ried Florence Paley. Their 3 children were Lloyd, Clayton and Richard. Alva and Eleanor never married.

Roney, James and Annie (Gjere)

(Annie Roney)

James Roney was born near Addikens Brewery 23 Apr 1908, the son of John and Ovedia Nettie (Dahl) Roney. Both of his parents were born in Winneshiek Co. John is buried in Phelps Cemetery and Ovedia is buried in the Springwater Cemetery, rural Decorah. His siblings were Esther (Mulinix), Ralph, and half-sisters Audrey (m. Don Smock), Evelyn (m. James Anderson) and Marlys. Annie Laura Gjere was born 24 Oct 1906 near Highlandville, one of 11 children of Gilbert and Joran (Traaen) Gjere. She was baptized and confirmed at Big Canoe Lutheran Church. Gilbert was born near Highlandville and Joran Jane” was born in Trondheim, Norway. Both are buried in the Big Canoe Cemetery. Annie's siblings were: Cora (m. Wm. Christopherson), Arthur, Nettie (m. Joseph Mestad), Guilford, Harold, Lloyd, Gyda (m. Alfred Losen), Gladys (m. Howard Doering), Theodore and James.

On 21 Jan 1931 James Roney married Annie Gjere at the Big Canoe parsonage. They lived on a farm just west of Hauge Church for several years before buying their own place next to the Springwater Church. Their son is Justin. Sometime after this they became members of the Hauge Congregation. Annie and James retired from farming and moved to Decorah in 1972. Although James has been confined to a wheel chair the past 10 years and Annie has been the primary caregiver for him, she has been active in RSVR Rebecca Lodge and has continued to make quilts, bake, garden and visit.

Justin married Joanne Borness. They have 3 children: Terry, Annette and Steven. Terry married Mark Brainard and Annette married David Krueger. Justin and Joanne's grandchildren are Lea, Khara and Sarah Krueger.(Annie Roney died 3 Jan 1996 after submitting this story.)

Rooney, Walter and Rose (Vondersitt)

(Marcella A. Rooney)

Walter Rooney was born 27 Aug 1901 the youngest son of Owen Rooney (3 May 1855-Aug 1916) and Mary Ellen Murray (12 Apr 1861-24 Apr 1945). He was the grandson of Peter Rooney (21 Oct 1820-18 Sep 1869) and Sarah (1836-1913) who was born in Ireland. Besides Owen they had 3 other children: Mary C. (1859-1939): Thomas (1861-1927) and Edward (1869-1956). Walter had 6 brothers and sisters: Peter (1884-1910); Edward (1886-1904); Charles (1889-1893); Leo (1890-1915); Frances (1893-1918); and Rose (1896-1916). Walter was the only one in the family to marry.

Walter married Rose Eleanore Vondersitt 11 Jul 1922 in St. Benedict’s Church, Decorah, IA. Rose was born 6 Sep 1903 to Anton Vondersitt (20 Jun 1864-6 Jun 1960) and Theresa Foreman (1864-1 Apr 1918). Her maternal grandparents were John Foreman (31 May 1842-1 Apr 1922) and Mary Zbornik (12 Sep 1844-3 Jan 1909). Besides Theresa they had John (1867-1944), Mary Ann (1870-1951) and Rosea (1875-1934). Her maternal great-grandparents were Matthieas Zbornik (23 Feb 1816-11 Feb 1875) and Rosalia Kopet (8 Apr 1818), who came from Zdar, Bohemia in Czechoslovakia.

Rose was one of 8 children: Marian (9 Jan 1893-23 Apr 1967) who married Ted Uhlenhake (30 Nov 1884-15 Mar 1965) and had 10 children including Lucille (m. John White), Dolores (m. Orlando Solem and John Simmons), Alice (m. Raymond Frana), Verla (m. Bob Adams), Lewellyn ( m. Dale Chase), Merlin, Marilyn (m. Sergio Fuggitti) and 3 infants who died, Mort, Mary and Clarence. Tony (b. 27 Oct 1892-16 Nov 1985) married Emma Yirkovsky (8 Oct 1886-24 Nov 1971) and had 4 children: Donald (m. Lorraine Kamp), Ruth (m. Felix Huinker), Marie, and Joseph (m. Nora Cramer). Anna (5 Nov 1895-5 Dec 1983) married William Poshusta and Joe Becvar and had 2 children: Ann (m. Vince Shannon) and Vincent (m. Alice Hlfenhaus). Clara (29 Aug 1901-27 Sep 1973) married Charles Baburek and had one child Bud Bestenle. Frank (10 Oct 1905-2 Jan 1957) married Juanita Knox. William (1897-1916) and John Henry.

Walter and Rose had 5 children: Baby (1923-1923); Charlesmarried Barbara Hartman Musser (23 Feb 1928-2 Jun 1969) and Marcella O’Brien Herold. Charles is the father of 2 children Ellie (m. Jim Wiemerslage) and David (m. Annette Bigler) and stepfather to 3 children: Aria Musser (m. Paul Green), Sandra (m. Sylvan Steward) and Jim Musser. Frances married Harry Wilcox (22 Dec 1923-28 Apr 1986). They had 3 children: Timothy (m. Frances Weigle), Julie (m. Charles Kjos) and Daniel. Rosemary married John Marshall and had 9 children: John (m. Rhonda Piagentini), Lizanne (m. Mark Mezaros), Lynne (m. Doug Rittler), Lisa (m. Steve Sanders), Laure (m. Mark Hughes), Leslie, James (m. Jenny Verkler), Jay (m. Brenda Kirchoff), and LeEllyn (m. Pat Vaszuez). Patricia married Louis Courtney. They had 7 children: Shawn (m. Pam Carpenter), Shane, Scott, Shelby, Sheil, Shannon and Samuel.

For years the Rooneys were in the fuel business, first harvesting wood from 30 acres in Canoe Twp. and selling it to the townspeople. Later Walt owned and ran the Standard Station on Mechanic Street as well as operating a small grocery store. On 27 Sep 1973 Walt died in the Decorah Hospital and Rose died 29 Jul 1981.

Roragen, Johannes and Eva (Garmager)

(Mildred Kjome)

Johannes Pedersen Roragen was born 10 Jun 1805 to Peder Johannessen Roragen (1776-1847) and Berit Evensdtr Opdal. Johannes married Eva Axelsdtr Garmager (b. 1805) from Ernstgrubba, Hitterdalen. He purchased half of the Lien farm in Brekkebygda northeast of Roros, from Jon Fastesen Lien about 1850. In 1855 he sold the farm to Peder Larsen Feragen, from Bentgarden. Johannes then took his family to America. Their departure from Roros Parish was registered on 18 Mar 1856. All the children went along: Bendt Johannessen Lien (b. 6 Oct 1835), Johannes Johannessen Lien (b. 1


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