Jeff and John. Mary Jane married Kenneth Dietzenbach. They have four children: Sheryl, Thomas, Michael and Karen. Michael Anthony married Diane Praska. They have four children: Scott, Gregory, Kimberly and Kristi. Thomas Roman married Sandra Stevens. They have two children, Brian and Laura. Paul Gerhard  married Bettie Lensing. They have five children: Amanda, Alissa, Sarah, Todd and Megan. Peter Jerome married Susan M. Neuzil. They have four sons: Andrew, William, Benjamin and John T Carl John married Terry Baumler. They have a daughter, Mariah Kay. Ann Marie married Gene Elsbernd. They have six children: Lucas, Melinda, Lynette, Bethany, Molly and Emily. Jeanne Rita married Larry Neuzil.

Schmitt, J. Theodore and Margaret (Freise)

(Rita M. Schmitt)

J. Theodore Schmitt was born 15 Oct 1856 at St. Lucas, IA. On 25 Nov 1886 J.T married Margaret Freise at St. Luke's Catholic Church in St. Lucas. The land records state that on 11 Oct 1888, John Theodore Schmitt purchased land from Daniel L. Bright, selling it to his son Joseph T. Schmitt on 1 Mar 1935. Now the land is owned by Joseph T's son Edgar Schmitt.

J. Theodore and Margaret became the parents of 8 children: John (b. 7 Nov 1889) died in infancy; Catherine (31 Dec 1890-14 Dec 1976) lived with her parents until 1952, when she went to live with her sister, Anna Flack-man who was ill. After Anna’s death, Catherine stayed and kept house for the family until 1959 when she purchased a home in St. Lucas. Theresa (b. 20 Mar 1892) married Joseph Hackman 25 Nov 1913. They farmed north of St. Lucas. Theresa and Joseph had 8 children: Margaret Angela, Leo, Anselm Peter, Alfonse Peter, Florian Francis, Joseph Chris, Jerome Edward, and Dorothy Jean. Peter T (b. 20 Mar 1894) married Mary Blong 6 Feb 1918. They farmed north of St. Lucas. Peter and Mary also had 8 children: Coletta Anna, John Edward, Roman Aloysius, Leona Theresa, Theola, Cardula Ann, Rose Agnes, and Alfred Hugo. Frank X. (b. 5 Feb 1896) married Anna Hackman 10 Feb 1920. They farmed west of Ft. Atkinson. Frank and Anna had 7 children: Leonard, Mildred, Clarence, Luella, Elaine, Elmer, and Francis. Anna (b. 16 Mar 1898) married Edward Hackman 6 Jun 1916. They farmed south of Festina. Anna and Edward had 9 children: Othmar, Irene, Agatha, Marella, Rita, Lucille, Paul, Norbert, and Phyllis. Christopher (b. 1 Aug 1900) married Agnes Blong 12 Feb 1924. They farmed northeast of St. Lucas. Christopher and Agnes had 7 children: Theodore, Linus, Richard, Earl, Donald, Gladys, and Sylvia. Joseph I (b. 27 Feb 1904) married Julia Blong 22 Nov 1932. They farmed northwest of St. Lucas. Joseph and Julia had 2 children: Edgar and Viola.

Schmitt, Peter and Eva (Franzen)

(Rita M. Schmitt)

Peter Schmitt was born 5 Feb 1823. On 21 Jan 1851 Peter married Eva Franzen (b. 17 Feb 1830). Peter and Eva were both born and married in Rohl, Germany. German records list 7 children, including 2 sons who died in infancy. Their eighth child was born in St. Lucas. In the History of Fayette County, Auburn Twp., it states Peter Schmitt living in section 16, address of Old Mission, came to this country in 1870. His farm was 130 acres, valued at $25 per acre. By 1896 Peter owned 80 acres in section 8 and 80 acres in section 9 which has remained in the Schmitt family for over 100 years. A great-grandson now owns the farm. The land transfer states Peter Schmitt purchased it from John Pitzenberger and wife on 4 Jul 1870.

Theodore (b. 18 Jul 1852) changed his name to Smith when he bought land in 1867. He married Anna Haubrich on 19 Sep 1876. Theodore and Anna had 9 children: Peter, Catherine, Anna, Mary, Joseph, John, Dena, Rose, and Margaret. They farmed southwest of Ft. Atkinson and later retired to Ft. Atkinson. Theodore died 22 Mar 1917. John (b. 22 Apr 1854) married Margaret Kruse on 21 Oct 1879. In March 1888 John married Elizabeth Boeding. Their children were: Peter, Mary Eva, Anna, Elizabeth, Theresa, Agnes, Clara, Margaret, Apoline, and Conrad. John died 15 Jan 1948. J. Theodore (b. 15 Oct 1856) married Margaret Freise on 25 Nov 1886. They farmed northwest of St. Lucas. They had 8 children: John, Catherine, Theresa, Peter T, Frank X., Anna, Christopher and Joseph T. J. Theodore died 15 Jan 1940. Catherine (b. 30 Oct 1859) married Conrad Kriener on 18 Feb 1890. They farmed northwest of St. Lucas. They were the parents of 7 children: Mary Eva, Elizabeth Peter, Theodore, John, Joseph, and Chris. Catherine died 28 Dec 1943. Chris (b. 6 Dec 1861) married Anna Hackman on 2 Oct 1890. They farmed southwest of Ft. Atkinson. They were the parents of 9 children: Peter, Bernard, Emma, Clara, Eda, Amilia, Levina, Hilda, and Leo. Chris died 19 Nov 1940. Two sons both named Peter were born 29 Jan 1865 and 11 Dec 1866; both died in infancy. Jacob (b. 15 Aug 1871) married Anna Meyer on 1 May 1894. They farmed the same farm his parents farmed southeast of St. Lucas. They were the parents of 10 children: Peter, Theodore, William, Catherine, Elizabeth, Regina, Arnold, Louis, James, and Edward. Jacob died 28 Nov 1945.

Schmitt, Peter and Mary (Blong)

(Rita M. Schmitt)

Peter Theodore Schmitt was born 20 Mar 1894 near St. Lucas, the son of J. Theodore and Margaret (Freise) Schmidt. On 6 Feb 1918 Peter married Mary Blong who was born 8 Jun 1894 near St. Lucas. Peter and Mary farmed north of St. Lucas.

They became the parents of 8 children: Coletta Anna (b. 16 Mar 1919) married Jacob Busta. They farmed north of St. Lucas. Coletta and Jacob had 8 children: Marjorie, Dorothy, Ruth, Betty, Elaine, Richard, Diane, and Marilyn.


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