and Iowa from 1884-90. Simon then was County Superintendent of Schools, Norman Co., MN from 1890-93. From 1895-98 Simon was editor of the Delevan, MN Herald. He also served as Postmaster at the “Delevan Station” from 2 Apr 1897 to 26 May 1898.

In 1898 Simon Scarvie left Delevan to attend Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN. He graduated in 1901 and was ordained as a Pastor in the Norwegian Lutheran Synod on 6 Jun 1901 in Twin Falls (Norman Co.), MN. Following his ordination Pastor Scarvie accepted a call to the East and West Paint Creek congregations near Waterville, IA. He served the Paint Creek congregations from 1901 to 1905.

Pastor Scarvie was called to the Glenwood Lutheran Church (Glenwood Twp., Winneshiek Co.) in 1905. He served the Glenwood congregation from the fall of 1905 until his death 12 Nov 1918. In 1906 Pastor Scarvie organized the Canoe Ridge Lutheran Congregation 8 miles north of Glenwood. A church was built the following year in 1907.

From the beginning half of the service at the Canoe Ridge Church was in English and half in Norwegian. Introducing English into the Glenwood Church was a slower process. The break came in 1910 when a German family moved in the neighborhood and 2 English language services a year were held for their benefit. For a number of years, the book used in the confirmation classes contained both English and Norwegian texts.

Pastor Scarvie revived the Young People’s Society. One of the significant accomplishments of this group was the building of the Glenwood Parish Hall in 1915, the first of its kind in the area. There also was a schoolhouse-like building on the parsonage grounds where the confirmation classes were held on Saturday mornings. The building also housed a library from which books were lent to members of the congregation.

Christian education was considered very important. The congregation hired a full-time religious teacher and provided him with a house and a 10-acre farm to supplement his income. The congregation was divided in 5 districts. Two months of religious school (also called Norwegian School) were held in each district. Because the community was almost 100% Norwegian the public school schedule was adjusted to accommodate the Norwegian School. In addition to his teaching duties, the religion teacher assisted the pastor during Sunday morning services. Once a month “catechization" was held during the Sunday Worship Service. The children stood in front of the congregation and the Pastor asked them questions about the assigned lesson for the day.

In 1883 Simon married Magdalena Iverson (4 May 1864-20 Oct 1945). Her parents were Olaf Iverson (22 Jan 1832-12 Feb 1911) and Ragnild Odegaard from Hallingdal, Norway. Olaf’s first wife died and he married Beret Lien (29 Feb 1830-17 Aug 1892). Olaf and Beret immigrated to Delevan, MN in the mid-1860’s.

Simon and Magdelena became the parents of 9 children: Stella Regina (2 Mar 1894-30 Aug 1968) on 17 Jul 1924 married farmer Walter E. Simons (d. 1970). Three children. Lived near Flandreau, SD. Aria Ovedia (4 Oct 1895-15 Mar 1992) on 6 Aug 1919 married teacher Arthur Ophelius Lee (d. 1983). Four children. Lived in Decorah, Roland, IA and Scandinavia, Wl. Stanley Melanchton (24 Jun 1897-7 Aug 1986) on 11 Jun 1941 married Bernice Henrietta Larsen. Two children. Lived in Decorah and Seattle, WA. Walter Bernard (11 Dec 1898-?) Lutheran Pastor. On 12 Jun 1923 married Florence Emilie Thompson. Two children. Lived mainly in Detroit, Ml. First wife died; then married Evelyn Theresa Sankey (widow of Harold Sankey; she had two sons). Walter (retired) and Evelyn lived in Tucson, AZ. Evelyn died 1991. Norman George (15 May 1902-23 Jul 1971) Educator. On 10 Jun 1932 married Agnes Winifred Oliver (27 May 1911-?). Two children. Lived in Council Bluffs, IA. Theresa Christine (17 Nov 1902-23 Jul 1971) on 22 Dec 1930 married educator Oscar Swenson (d. 4 Jul 1972). Two children. Lived in Bozeman, MT Esther Valbora (b. 2 Oct 1904) on 24 Dec 1928 married educator Elvin Richard Urdahl (d. 29 Sep 1959). Three children. Lived in Bozeman, MT Esther, a retired artist, still lives in Bozeman. Vivian Constance Maadelena (b. 7 Jul 1907) on 5 Jun 1930 married educator Ludvig Johannes Totdahl. Three children. Lived in North Dakota. Retired to Racine, Wl. Reuben (born and died 27 May 1912) buried beside his parents in the Glenwood Lutheran Church Cemetery, rural Decorah.

In Winneshiek County the Scarvie Family lived in the Glenwood Church Parsonage located about a half-mile from the church. This was a large, frame house located on a farm owned by the church. The idea of a Norwe-gian-American Lutheran Church owning a house and farm was a principle that came straight from Norway. The farm provided the pastor and his family the opportunity to raise food and earn some income to supplement his meager salary. In addition the members of the congregation donated food for the family and grain and corn for the pastor’s cows and horses. These donations came mainly in the fall after harvesting and butchering were done. Because it was customary for the pastor to furnish the wine for Communion, there was a vineyard at the parsonage. The only substantial cash donation by the congregation came from a special offering during the Christmas church service.

Pastor Scarvie is remembered with great fondness by both the Glenwood and Canoe Ridge Congregations.

Schara, Charles and Wilhelmine (Sass)

(Ray Schara)

Charles Schara was born 24 May 1854 in Schlessien, Breslan, Germany. His parents were John and Rosina Schara. At the age of six, he came to the United States with his parents. His parents settled in Sac City, Wl. Later they moved to Honey Creek, Wl where Charles spent his boyhood days. Charles had four brothers: Fred, Gottlieb, August and John. He also had two sisters.

In 1872 Charles and a friend walked from Sac City to Postville, IA where they secured employment as stable hands at the Williams' Estate south of Postville. There he met Wilhelmine Sass who worked as a maid for the Williams family.


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