of Hans Larsen Raastad. As noted above Peder and Gunhild became the parents of 7 children: Kari (previously mentioned); Tollina (20 Sep 1851-5 Nov 1853); Ole (b. 17 Jun 1854); Tollina (b. 25 Mar 1856); Pernille (b. 13 May 1859); Hans (b. 23 Dec 1862); and Peter (b. 10 Aug 1867). Peder also had 2 sons by Kari Hansdtr Raastad (Gunhild’s sister) whom he never married. They were Lars (b. 9 Aug 1861) and an unnamed boy (b. 10 Aug 1864). Peder rented a small piece of land known as "Stubberud" which was part of the larger Horgen farm.

On 14 May 1875 Peder and Gunhild sailed from Oslo, Norway on the ship the Hero bound for America. They had with them their sons Hans and Peder, Peder’s son Lars, and their grandson Julius. Peder and Gunhild listed their destination as Postville, IA. Their son Ole had gone to America 2 years before and was waiting for them. In America Peder was known as Peder Stubberud; his son chose the name Ole Horgen; and his grandson became Julius Peterson.

The family’s first home in America was near Gunder, IA (Marion Twp., Clayton Co.). About 1880 the family moved to Hanover Twp., Allamakee Co. near the Iowa River Lutheran Church. When they first arrived in the area they lived in a cave dug into the hillside near the Upper Iowa River. Later Peder built a log cabin on top of the hill. Gunhild died in 1880 and is buried in the Iowa River Lutheran Cemetery.

On 28 Jun 1886 Peder married Sassa Hendrickson (b. Jan 1830 in Norway) at the Waterloo Ridge Lutheran Church. Sassa died 15 Oct 1914. Peder died 9 Oct 1917. Peder, Jr. died 6 Mar 1922. All are buried at the Iowa River Lutheran Cemetery.

Julius was confirmed at the Iowa River Lutheran Church in 1886. He became a United States citizen 18 Sep 1894. His citizenship papers list him as 'Julius Stubberud".

In Feb 1896 Julius married Julia Olson Kjerland at the Big Canoe Lutheran Church. Julia was born 5 Aug 1874 in Pleasant Twp., Winneshiek Co. She was the daughter of Olav Aslakson and Ingebjorg Larsdtr. (Kollanes) Kjerland. Julius and Julia had 2 daughters: Ida Caroline (b. 15 Jun 1896) and Petra Olivia (b. 12 Jun 1898). Julia died Jan 1899 of tuberculosis followed by the death of Petra 14 Mar 1899. Both are buried at the Big Canoe Lutheran Cemetery.

On 18 Sep 1902 Julius married Helena (Lena) Verbjornson Williams at the Decorah Lutheran Church, Decorah. Julius and Lena lived in Chicago (where Lena had relatives) for about 3 years. Their first 2 children Pearl Helen and Aanes Josephine (b. 17 Feb 1905) were born in Chicago. Pearl lived only a few months. Julius and Lena returned to Decorah shortly after Agnes was born.

Shortly after returning to Winneshiek Co. Julius went to work for the Upper Iowa Power Company (later known as Interstate Power Company). He was the dam keeper at the “Lower Dam". This was one of the 2 dams operated by the Upper Iowa Power Company on the Upper Iowa River. Julius and his family lived in a house provided by the power company at the dam site. He worked for the Upper Iowa Power Company/lnterstate Power Company for over 30 years.

After returning to Winneshiek Co. Julius and Lena had 6 more children: unnamed bov who died at birth; twins George “Leonard” (13 Oct 1908-2 Jul 1979) and Laura (13 Oct 1908-1925); Palma (1909-1921); Lillian Wilhelmenia (b. 11 Nov 1912); and Howard Oliver (b. 21 Mar 1914). The unnamed son, Leonard, Laura and Palma are all buried at the Canoe Ridge Church Cemetery, rural Decorah.

Ida (Julius’ daughter by his first wife) married Sylvester Wise 15 Dec 1920. They had 4 children: Eleanor, Katherine, Patricia, and Warren. Sylvester and Ida farmed in Pleasant Twp.

Agnes married Willard Chase 12 Dec 1928. They met while Willard was working for the company that renovated the dam and built a new power house between 1926-28. They farmed in the Decorah area for many years. Willard and Agnes never had any children. They raised Willard's nephew, Roger. Willard died 19 Jul 1970. Agnes presently resides at the Aase Haugen Home.

Leonard always lived at home.

Lillian married Clarence Brown, the son of Mr. & Mrs. Julius Brown of Springfield Twp. They were married at the Washington Prairie Lutheran Church. Two children were born to the union: LaVonne Carol and Leonard J. “Butch”. Clarence and Lilly later divorced. Lilly now lives in Peewaukee, Wl.

Howard married Marie I. Thompson 11 Jun 1940. They have 5 children: Leslie Jay, Annette, Harlan, David, and Marianne. Howard and Marie presently live on the small acreage that belonged to his father about a half mile west of the Canoe Ridge Lutheran Church, rural Decorah.

The house at the Lower Dam was washed away and the dam itself badly damaged in a flood 30 Apr 1941. By this time Julius and Lena’s youngest son, Howard, was married. Howard, his wife Marie and their infant son Leslie lived with Julius and Lena. Howard also was employed by the Interstate Power Company. Howard came home about 10:00 at night after checking the Upper Dam about 5 miles up river. As he drove in, the car lights illuminated the side of the house. He saw the water lapping at the back corner of the house. Howard tried to open the dam gates to release some of the water above the dam, but too many trees had been washed down the river by the floor waters. The trees were wedged up against the dam gates and the gates would not open.

Howard knew then the house could not be saved and woke his wife, brother Leonard and father and mother. At first Julius refused to believe Howard and would not get out of bed. By this time the electricity had gone out. Howard parked the car in front of the house and turned on the lights. The family then went room by room and carried all the furniture out of the house to high ground. Years later, Marie said “As we came to each room, there miraculously seemed to be just enough light so we could see.” The family was able to get all their possessions out of the house, but the next morning the point of land where the house had stood was gone. The only evidence of where the house had stood was the well pipe.

After the flood Julius, Lena, and their son Leonard moved to a small farm about a half mile west of the Ca


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