brucellosis. (Brucellosis is contracted by drinking milk from a cow infected with the disease.)

Johanna was widowed at the age of 36 after being married 13 years. She and Peter Mikkel had purchased the Nels Larson farm shortly before his death. Johanna then managed the farm and raised her 3 children alone with the support of her siblings who lived nearby. She cared for many family members during their final illnesses. This included her husband (d. 1917); brother Louis (d. 1919); sister Julia (d. 1945); and her daughter Norma (d. 1944). Johanna also cared for Norma's daughter Marjorie Larsen (b. 1934) until Marjorie’s father remarried.

The years between 1916 and 1919 must have been difficult for Johanna. She lost a number of family members through death during that short period while at the same time assuming the responsibilities of managing a farm and raising her children as a single parent. Her sister Caroline died of a heart attack May 1916 at the age of 51. Johanna’s husband died Jan 1917. This was followed Feb 1917 by the death of her father of pneumonia at the age of 75. Her brother Gustav died Dec 1918 at the age of 30 of influenza. A few weeks later her brother Louis died Jan 1919 in the same influenza epidemic at the age of 49. Her mother then died in Jul 1919 of pneumonia. Doing the family work and caring for her three small children without aid of electricity, running water or indoor plumbing plus managing a farm while experiencing so much personal grief must have been extremely difficult.

Bio Photo

Grandparents Peter Mikkel and Johanna Peterson on porch of their home.

Johanna lived the later years of her life with her daughter Verna (Peterson) Dalbey in northwest Iowa. She continued to make braided rugs, knit mittens, bake bread and cookies, and tell stories about her childhood and family in Highland Twp. to her grandchildren Kathryn, Cynthia and Marc. She was an important member of the family assisting with the management of the household while her daughter taught full-time. Each summer she

Bio Photo

made extended trips to northeast Iowa to visit family and friends.

Johanna died of cancer 25 Nov 1964. She is buried beside her husband at the Highland Lutheran Church.

Peterson, Peter and Lottie (Langaas)

(Adrienne (Peterson) Laurence)

Peter Ingvald Peterson was born 17 Feb 1896 in Winneshiek Co. He was the son of Einar Usgaard and Ingeborg (Nedahl) Peterson. On 19 Jan 1921 Peter married Lottie Julia Langaas at Dr. Norlie’s home at Decorah. Lottie was born 19 Aug 1900 in Canoe Twp., Winneshiek Co. She was the daughter of John and Hannah (Pederson) Langaas. Peter and Lottie had 4 children: Adrienne June, Eris Blondell, DeVonne Fay and Joel Einar. All the children were born in Canoe Twp. and all attended Canoe District # 4 School.

Adrienne was born 23 Jun 1926. She took the Normal Training Program at Decorah High School and taught country school for 2 years in her home community. In Aug 1946 Adrienne moved to Hollywood, CA to participate in an apprenticeship training program in a clinical laboratory. She became a Certified Medical Assistant and worked for 40 years for a group of ear, nose and throat physicians and surgeons. She retired in 1988. Adrienne married William Linville Laurence of Winston-Salem, NC 21 Aug 1949. They were married at Magnolia Park Community Church, Burbank, CA. Lin worked as a retail salesman for the Sparkletts Drinking Water Corporation of Los Angeles for 30 years. He retired in 1985. Adrienne and Lin had no children.

Eris was born 13 Nov 1932. Eris attended Decorah High School. She was employed at Brown Electric at Decorah before she was married. Eris married Roger D. Rima of Decorah 11 Aug 1956 at Hauge Lutheran Church, Canoe Twp. They have 4 children: Roger Dean (b. 26 Apr 1957, Endwell, NY); Timothy Linn (23 Jun 1958-9 Apr 1959, Waukesha, Wl); Kyle William (b. 2 Apr 1960, Waukesha); and Sean Keith (28 Oct 1967, Endwell, NY). Eris and Roger have 1 grandchild, Starlett Marie Rima (the daughter of their son Kyle), born 2 Mar 1982 at Vir


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