Korsen came from Korsen farm, Vestre Toten Prestegaard, near Eina, Norway, in 1866 and Johanna Andrine came from Karsrud farm in 1867. They married in Winneshiek Co. Inga was their sixth and last child. Inga's mother died in 1883 and Ole Jacob married Johanna’s niece in 1885. Ole and his second wife, Julia, also had six children.

Julius and Inga farmed in Section 16, Canoe Twp. Three sons were born of this marriage: Clifford (b. 22 Jun 1899 - d. 1954) married Ida Ellingson Moore; Olaf Leonard (b. 11 Jan 1901- d. 28 Oct 1967); Harry Morris (b. 10 Jan 1903 - d. 7 Jul I960) married Vera Walter.

Inga Quandahl died of pneumonia 10 Jul 1927 after being sick for only six days. Burial was in the Hauge Cemetery, Canoe Twp. Julius moved to Decorah in 1928 but also lived with his sons Clifford and Harry some of the time. He worked at carpentry and helped with farm work. He suffered a stroke which left him unable to speak but he continued to visit his sons and help with the work. Julius died 25 Jun 1954 and was buried beside his wife at Hauge Cemetery.

Quandahl, Lars and Jorunn Johannesdtr.

(Marvin Wicks)

Lars Larson Kvandal was born 1 Nov 1839 in Kvandal, Hordaland, Norway to Lars Davidson Kvandal and Gurid Larsdtr. Bu. He was the second of 4 children. The village of Kvandal is a ferry boat station on the Hardanger Fjord and the farm is located at the edge of the village on a steep mountain slope. Ferry boat service is a primary mode of travel to Kvandal today and boats cross the fjord, on a scheduled basis, to the villages of Utne and Kinsarvik. Before highway travel was available to the village of Kvandal, families attended the church in Utne and burials were at the Utne cemetery. Ancestors of both Lars and Jorunn were at Kvandal farm as early as 1650 and they would most likely be buried at the cemetery in Utne.

Lars Kvandal married Jorunn Johannesdtr. Kvandal on 27 Dec 1865 at Kvandal, Nonway. Jorunn was born 19 July 1842 at Kvandal to Johannes Sjurson Kvandal and Gjoa Ivarsdtr. Folkedal. She was the oldest of 5 children. Two of her siblings came to the U.S. but returned to Kvandal farm in Norway. Lars and Jorunn had 8 children: Olav (b. 31 May 1866); Johannes (b. 9 Apr 1868); Gurid/ Julia (Mrs. Martin Budahl) (b.14 June 1870); Lars Olai (b.1872); Julius (b. 23 Nov 1875), Canoe Twp., IA; Ludwig (b.1879); Edward (b. 1881); Martinil Lars (b. 2 May 1884).

Lars left Norway in 1873 with his wife and family. At that time he was 33 years old, Jorunn was 30 and records from Norway indicate they left with four children, ages 7,5,3, and 1. They settled in Canoe Twp., Winneshiek Co., IA. The farm name, Kvandal, was changed to Quandahl in this country. Platt maps indicate they had a 60 acre farm on Canoe Creek in Canoe Twp. and that they lived there for some period of time.

Jorunn Quandahl died 19 Jan 1893 and Lars died 13 Aug 1921. Both are buried at the Springwater Church cemetery in Canoe Twp.


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