League, a circus or a barn dance. After Carl was wounded in France during World War II, he became a building contractor in St. Louis, MO. Melvin came home and became a carpenter. Roy owned a filling station in Waukon. Mary died 8 Apr 1948; John died 14 Sep 1948. Both are buried at the Glenwood Lutheran Cemetery.

Alfred Rosendahl’s parents were Christian and Flansina (Nesset) Rosendahl. Christian and his brother, Hans, emigrated from Norway as young men. Hansina (Nesset) Rosendahl was born in the United States. Christian and Hansina lived along the Upper Iowa River in Glenwood Twp. Alfred had 2 brothers and 4 sisters: Gilbert, Laurence, Stella, Olga and twin girls who died at birth. The Rosendahl Addition in Decorah was named for Laurence who built the first house there. It is located on the west side of Decorah near the Tavener Bridge (also known as the Fifth Avenue Bridge). Christian died in 1923 of pneumonia. Both Christian and Hansina are buried at the Glenwood Lutheran Cemetery.

Alfred’s first wife was Caroline Sorenson. Caroline and their baby died in the flu epidemic around 1917.

Alfred and Violet first farmed in Pleasant Township. Until 1941 they farmed with horses. About this time they had a “Delco Plant” installed in the basement to produce electricity. Electrical lines had not yet been strung in the rural areas and each farm had their own individual source of electricity. Before electricity was installed in their home, the Christmas tree was lit with candles and someone always had to standby with a bucket of water in case the tree caught on fire. In church when they took the collection, they used a long stick with a pouch to collect individually from each parishioner.

Alfred and Violet had 4 children: Myrtle (died of pneumonia when 3 months old), Virgil, Audrey and Rose (of this story). Virgil now lives in Bella Vista, AR. Audrey Rosendahl Brickner lives in Maquoketa, IA.

Charles is the son of John and Lenora Peterson and the grandson of Einar and Ingeborg Peterson and Andrew and Lisa Danielson. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters: Ervin, Robert, John, Lucella Bender, Doris Bender and Helen Hougen. Charles and his brothers and sisters were all born in Canoe Twp. The family belonged to the Hauge Lutheran Church.

Peterson, Einar and Ingeborg (Nedahl)

(Adrienne Laurence and Helen Hougen)

Bio Photo

Left to right: Edgar, John, Henry, Peter, Anna, Marie,
Pearl and Hilda. Parents Einar and Ingeborg Peterson.

Einar Usgaard Peterson was born 28 Jan 1851 in Tydalen, Norway. His parents were Peder and Ingeborg Henningsen Aas. Einar was one of 13 children.

In Norway the family’s last name was originally Lovoen. It later was changed to Ustgaard. Then when the family came to America, it became Usgaard. Three of Peder and Ingeborg’s children - Einar, Ole and Isaac - chose to use the name Peterson; the others continued to use Usgaard.

Einar and his family came to America 4 Jul 1869. They settled in the West Paint Creek area, Allamakee Co., IA. Einar worked at the Allamakee County Poor Farm for 6 months. He then worked for a Mr. Hayes who was a big farmer in the community. Einar married Ingeborg Jonsdtr Nedahl 26 Jan 1889 at the Hesper Lutheran Church.

Ingeborg was born 26 Jul 1868 in Tydalen. Her parents were John and Gertrude Nedahl. Ingeborg had 1 sister and 3 brothers. She sailed from Tydalen on 18 Jul 1888 with her good friend Ellen Rutvold Danielson. They arrived in America on 3 Aug and in Mabel, MN 6 Aug.

Einar and Ingeborg had 8 children: Anna (18 Jul 1889-2 Jan 1971) married Oscar Rognaas:John (b. 7 Jul 1891); Hilda (31 Jul 1893-Sep 1983) married Vern Kennard; P&; ter.(17 Feb 1896-28 Jun 1974) married Lottie Langaas; Marie (4 Sep 1898-25 Sep 1965) married Dan Halse; Henry (22 Jul 1902-13 Jan 1973) married Esther Dahlen; Edgar (12 Oct 1904-22 Feb 1984) married Emma Smiley; and Pearl (b. 6 Jan 1908) married Morris Dahl who died at the age of 36; she then married Bill Lester.

Einar and Ingeborg lived on a farm in Canoe Twp., Winneshiek Co. until his death 19 Apr 1935. Ingeborg spent the remainder of her life in Decorah. Her home was located in what is known as the "Goose Island" area. Ingeborg died 28 Jul 1957.

Peterson, John and Lenora — A Sketch

(Helen Hougen)

Come, step with us into our time machine for a journey into yesteryear. Ah, here we are. The year, 1891. The place, scenic northeast Iowa, Winneshiek Co., Canoe Twp.

On July 7th, a new voice expressed the fact a baby boy was born, John, the first son of Einar and Ingeborg Peterson.

Just four years later, 10 Dec 1895, to be exact, as though Providence knew the history to unfold, the new voice which was heard belonged to a baby girl. She was born “up the road” to Andrew and Lesa Petrina (Hagen) Danielson. Her name: Lenora. She was born the fourth child of Andrew and Lesa Petrina. Her younger brother, Orlando, was born 14 months later.

Of course, the two, John and Lenora, came to know of each other as they grew in years. But they really didn’t seem to know each other well until that day help was needed on the Danielson farm. We don’t quite know what this day was all about.

Nor do we know what Johnny experienced that day. Maybe it was just another day for him. But, actually it wasn’t, for from that day on our girl, Lenora, had her eye


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