Rose married Anthony Simon and they had 4 sons. Frank married Christina Sheada and had triplets of which only Joe survived.

Elizabeth Riha married John Komarek and they had 6 children. Frank married Emma Swestka, Mayme (baptized Mary) married Joe Shatek, Edward married Theresa Swestka, William married Agnes Pecinovsky, Johnie married Lena Haskovec, and Rosie married Victor Praska.

Riha, Joseph and Elizabeth (Brom)

(Rebecca Neuzil)

Bio Photo  

Joseph Riha married Elizabeth Brom January 17, 1888

Joseph Riha was born in Czechoslovakia the son of John and Anna (Pelikan) Riha in 1858. He married Elizabeth Brom 17 Jan 1888 at the St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Spillville, IA. Elizabeth was born 8 Oct 1869 the daughter of Frank and Mary (Krai) Brom of Conover, IA. Joseph and Elizabeth farmed in Winneshiek Co., Sumner Twp. Sec. 17 until 1922 when they moved to Protivin. Joseph liked to garden and did so in later years on his hands and knees because his legs hurt so he couldn’t walk. Joseph died in June of 1940 after which time Elizabeth went to live with several of her children, even a granddaughter (Emma Stika Pecinovsky) for some time until she died 1 May 1945. They are both buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery in Protivin, I A. Joseph and Elizabeth were the parents of 12 children.

Mary (5 Dec 1888) married Frank Alois Stika on 25 Oct 1910. They farmed in Howard Co., New Oregon Twp., Sec. 34 and had 5 children: Emma, Elizabeth, Helen, Edith, and Edward. Joseph P (11 Nov 1890) married Regina Mracek. They farmed in Winneshiek Co., Sumner Twp., Sec. 15 and had one son, Clarence. Frank P (22 Jun 1891) served in World War I. He farmed the same farm that his parents had and never married. Ludmilla (28 Feb 1896) married Frank Ryant and had 3 children: Louis, Ernest, and Edward. They farmed in Winneshiek Co., Jackson Twp., Sec. 4. William J. (2 Dec 1897) married Emma Mracek, farmed in Winneshiek Co., Sumner Twp., Sec. 18, and had 2 children, Lucile and Ernest. Albina A. (14 Apr 1899) married Rudolph Lukes, farmed just east of Protivin and had 5 children: Leonard, Alice, Doris, Marvin, and Grace. Rose (30 Aug 1901) married

William Praska, farmed in Howard Co., New Oregon Twp., Sec. 31 and had 2 sons, Reuben and Richard. Edward married Viola Reothler, lived in Mason City and had 5 children: Leon, Bud, Myrtle, Melba, and Elizabeth. Regina (13 Jul 1904) married Frank J. Mracek, farmed west of Protivin and had 2 children, Evelyn and Daniel. Adella (b. 1907) married Louis Milota, lived in Protivin and had 2 sons, Cyril and Walter. Benjamin W. (4 Oct 1908) married Anna R. Voyek, lived in Protivin and had no children. Emma died 9 Feb 1920 when she was 10 years old.

Riha, Martin and Stella (Novotny)

(Marie Riha)

Martin Riha, son of Frank Riha Sr. and Anna (Talafous) Riha was born 18 Nov 1891 near St. Lucas, IA. At the age of 6, along with his family, he moved to a farm near Ft. Atkinson. He was educated in the rural schools of this area.

Anastasia, better known as Stella, daughter of Frank and Emma (Kovarik) Novotny was born 8 Apr 1900 at Little Turkey, IA.

Martin and Stella were married on a Tuesday morning 16 Nov 1926 at the Assumption Catholic Church in Little Turkey. After their marriage they resided on a farmstead (along Hwy. 24 today) upon which they built a 2-story home and several buildings. Their personal biographies speak of a great deal of hardships. Martin, along with his brothers, did a lot of custom work. Threshing days were hot and long tiresome days, sometimes weeks spent away from the pleasures of the family. Stella spent a great deal of time gardening. Her pleasures in life were her many beautiful beds of flowers.

Martin and Stella had 5 children, 4 of whom survive. Agnes married Arthur Schmitt 27 Nov 1950. They reside near St. Lucas, IA. Their children are Theresa, Marie, Irene and Wilma. Donald  married Rose Schliete 1 Jun 1953. They remain on the Riha farmstead today. Their daughters are Patricia and Connie. Martha (5 Jan 1933- 27 Sep 1933) died of gastro-enteritis. She's buried at St. John's Catholic Cemetery in Fort Atkinson. Anna married Linus Wenthold 24 Nov 1953. Their marriage was dissolved in 1983. Anna and Linus' children are DeWayne, Catherine, Daine, and Sandra. Anna remarried Orval Cook 26 Apr 1985. They reside in Mabel, MN. Marcella “Marcy” married Leroy Schneberger 12 Sep 1959. They reside near Festina, IA. Their children are Marilyn, Dennis, Sharon, and Nancy.

Martin and Stella remained on the farm until their retirement in 1958 when they moved to Ft. Atkinson. Their retirement days were spent enjoying their gardening, playing cards, and visiting with their grandchildren and their families.

Martin passed away at the age of 79 on 16 Jun 1971. Stella passed away at the age of 88 on 20 Mar 1989. They are both buried in St. John’s Catholic Cemetery, Fort Atkinson, IA.


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