In Aug 1965 the family moved to Oneonta, NY when Leslie accepted a position as Assistant Dean of the Faculty and Associate Professor of English at Hartwick College. Eventually Leslie became Vice President for Educational Affairs - second in command. Leslie’s father, Joseph died in Feb 1966 and his mother, Olga died the following July.

In 1974 Leslie became Vice President for Development at Luther and the family moved back to Decorah. He served as Vice President for 4 years. However, the position did not suit him, so he tried his hand at managing an employment service in Dubuque, IA. It was a time of economic down turn and that enterprise did not work well either and Leslie developed clinical depression.

Marion was employed by Kimbel Peterson at the Minowa Tour and Travel. It was a trying position, but Marion stuck with it and eventually mastered the job and built a large clientele. Marion took advantage of a large number of familiarization trips and went to many places in the world. Leslie was able to share in a number of these trips.

In 1980 Leslie and Marion became active in the Jimmy Carter re-election campaign. They talked with Mrs. Carter on the telephone and Leslie was invited to several meetings at the White House. In Jan 1980 Leslie was asked to work for the U.S. Census Bureau as northeast Iowa supervisor. After the political campaign, which ended in defeat for President Carter, Leslie was invited to join the Speech Department at Luther.

One morning early in 1984 Marion informed Leslie she was going to run for Clerk of District Court. After Leslie got over the shock, he aided her in the campaign, although she called the shots. It was the last year it was an elected position, so it was important to get elected in 1984. Her job as a travel consultant was hard work and had no benefits. Many persons, regardless of political affiliation, rallied to her support. Despite Republicans out numbering Democrats, Marion won the election. She took office in Jan 1985 and retired in Dec 1995.

In 1984 Leslie became the development officer at Vesterheim, the Norwegian-American Museum, in Decorah. During the spring of 1984 he both taught at Luther and worked at Vesterheim. At the end of the semester he resigned from Luther to work full time at Vesterheim. Upper Iowa University in Fayette asked Leslie to teach during the summer of 1986. He eventually joined the faculty there permanently to teach courses in business and management. 1987 was a year of heavy political activity. Marion and Leslie were heavily involved in Democratic politics and especially in the campaign of former governor Bruce Babbitt of Arizona.

In Jan 1989 Leslie became seriously ill and was told by his doctors in Waterloo, IA he had to quit teaching. He quit teaching and was put on Social Security Disability.

Before Marion and Leslie were married, they joined the Decorah Lutheran Church. When they returned to Decorah in 1960, they assumed they eventually would move to the west side; therefore, they joined the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. When they returned in 1974, they purchased a house on E. Main Street. The closest Lutheran church was Decorah Lutheran Church which they rejoined. Eric was confirmed in the Lutheran church in Oneonta, NY and Gregg was confirmed at Decorah Lutheran Church.

Eric went to Carlton College, Northfield, MN for 4 years. He then worked in housing rehabilitation in Milwaukee, Wl. Later he became a clerk for a Carleton classmate at the Chicago Board of Trade where he still works as a member of the Trans Market Group.

In Aug 1980 Gregg married Kari Bernatz, daughter of Howard and Wanda Bernatz, at the First Lutheran Church in Decorah. Gregg and Kari graduated from Decorah High School in 1979. After high school he applied for a position as a Highway Patrolman, but was not selected. Following their marriage, Gregg and Kari moved to Cedar Falls, IA. Kari worked at a bank and Gregg attended Hawkeye Technical Institute south of Waterloo. In 1980 the Iowa State Patrol reviewed his application and he was selected to study at the Iowa Police Academy at Camp Dodge. His first assignment with the Iowa State Patrol was as a guard at the governor’s mansion and patrolling the state capitol and other state buildings. After a year, he was transferred to Vinton, IA. Their first child, Jason was born in 1985 in Vinton. Gregg was transferred to Decorah in 1986. Their second son, Jared was born in Decorah in 1988. Kari works in the loan department of Community First State Bank in Decorah.

Ruen, Arthur and Florence (Pilgrim)

(Elaine (Ruen) Johnson)

Arthur Cornelius Ruen was born 17 Jun 1906 to Henry O. and Caroline Ruen in Moland, MN, the 4th of 5 children. In 1913 the family returned to Winneshiek Co., Frankville Twp. Arthur went to elementary school at Frankville #3 (also known as the McKay School). He attended 2 years of high school in Frankville at what now is known as the Stone School. (This school was built in 1872 replacing a former structure built in 1856. The land for the stone building was purchased from Francis Teabout, founder of the town of Frankville.) Arthur then went to Charles City, IA to work in a factory assembling wood crates used to ship tractors to Russia. It was there he learned his love for wood, although he had been given a hammer as a small child which he cherishes.

On 27 May 1930 Arthur married Florence Pilgrim at her parents' home in Frankville Twp. Florence was born 18 May 1908 the 2nd child of Walter B. and Lottie Pilgrim. She received her elementary education at the Birdsell School and then attended 2 years of high school at the Stone School in Frankville. She completed her high school education in Postville. Florence’s father would drive her and her sister, Evelyn, to Postville every Monday morning where they would board until Friday when they returned to the farm. She then attended Normal School in Cedar Falls, IA for a year. Upon returning to Winneshiek Co. she taught at the Birdsell School and also at the Stone School in Frankville.

Art and Florence began farming on a small farm known as the Ronan farm near the Ruen home farm. This property is now the Winneshiek County Sanitary Landfill. Their


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