9 years old. Guro’s mother was born 19 Mar 1851 in Hardanger, the daughter of Nils and Synneva Spilde. Guro came to Pleasant Twp. in 1872 when she was about 22. Guro's parents never came to America. Anna had 3 brothers and 5 sisters: Henry, Helmer, Pete, Louisa (m. Will Seegmiller), Jose (m. A. P Anderson), Tina (m. Will Rasmussen), Nellie (m. Lorence Rasmussen) and Betsy (m. Jens Spilde).

Otto and Anna had 6 children: Natlie (m. Henry Rasmussen), Edwin, Idella, Orrie, Clara (m. Ernest Reindfliesch) and Melton.

Otto and Anna were farmers. Otto built barns and did other carpentry around Pleasant Twp. Some of the farms he built were still standing in 1966. Around 1923 Otto and Anna moved to the west side of Decorah where Otto died from heart trouble Oct 1925. Anna remained in Decorah until about 1940 when she moved to Beloit, Wl to live with her daughter, Clara. Anna died 15 Jul 1960 in Beloit.

Otto and Anna are buried at the Canoe Ridge Cemetery along with Idella who died from a birth defect at age seven.

Ottney, Leonard and Hazel (Forde)

(Hazel (Forde) Ottney Smorstad)

Hazel lone Forde was born 18 Apr 1919 on the farm of her grandparents Ola and Brita Forde. She was the daughter of Henry and Hannah Nelson Forde. Hazel attended Pleasant No. 7 school.

On 22 Feb 1936 Hazel married Leonard E. Ottney. Leonard was born 17 Mar 1906, the son of John T and Carolina (Kjerland) Ottney.

Leonard and Hazel farmed on Hazel’s home place until 1938 when Leonard bought 40 acres east of Sattre in Pleasant Twp. In 1942 Leonard and Hazel bought her father’s 120 acre farm. They rented the farm to a neighbor and moved to Vancouver, WA where Leonard worked at the Alcoa Aluminum Defense Plant for a year. The family then came back to the farm. In 1944 they moved to Baraboo, Wl. In Baraboo Leonard worked at the Hercules Powder Company. In 1945 the plant closed and the family again moved back to the farm.

They returned to Baraboo in 1951. Leonard worked at the Badger Ordnance Works until the plant closed in 1958. Once again the family returned to the farm in Pleasant Twp.

Leonard died 26 Apr 1968. He is buried at the Canoe Ridge Lutheran Church Cemetery.

Hazel was married 31 Dec 1970 to Clifford J. Smorstad.

Leonard and Hazel were the parents of 5 children: Nina June ; Lyle Henry ; Marvel Gean ; Donna Mae ; and Edward Lawrence.

Nina was born in Pleasant Twp. She married Lawrence Schroeder in 1953. They had 5 children: Denni Lynn ; Lawrence, Jr.; twins Rocky Lee and Robin Renea and John William (12 Jan 1969-1969). Denni Lynn Schroeder married twice. She first married Glen Dobel. They had 2 children: Valerie and Lowell Gray. Valerie is single and has one child, Christy. Denni’s second marriage was to David Selnow. They had 4 children: Lori Beth (b. 28 Sep 1980); Benjamin Paul (b. 11 Feb. 1983); Kate Lynn ; and Jonathan Eric , Lawrence, Jr. Schroeder married Cheryl Hellick. They had 2 children: Keri Lyne and Melissa Erin. Rocky Lee Schroeder is single. Robin Renea Schroeder’s first marriage was to Royce Copus. They had 2 children: Lisa Marie and William Lawrence . Robin’s second marriage was to Gerry Bialke. They do not have any children. John William Schroeder died in infancy.

Bio Photo

Marvel, Nina, Hazel, Edward, Lyle and Donna Ottney, 1947.

Lvle was born in Winneshiek Co. He attended Pleasant No. 7 and graduated from high school in Prairie du Sac, Wl. Lyle served in the Army for 20 years of which one year and two months were spent in Viet Nam. While in the Army he graduated from college. Lyle married Beate Bauermeister in Helmstadt, Germany in 1962. They had one son, Edwin Allen baptized at the Big Canoe Lutheran Church. Edwin is single. He lives and works in Phoenix, AZ.

Marvel was born in Pleasant Twp. She attended Pleasant No. 7 and graduated from high school in Prairie du Sac. Marvel married Walter F. Tomczak in August 1956. Walter drowned in 1980. Marvel and Walter had 5 children: Vicki Gean ; Cindi Lynn ; Kevin Lee ; Gregory Scott and Tanya Renea. Vicki graduated from high school in Jefferson, Wl. In 1991 she married Matthew Massey. Vicki and Matthew live in Wausau, Wl. They have one son, Ethan Oswald. Cindi graduated from high school in Jefferson. On 3 Jul 1978 Cindi married Marvin Kloskowski. They live in White Water, Wl and have 3 children: Bridgette Suzanne ; Jonathan Walter and Gary Ryan. Kevin is a graduate of Jefferson High School. He served in the Marines for 4 years and an additional 4 years in the Army stationed in New York. Kevin married Tamara Johnke 6 Sep 1986. They have 2 children: Courtney born in New York) and Tyler (born in Jefferson). Gregory lives in Jefferson.


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