a full gallop. Although her heart must have been racing in fear, she managed to pull the horse to a stop but not before her father came around the corner and saw her. He never said a word but she had the distinct feeling that she should never take the horse again.

(However, it is known that she did.)

Ben and Tina had 6 children who attended the rural schools of Winneshiek Co. and most attended high school in Decorah.

Margaret (b. 20 Nov 1899) married Ole M. Nelson and farmed in Waterloo Twp. in Allamakee Co. They had one daughter, Martha Bernice. Sanford (b. 11 Jul 1903) married Elsie Pfister and farmed in Highland Twp. Clarence (b. 13 Jul 1905) married Agnes Olson and farmed in Pleasant Twp. They had 3 children: Florence, Roger and Charles. Ruth (b. 22 Nov 1907) married Orlando Finholt 29 Jan 1938. They had been engaged for seven years during the depression when jobs were hard to find. Orlando found work in Marshaltown, IA and later in Cresco, IA eventually returning to Decorah in 1952 where Ruth still lives today. They are the parents of 2 children: Kathryn and Stanley. Alma (b. 2 Sep 1910) married Lester Pfister and farmed on the home place in Highland Twp. providing a home for Ben and Tina in their later years. Alma and Lester were both teachers in the rural schools. Later Alma went back to school at Luther College to get the updated requirements and taught at John Cline Elementary School until she retired. They have 3 children: Donald, Robert and Muriel. Frances (b. 1 Aug 1912) married Norris B. Gavle and farmed near Sattre in Allamakee Co. They had 5 children: Ronald, Burton, David, Vernon and Ruth Ann. Their youngest son Vernon still farms there today.

Ben died 27 Feb 1946 and Tina died 3 May 1970. They are both buried at Big Canoe Lutheran Church, Winneshiek Co., IA.

Osmundson, Jeremias and Margit (Foss)

(K. Arbogast)

Jeremias Osmundson Friis was born in Farsund, Norway 6 Jan 1839 to Osmund Reierson and Anna (Karine) of Friis. Little is known of his life there except that his occupation was that of a sailor.

During the Civil War, Jeremias enlisted in the 15th Regiment of Infantry Wisconsin Volunteers at Waterford, Racine Co., Wl (near Milwaukee) on 28 Nov 1861. He was 22 years old at this time. His Regiment, attached to Camp Randall Madison, was assigned the task of building a pontoon bridge. While working in the water, sometimes up to his neck without changes of clothing, or no warm clothing, Jeremias took cold which settled on his lungs. He was treated on the hospital boat just above Island No. 10 for about a week in April 1862. Then he was moved to the General Hospital of Cincinnati, OH and treated there 4 or 5 weeks after which he was furloughed and went to Chicago, IL to stay with his sister, Mrs. Hans C. Anderson while he recovered from his lung ailment. He was discharged 23 Jun 1862.

Jeremias, along with a friend and neighbor named Erik Olson, re-enlisted as Seamen in the Mississippi Squadron of the Navy in 1863 and were assigned to the Gunboat Little Rebel at Cairo, IL. About Sep 1864 Jeremias was promoted to quarter gunner and transferred to Gunboat Fort Hyman (Hindman) which saw action up and down the Lower Mississippi and into the Red River in LA. The main objective, of course, was to keep the Mississippi River clear for supplies and trade. He was honorably discharged from paid service on or about 20 Aug 1865 at Mound City, IL.

While in the 15th Wisconsin Regiment, he became acquainted with Elling Foss and his son, Kittle (later Kittle Ellingson), soldiers from Winneshiek Co. who told him about the farm land available. In Dec of 1865 he bought a farm in Highland Twp, Winneshiek Co., IA.

On 17 Jul 1869 Jeremias married Elling's daughter Margit at Big Canoe Lutheran Church with Rev. H.A. Stub officiating. Margit, daughter of Elling A. and Ragnihild Foss, was born 16 Mar 1848 in Hallingdahl, Norway and emigrated to America in 1850 with her parents. (Their name was later changed to Ellingson.) Kittle remained a close neighbor and friend.

Jeremias and Margit were the parents of 7 children: Edward Olai (b. 23 Jan 1870), Anna Marie (b. 2 Oct 1871), Bernt Friis (b. 12 Aug 1873), Ragnihild (Rachel) (b. 15 Nov 1875), Elisa Mathilde (b. 27 Feb 1878), Henrietta Oeamalia (Mollia) (b. 21 May 1880) and Margit (b. 18 Aug 1885).

Jeremias and Margit were active members of Big Canoe Lutheran Church. He is listed among those sitting for a picture of Big Canoe’s congregation of 1897 at a Mission Festival. He was remembered by his grand-daughter Ruth Finholt as a strict, regimented sort of parent, but very generous and forgiving. He helped both his boys by providing them with farms and remembered all the grandchildren on their confirmation days with a gift of $5.00. He always read from the family Bible at the evening meal and everyone, family and visitors alike, were expected to attend.

In addition to the usual crops Jeremias and Margit raised vegetables and apples in large quantities and sold them.

Edward married Ida Freitheim and eventually settled on the home farm and raised 7 children: Jeremias (Jerry), Carrie, Henry, Edith, Agnes, Benjamin and Inga. Anna married Olavus Nelson settling in Waterloo Twp., Allamakee Co. and raised 3 step-children of Olavus': Eva, Irene and Edgar. Anna was the midwife for the area. Bernt married Bertena Anfinson, settled in Highland Twp, Winneshiek Co. and raised 6 children: Margaret Janet (b. 20 Nov 1899), Sanford Byron (b. 11 Jul 1903), Clarence Milton (b. 13 Jul 1905), Ruth (b. 22 Nov 1907), Alma Julia (b. 2 Sep 1910) and Frances Mabel (b. 1 Aug 1912). Ragnihild (Rachel) married Will Peterson and had 4 children: Harriet, James, Harold and Alice. Elisa Mathilde married Sander Bethuel Anfinson of Pleasant Twp., Winneshiek Co. and they had one child: Bertha Margaret. Henrietta Oeamalia (Mollia) married Albert Larson settled in Pleasant Twp. and raised 4 children: Osmund (Ozzie), Ingabar, Helen and Anna. Margit the youngest daughter-little is known of her.


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