her retirements she taught genera! science, chemistry and physics at the Decorah High School. Clara's students always spoke very highly of their associations with her in and out of the classroom.

Bio Photo

Clara Rollins

Clara was a dedicated member of the Methodist Church. For many years she was a Sunday School Superintendent and was involved in various other activities. Clara never married as her fiance was killed during World War I. She died at her home at age 88 after a few months of illness.

Rollins, Howard and Fern (Butler)

(Donna Shellum)

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Howard and Fern Rollins

Howard Rollins was born 3 Dec 1896 in Burr Oak Twp., the son of Alvin and Mary Elizabeth (Stead) Rollins.

Howard married Fern Butler 25 Dec 1916 at the Methodist Parsonage in Decorah, IA. Fern was born 17 Jan 1900 in Howard Co., IA to Andrew and Sophia (Stevens) Butler of Cresco, IA.

Howard and Fern farmed all of their married life in the Burr Oak area. They first lived on the James Church Rollins farm and later on a small farm just a short distance east of Burr Oak. On their farms they raised geese, chickens, sheep and cattle. Fern also planted a large vegetable and flower garden each year. Fern was a member of the Rebecca Lodge, Joan of Arc Club and the Women's Group of the Burr Oak Methodist Church.

Howard died 20 Feb 1979 and Fern died 22 Oct 1984. They had 2 daughters, Beverly and Shirley. Shirley lives in Rochester, MN and is married to Stanley Myli. Beverly lives in Kenyon, MN and was married to Melvin Heltne who died in 1974. Beverly and Melvin had one daughter, Donna Shellum of Hayfield, MN and one granddaughter, Renae Shellum of Hayfield.

Rollins, James and Mary (Tripp)

(Donna Shellum)

James Church Rollins was born 5 Feb 1827 at St. Albans, ME to Ebenezer Nowell and Sara (Church) Rollins. He was from a family of 11 children. In 1848 James married Mary Francis Tripp, the daughter of Daniel and Ellen “Polly” (Whitten) Tripp. Before James was married he had been a sailor on the Atlantic Ocean. He also engaged in lumbering on the Kennebec River. In 1850 James and Mary Francis came to Rock Co., Wl, later going to Coloma, Wl. Here he engaged in farming and as a U.S. mail contractor. They also lived at Portage, Wl where he continued to handle the mails and conducted a livery stable.

In the winter of 1864 the Rollins family moved to IA and bought a farm in Burr Oak Twp. Here they lived until 1888 when they moved to Decorah, IA and bought a house. Besides farming, James was interested in the importation of French and English draft horses. Among his earliest importations was the horse “Vigo” whose lineage could be traced to some of the most highly prized animals of France. When James and Mary Francis moved to Decorah he built a large barn and continued with his horse importation business with A.M. Perry and B.D. Blackmarr for several years. After the dissolution of the firm James continued to use the barn for some years as a livery.

James died in 1908 and Mary Francis died in 1909. They raised a family of 9 children: Olive, Clayton, Emma, Alvin, Edna, Frank, Guy, Alva and Eleanor. Olive married Dwight Manning. Their 5 children were Frank, Clark, Herman, Laura and Lucy. Clayton married Hannah Stead. Their 5 children were James, Mary Francis, Bernice, Elsie and Baby Rollins. Emma married Charles Eugene Miller. Their 3 children were Roy, Nellie and Edsil. Alvin married Mary Elizabeth Stead. Their 6 children were Howard, John. Alvin, Earl, Clara and Maude Donald. Edna Belle married Oscar Phillips. Their 2 children were Frances Phillips and Emma Steelman. Frank married Sarah Bromley. Their 2 children were Frank Rollins and Blanche Lewis. Guy mar


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