died during basic training in the U.S. Marine Corps. Bruce married Julie Bohr on 21 Sep 1991. They have two children: Chance and Cassidy. Lynn married Leland Monroe, the son of Virgil and Lois Monroe on 23 Sep 1989 at Postville, IA. Madeline died 1 Nov 1990 and is buried in Pleasant View Cemetery.

Wesley married Mariett Ferd (b. 22 May 1950) on 2 Jun 1972. They continue to farm the Peckham farm. Their children are: Steven and Kevin.

Robert is a resident of the Oneota Riverview Care Facility near Decorah.

Nathan’s daughter Nellie, married William Waxier and lived on the farm later owner by Clark Monroe. Nellie and William had one daughter, Beryl. William Waxier died in 1910 and is buried in Bloomfield Cemetery. Nellie and Beryl moved to Richmond Beach, WA. Beryl was married but had no children. Although she came back to Iowa several times, we have no further information about her or Nellie.

Pederson, Even and Ida (Borseth)

(Lillian Borseth)

Even Pederson, son of Howard and Rachel Pederson, married Ida M. Borseth on 15 Oct 1907. Ida M. Borseth was born 16 Nov 1889 and died 23 Oct 1964. They were married in her parents’ home in Springfield Twp. They lived on a farm in Madison Twp. They farmed and also went around to the neighbors to do the butchering for them. In 1934 they moved from the farm to Decorah, IA to live. They were members of Madison Lutheran Church and First Lutheran Church. They had seven children — the six oldest were baptized and confirmed in Madison Lutheran Church; Arlene was baptized at Madison Lutheran and confirmed at First Lutheran Church.

Ruth Mildred (14 Sep 1908-10 Jan 1983) was married to Harry Amundson (29 Dec 1909-16 Dec 1975) a farmer in Bluffton Twp. Esther Idella (11 Sep 1910-12 Feb 1994) married Anton Steger (16 Aug 1910-29 Aug 1987) on 29 Feb 1929. He was born at Canton, MN. Anton was a painter and Esther worked as a nurse at the Cresco hospital. They lived near Lime Springs on a small acreage; later Esther went into an apartment in Lime Springs. Elvin Howard (5 Mar 1913-23 Nov 1978) married Bernice Klukas (17 Mar 1917-22 Jan 1992). Elvin was in the military service in Germany during World War II. They lived near Bryant, SD and in Machesney Park, Rockford, IL. He farmed and worked in a factory. Ove Peterson (29 Jun 1915-7 May 1981) was a military policeman overseas in World War II. Ove married Ramona Hein (b. 2 Jan 1930). Ove worked for the City of Decorah where they made their home. Inez Maraarv (b. 17 Jan 1918) married Howard Viste (b. 26 Feb 1919) on 29 Jan 1943. They lived on a farm on Washington Prairie near Decorah. Lillian Gertrude (b. 20 Feb 1920) married George Bakken a farmer near Ridgeway on 17 Jun 1967 at the First Lutheran Church. George was born 13 Jul 1903 and died 3 Oct 1987. Lillian married Norman Borseth on 15 May 1989 at Sterling, CO. Lillian worked for the Dept, of Transportation near Decorah. Norman was a farmer and a carpenter in Decorah. Arlene Mae  married Walter Sweet who in the military service in World War II. Arlene married Robert Clasen on 10 Jun 1948. Robert was a Medic in the Navy in World War II based in Long Beach, CA. They lived in Decorah, New Hampton and Spillville. Robert worked for newspapers in both Decorah and New Hampton.

Pesek, Jakub and Barbara (Malicek)

(Dolores E. Ira)

Bio Photo

Barbara Malicek Pesek Tesar

Jakub and Barbara Pesek were the parents of Catharine Pesek who married Joseph Cibuzar 31 Jan 1882 in Protivin, IA. Joseph was the grandfather of Charles Ira. Their life story that follows was recorded in an article featured in the ‘American Kalendar” 1908, and translated from Czech to English by Carrie Sobolik of Spillville, IA: “Perhaps no one else suffered as much as Grandma Pesek Tesar from Spillville. It has been written a hundred times that we young people of my generation (1906) don’t have the faintest idea about what our forefathers suffered, but truth is truth. I do believe truth should be repeated often so our younger generation would keep it in their memory and read about the privation of our Czech forefathers. Jakub Pesek was born in Mahous #35, Bohemia 15 Jul 1827. He married Barbara Malicek who was born 3 Dec 1829 in Mahaous #8, Bohemia where her father owned his home. Jakub had 2 brothers: Martin (b. 20 Oct 1829) and Frantisek (b. 26 Nov 1832). Barbara had 8 siblings: Mariann (b. 18 Feb 1817); Katerina (b. 16 Feb 1819); Teresia (b. 3 Jan 1821); Anna (b. 8 May 1822); Martin (b. 28 Oct 1824); Jakub (b. 1 Jul 1827); Jan (b. 13 Jun 1832); and Albert (b. 12 Apr 1834). Having lost her father when she was 4 1/2 years old she had to work at a very young age as a housemaid. She grew into a beautiful young lady, like a bud blooms into a rose. Because of her good looks and good disposition she was popular. Of all who noticed her was one closest to her heart, Jakub Pesek, son of a blacksmith, who was employed by the Swartzenberg nobility. After they were married they lived a happy life in the old country. Their marriage was blessed with 9 children: Mary (b. 30 May 1853); Catharine (b. 20


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