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William LeRoy and Selma (Rognas) Sampson Wedding May 10,1917

parents of Donna Joanne and Richard Gordon. Lyle Durwin (b. 27 Aug 1923) married Irene Dreivold. They were the parents of Patricia Jan and David Lyle. Irene died 26 Jul 1977. Lyle later married Marilyn Poundstone. Lyle died 10 Jul 1994.

LeRoy’s parents were John William (25 Oct 1853-14 Mar 1912) and Florence Emma Musser (7 Nov 1864-10 May 1938). John William’s father was Peter Sampson born 13 Jan 1821 in Aen, Voss, Norway and died 15 Jul 1898. Peter married Sigrid Gittlesdtr (Sarah) Nordheim (26 Jan 1826-1906). They came to America in 1849, first to Chicago and then to Decorah. Peter and Sarah had ten children: Nils (born in Norway); Julia (20 Sep 1851-10 Mar 1910); John William (25 Oct 1853-14 Mar 1912); Frank (b. 2 Jul 1855): Josephine Barbara fb. 6 Jun 1857): Frank Oscar (b. 20 Apr 1859): Edward (b. 1861): Franklin (b. 11 Jul 1863); Emma Caroline (b. 17 Aug 1865); and Albert Oscar (b. 25 May 1868).

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Gullick O. Rognas family Seated in front, left to right: Gullick, Alma, Selma and Mary. Back row, left to right: Othilda, Josie, Oscar, Bramina and Ida.

John William and Emma (Musser) Sampson were the parents of six sons: James Edward (11 Oct 1886-21 Apr 1948) married Tilda Grindeland; William LeRov (19 Feb 1888-4 Dec 1947) married Selma Rognas; Perry Harold (15 Mar 1892-24 Jan 1960) married Winifred Hanson; Frank Maurice (9 Jun 1895-4 Aug 1971) married Anna

Anderson; Dewev Lawrence (27 Apr 1898-14 Feb 1984) married Cora Otteson; Lovd Allen (27 Mar 1904-18 Feb 1987) married Ora Schultz.

Selma (Rognas) Sampson’s parents were Gullick O. Rognas born 14 Apr 1846 in Valdres, Norway and died 30 Jun 1923 and Ingr Mary Blegen born 28 Feb 1859 and died 12 May 1932. Gullick and Mary were married 14 Oct 1880 and were the parents of six daughters and one son: Josie Sophia (2 Jul 1881-19 May 1969) married Theodore Thompson of Long Beach, CA; Bramina Mathilda (7 Oct 1885-12 Sep 1973) married Edwin Hartwell of Glendale, CA; Othilda Amanda (3 Oct 1883-18 Jun 1960); Oscar Alfred (7 May 1888-29 Jun 1967) married Anna Peterson of Decorah; Ida Gustava (17 Mar 1892-8 Feb 1944) married Carl Pedersen of Frederic, Wl; Selma Augusta (14 Mar 1894-11 Jun 1974) married William LeRoy Sampson of Decorah; and Alma Louise (16 Aug 1898-22 Oct 1994) married Victor Ohrlund of Webster City, IA.

Samuelson, Jerry and Martha (Willson)

(Martha (Willson) Samuelson)

Martha Maxine Willson was born in Canoe Twp., Winneshiek Co., the fifth child of Leo and Mary (Hyberger) Willson. At 6 months of age, she developed a severe case of eczema and still doctors with it today. Martha attended the Hesper country school and hiked 2 miles there every day. She joined 4-H as a young girl. Martha attended Decorah High School, which is now the Decorah Middle School, and graduated in 1957.

Martha married her classmate, Jerry Edward Samuelson, on 30 Nov 1957. They currently farm in Sec. 22, Pleasant Twp. where they own and operate approximately 250 acres.

Martha has always helped with the farming operation and enjoys ceramics and spending time with her grandchildren. Jerry is a sports fan and is the one who got our children involved in football and wrestling in school. While our children were growing up, our social life centered around the school and athletic activities our children were involved in. Our children were involved in 4-H at an early age and our family had many champion steers at the Winneshiek Co. Fair over the years. Sundays were spent loading up horses going to trail rides or horse shows. All but one of our children currently reside in or near Winneshiek Co.

Jerry and Martha have 7 children: Ricky, Susan, Randy), Rusty, Jerry Joe, Jay Edward and Marty . They have 12 grandchildren, including twin granddaughters. Grandchild number 13 is due in Nov 1995.

Ricky Foster graduated from Decorah High School and attended the University of Northern Iowa where he received a teaching degree in Industrial Arts education as well as a coaching certificate. He graduated with honors. Rick is currently teaching Industrial Arts and coaching wrestling at the North Fayette School District in West Union, IA. He resides with his family in West Union. Rick married Laurie Rea 13 Oct 1990. They have 3 children:


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