michael, Thomas R., Paul G., Peter J., Carl J., Ann Marie, and Jeanne. Roman Alovsius (b. 17 Sep 1922) married Theresa Mary Kuhn. They farmed south of Ft. Atkinson. Roman and Theresa had 11 children: Gerald P, Barbara, Steven J., Joan, Catherine, Dorothy, Margaret, Marie Ann, Joseph R., James R., and Robert J. Leona Theresa  married Wilfred John Dietzenbach. They farmed east of St. Lucas. Leona and Wilfred had 5 children: Darryl A., Loren P, Marvin J., Gary J., and Alan W. Theola married James B. Schaefer. They lived in LaCrosse, Wl where James was a production worker and Theola was a nurse. Theola and James had 3 children: Thomas J., Michael J., and Linda. Cordula Ann married Joseph Doucet. They farmed near Caledonia, MN. Joseph was a computer programmer and Cordula was a nurse. They had 6 children: Kathleen, Alan J., Robert G., James P, Mary Beth and Jane Ann. Rose Aanes  married Chris Rilling. They farmed east of Ft. Atkinson. Rose and Chris had 4 children: Kenneth P, Eileen, Kathleen, and Eugene C. Alfred Hugo married Madonna Ann Beckman. They farmed north of St. Lucas. Alfred and Madonna became the parents of 5 children: Anita, Carol, Phyllis, Alan J., and Randal P

Schmitt, Peter J. and Susan (Neuzil)

(Peter J. and Susan Schmitt)

Bio Photo

Back, left to right: Peter and Susan Schmitt.

Front, left to right: Andrew, Benjamin, John T. and William. May 1995

Peter Jerome Schmitt is the son of John Edward and Rita Marie (Kuhn) Schmitt of Ft. Atkinson, IA. He has five brothers and three sisters. They were members of the St. Nepomucene Catholic parish in Ft. Atkinson. All the children were baptized there. The Schmitt family farmed south of Ft. Atkinson in Sec 17, Washington Twp, Winneshiek Co. Peter graduated from Turkey Valley High School in Jackson Junction, IA and started farming with his Dad.

On 18 Sep 1982 Peter married Susan Mary Neuzil at the St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Spillville. Susan is, the second child of Cyril and Rebecca (Pecinovsky) Neuzil. She has two sisters and two brothers. Susan grew up on a farm her great-great-grandfather, Jan Neuzil bought in 1875 in Sec 26, Sumner Twp, Winneshiek Co.

Peter and Susan dairy and crop farm four miles southwest of Ft. Atkinson in Sec 31, Washington Twp, Winneshiek Co. Peter’s great-grandparents, John and Anna Blong owned the farm and Peter’s grandmother, Mary Blong was born there. Mary Blong married Peter Theodore Schmitt. Peter was named after his grandfather. Peter and Susan bought the farm in 1986 from Peter’s father John E. Schmitt.

Peter and Susan are the parents of four sons: Andrew John, William Peter, Benjamin Cyril and John Thomas.

Schmitt, Roman and Theresa (Kuhn)

(Theresa Schmitt)

Roman Aloysius Schmitt was born 17 Sep 1922, the son of Peter T. and Mary (Blong) Schmitt, on a farm north of St. Lucas, IA. The farm was located Sec. 29, Washington Twp, Winneshiek Co. Roman was the third of eight children and attended St. Luke's Catholic Church and School in St. Lucas.

On 7 May 1952 Roman married Theresa Mary Kuhn of Calmar. She was the daughter of Albert and Barbara (Shindelar) Kuhn. Theresa was the fifth of seven children. She attended St. Aloysius Catholic Church and School in Calmar.

Roman and Theresa farmed south of Ft. Atkinson in Sec 20, Washington Twp. They are members of St. John Catholic Church. They have 11 children. Roman and Theresa are now retired from farming and live in Ft. Atkinson.

Gerald Peter married Kay Imoehl. Gerald is a production worker. They live in Ft. Atkinson and are the parents of 4 children: Michelle, Christopher, Marcus, and Philip. Barbara Mary married Leon Vsetecka. They have 3 sons: Michael, Ryan, and Eric. They live in Ft. Atkinson. Barb does child care at home. Steven John married Debra Mashek. They have 2 son, Jeffrey and Samuel. Joan Marie married Dale Beckman. They have 3 children: Timothy, Brian, and Sarah. They live in Ossian. Joan works in food service. Catherine Therese married Chad Kuboushek. They have 4 children: Brandon, Justine, Ryan, and Allison. They farm north of Spillville. Dorothy Ann married Gene Elsbernd. They have 7 children: Rachel, Jennifer, Craig, Brian, Darin, Nicholas, and Jonathon. They farm northeast of Decorah. Margaret Ann married Tim Murray. They have 3 children: Adam, Kyle, and Erin. Margaret is a beautician. Marie Ann married Gary Elsbernd. They have one son, Mitchell. Marie is a registered nurse. Joseph Roman married Christie Brandenburg. He farms the home farm south of Ft. Atkinson with his brother James. James Roman.


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