and lived near Calmar); Elise Cecelia; and Line (public school teacher). (These children are variously referred to by surnames Anderson, Andersen, Loken and Ringstad.)

After Johannes Anderson's death Anna married Ivar Gulbrandsen Ringstad. She and Ivar and all of her children emigrated to America during the years 1847-1850. Anna’s siblings, Elizabeth (Lomen) and Nils 0. Brandt, pioneer pastor, also emigrated at roughly the same time. The family stayed in Dane Co., Wl (Koshkonong) for about a year. Anna and Ivar’s first son John (Johannes! was born in Wl as the family was about to set out for the Madison Settlement in IA by ox team and covered wagon. (This son John became a sheriff in Winneshiek Co. in the 1860’s and married Elisabeth Andersen.) Once in Iowa 2 more children were born: Anna Elisabeth (m. Professor Mohn, president of St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN) and Gulbrand. Anna died 21 Feb 1884 in Decorah at age 73. She is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Decorah.

Anna is great-great-great-grandmother to our daughter Ingrid M. Rotto. Anna Olsdtr Brandt (m. J. Anderson and Ivar G. Ringstad) had a daughter Catherine Helene Anderson (m. married Johannes Evenson). Catherine and Johannes had a daughter Lena Sophia Louisa Evenson (m. Gilbert Narve Gilbertson). Lena and Gilbert had a daughter Norma Junette Gilbertson (m. John Rufsvold). Norma and John had a daughter Lina Delores Rufsvold (m. John Thomas Rotto). Lina and John had a son Jon Torsten Rotto (m. Beth Kristin Hoven). Jon and Beth have a daughter Ingrid Martina Rotto.

Riste, Adolph and Esther (Noecker)

(Myrtle Noecker)

Bio Photo

Esther Noecker Rogers Riste taken in the 1940's.

Esther Charlotte Noecker, the only daughter of Leo and Christine (Clausen) Noecker, was born 30 Aug 1916. She attended the Decorah elementary schools, but was not interested in school beyond the eighth grade. She excelled in factory work and was an employee at Tatro Radio, Midland Manufacturing and a charter employee at Deco Products. All these were factories in Decorah.

Esther married Gordon Rogers. They lived in Ireton, IA. Esther and Roger were divorced after a number of years of marriage.

On 11 Jan 1950 Esther married Adolph Riste. Esther did not have any children. She kept herself busy doing beautiful crocheting and embroidery work. Esther died 2 Jul 1989. Adolph had preceded her in death 11 Nov 1962.

Rocksvold, Peter and Ida (Berge)

(Iona Crawford)

Peter Agusta Rocksvold was born 15 Jan 1874 in Glenwood Twp., the son of Anton and Anne (Elvestuen) Rocksvold. His father and mother were born in Toten, Norway. Peter and Ida Berge were married 12 Oct 1905. Ida was born 12 Mar 1882. Peter and Ida had 3 children: Russel (23 Jun 1909-28 Sep 1982), Dervin (16 Apr 1920-21 Apr 1985) and Iona (29 Jan 1924).

Anton died when Peter was 12 years old - the oldest of the family of four. He worked very hard to help make the living for the family. When he was 18 he purchased his first threshing machine and steam engine and he continued in this business for 54 years in addition to farming. Peter threshed grain from the home area and Waukon, Ossian, Calmar and Festina. Peter would tell of some of the experiences he had during those days of runaway horses, of neighbors hauling grain bundles to the machine, and of how hard the neighbor women would work to make meals for so many men. In the evening he would be so tired going home that he would sometimes fall asleep driving the team and wagon but the horses knew the way home. He loved doing blacksmith work at his shop on the farm where he built many machines.

His wife Ida was a fine homemaker for the family of three children and a help to her husband. Peter was a kind and loving family man and well respected by everyone. If anyone was in need he was there to help them.

Ida died 8 May 1941 and Peter died 25 Dec 1944. They are buried in the Glenwood Church Cemetery.

Roed, Edward and Mathilda (Johnson)

(Olga Halverson)

Edward Oli Christianson Roed was born 15 Jul 1867 at Lavangsness, Troms, Norway, the youngest of 14 children born to Christina and Christian Mikkelson. Edward came to America in 1888 when he was 21 years old. He was baptized and confirmed in Norway. Edward worked his way across Wl and MN working in the timber. He later worked in SD before buying 80 acres in Canoe Twp., Winneshiek Co. He had to clear the land and build his buildings. He also helped his neighbors build barns. Edward farmed with horses and raised corn, wheat, oats, hay and sometimes sugar cane to have made into sorghum. He butchered his own meat and raised cows, sheep and pigs. He also had a big apple orchard.


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