acrylic and oil paint. Bill has studied art history and is fond of the works of Michelangelo, Renoir and Van Gogh.

As a child Bill watched the first U.S. Space missions on television. His most memorable moment was the first landing on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin on 20 Jul 1969. He will never forget the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger on 28 Jan 1986 which claimed the lives of seven astronauts, including the teacher Christa McAullife. Bill’s interest in space has led to an interest in science fiction. His favorite author is Ray Bradbury and his books Martian Chronicles and Dandelion Wine. He is also a fan of the StarTrek TV series.

Bio Photo

Bill Partridge

Bill lives in Decorah, IA and is active in New Minowa Players (a community theatre) and Decorah Genealogy Association. He writes short stories, essays and poems. Bill is currently chronicling his family history and writing about his childhood.

Pavlovec, Daniel and Grace (Huber)

(Grace Huber Pavlovec)

Daniel Edward was born in Fort Atkinson, IA 15 Sep 1928 and died 18 Jan 1991. He is buried in St. John Nepomucene Cemetery. Daniel was the son of James John and Mary Ann Riha Pavlovec. James J. was born 15 Sep 1900 on a farm west of Fort Atkinson, IA and Mary 26 Sep 1908 on a farm southeast of Fort Atkinson, IA. They were married Dec 1926 at St. John Nepomucene Church, Fort Atkinson. James J. died 18 Apr 1974 and Mary 17 Apr 1991. Daniel’s brothers and sisters were: Victor, George, Mary Ann, Arthur, James F., Clarence “Bobby”, Paul and Rita. Daniel E. married Grace Huber 1 Jul 1934 at the Huber farm in Washington Twp., Winneshiek Co.

Grace is the daughter of Zeno Phillip Huber and Mildred Riehle Huber. Grace’s father was born 10 Apr 1898 at the Huber farm in Washington Twp., and her mother on 9 Jan 1903 at Fort Atkinson. Zeno P and Mildred were married 24 Nov 1920 in St. John Nepomucene Church. Grace's brothers and sisters were: Zeno William, Marie, Thelma, Robert, Coletta, Richard, Rose, James, Ruth and Helen. Daniel E. and Grace were also married 27 Feb 1954 in St. John Nepomucene Church at Fort Atkinson

Daniel and Grace had five children all born at the Decorah Hospital: Mildred, Daniel P, Mary, Michael and Joseph. Mildred went to St. John Nepomucene School, Fort Atkinson until the 8th grade; then went to Turkey Valley at Jackson Junction, IA. Mildred married Daniel Eugene Murray 10 May 1975 in St. John's Church, Fort Atkinson. Daniel and Mildred's children are: Samuel Anthony and Katherine Marie. Mildred is now working at home in childcare. Millie’s hobbies are her flowers, working on their house, reading, taking pictures, being involved with clubs that Sam and Katie are in and attending all their sports and events. Daniel Phillip went to St. John Nepomucene School to the 7th grade; then went to Turkey Valley School. Daniel was married to Victoria Lee Goerend 24 May 1975, St. Luke’s Church, St. Lucas. Daniel P and Victoria's children are Matthew Phillip, Ryan David, and Andrew Riehle. Daniel P went to the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls and is a certified public accountant. He is now working for Hacker Nelson & Co., Decorah. Dan’s hobbies are skiing, biking, canoeing, camping, golf and attending the boys’ sports. Mary Frances went to St. John Nepomucene School to the 5th grade; then to Turkey Valley School. Mary married Allen Hayek 25 Jun 1977 at St. John’s Church, Fort Atkinson. Mary and Allen George’s children are: Philip James, Jonathan George, Alexandra Cecilia Mildred, and Dominic Francis. Mary is now working at Rockwell-Collins Corporation at Decorah. Her hobbies are taking pictures, golf, being with friends and attending all sports events, including the ones that Philip and Jonathan are in. Michael Joseph went to Fredericksburg Schools, Fredericksburg. Michael is now working at the Soil Conservation Service in Decorah. Mike’s hobbies are collecting toy tractors, trucks and semi-trailers. Joseph James went to St. John-St. Luke’s School until 6th grade; then to Turkey Valley School. Joseph James married Sherry Lynn Williams Montano 27 Oct 1990 in Christ Community Church, Alamogordo, NM. The marriage was blessed at Immacu-

Bio Photo

Daniel E. Pavlovec family December 27, 1989


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