listed in the service for 3 years. Philip was stationed in Viet Nam for one year with Helicopter Maintenance Service. On 4 Jun 1971 he married Jeanine Sanders in Cedar Falls, IA. They have 2 sons: Adam and Paul. Philip works in the Avionics Division of Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids and has traveled throughout the United States, Japan and France for the company. His wife, Jeanine, is employed by Motorola of Cedar Rapids. Janet was born in Spring Grove, MN. She attended Luther College for one year. Janet married Gerald Hall, Jr. on 7 Nov 1971. Gerald is a graduate of Luther with a degree in economics. They have two adopted daughters: Elizabeth and Katherine. Janet is a Certified Para-Legal. B. Lvnne was born in Spring Grove, MN. She graduated from Waldorf College in 1974. On 24 Aug 1974 she married Dean Lamp (who also is a graduate of Waldorf). They have 2 sons: Eric and Daniel. Dean, since graduating from Waldorf, has obtained a degree in music from the University of Northern Iowa and presently is the Music Director for the Glidden-Ralston School District.

After World War II George farmed the home place. He was involved in many community activities, including: choir director at church; county school board 11 years; Decorah Community School Board for 13 years; and Farm Bureau Board. After farming for 27 years George retired and moved to Decorah. From 1974-76 he started the Nutrition Program for Seniors in eight counties in northeast Iowa. In 1976 George became the first director of the Area Agency on Aging. In this capacity he started many programs to help Senior Citizens that are still going today. George retired in 1981.

Since retiring George has been active in the Winneshiek Co. Historical Society; the Winneshiek Co. Genealogy Society; Advisory Council for the Area Agency on Aging; Senior Citizen Center; City Forester; and other volunteer groups. In his spare time he reads and makes things from wood (mainly walnut).

Pfister, Phillip, Sr. and Marguerite (Riehl)

(Gilmer Seegmiller)

Phillip Pfister Sr. was born 23 Aug 1823 in Schwindratzheim, Alsace, France to Johann (Georg) Adam and Marguerite (Pflughaupt) Pfister. He was a farmer and blacksmith and well educated for those times. On 31 Oct 1844 Phillip married Marguerite Riehl, who was born 18 Mar 1819 in Hohfrankheim, Alsace, France to Georges and Marguerite (Brumter) Pflughaupt. They had 3 sons and one daughter while still living in Alsace: George, Phillip Jr., Jacob and Margaret. The family, including the mother of Phillip Sr., sailed from Havre, France in the spring of 1854 on the Wabash, captained by Captain William H. Barnes and arriving at Berth #398 25/98 in New York City 22 Apr 1854. They stayed in New York several months with an older brother of Phillip Sr. Becoming disenchanted with city living they left to join a group of Lutheran Alsatians from their area of Alsace who were living in Ontario, Canada. Land was scarce and very expensive. After living 6 months with an uncle, John Riehl, and after being encouraged by John Kaercher, who was a good friend and relative, they left for IA. Kaercher had written that this area was the “Paradise of Iowa,” and that government land could be bought for $1.25 an acre.

They arrived at their new home near Locust, IA 26 Apr 1855, one year after leaving Alsace. There is no record of how they came to Locust but it is believed that they walked from Lansing to Locust. They met people who let them live temporarily in their horse stable. Phillip Sr. had only enough money for the land and as the government did not provide a lot of give-away help, he left for Dubuque to purchase land. Some records state that he went to Lansing and took a boat to Dubuque and others state that he walked the whole distance but he was in time to purchase land.

Bio Photo

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Pfister Sr.

Because crops had to be planted and provisions made to store food for the animals and themselves for the winter, the family lived under a large oak tree for 6 months until they could be moved into the new house. When it rained the family would stay under the wagon, but the grandmother would put the wooden wash tub over her head. It was very primitive. The beds were made from small branches of the trees that they had cut for the house. It was on a bed of branches that the last daughter was born. Shortly after this a prairie fire burned the house and again the family was back to living in the blacksmith house of a neighbor. According to stories told by daughter Margaret much of their food came from Indians who would stop at the house bringing prairie chickens and eggs. Margaret had long beautiful hair and one day she came home with short hair. Her parents were very upset with her but their anger disappeared when she told them that she had sold her hair for $10.00 and bought a cow.

Phillip Sr. was very interested in his children receiving an education and was instrumental in establishing a school. He was also one of the founding fathers of St. John’s Lutheran Church at Locust.

When the Pfister family came to Locust they were accompanied by the John Kern and Michael Riehl families. Mrs. John Kern was a widow of a Matter and had 2 children: John and Margaret Matter. The Kerns also had one son John Kern Jr. Michael Riehl was a brother of Marguerite (Riehl) Pfister and married Mary Barthell in 1854. The above were all born in Alsace and those who were


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