1984. Vernon and Helen had 11 grandchildren and 5 step-grandchildren.

Omdal, Ellef S. and Kari (Ormsdtr.)

(Donald Omdahl)

Ellef Salvesen Omdal was born in Iveland, Setesdal, Norway 2 Jun 1849 to Salve and Eli Omdal. He started as a shoemaker’s apprentice in Kristiansand and later entered a school for non-commissioned officers. In 1874 he became a Sergeant and a few years later was promoted to Courier. The same year (1874) he married Kari (Karen) Ormsdtr. In 1878 the family moved to Stavanger where he lived until his death in 1921. His first wife died 16 Jun 1899. The same year he married Gerina Stangeland from Sandnes who died a few years ago. In the first marriage there were 10 children and in the second 5 children.

Kari Ormsdtr. was born in Roldal 2 Nov 1845. When 10 years old she left home to find work. After being confirmed, she came to Stavanger and later to Kristiansand where she worked in the household of General Wergeland. After the family moved to Stavanger, she ran an eating establishment in the Stavanger Army Camp at Madlamoen for a few years. Her oldest brother took over the farm but died relatively young. Her brother Kjostolf Hegland became a Sergeant and settled in Stavanger. Her 3 sisters Guri (Gurine), Torbor and Martha went to America.

Elisabeth Kristine was born in Kristiansand 6 Aug 1875. She died in Stavanger in January of 1890.

Salve was also born in Kristiansand. After his confirmation he was employed at a bookstore for some time. Later he started to learn bookbinding, but soon became an apprentice at copper and tinsmith Froiland's shop. Later he worked in Stavanger Preserving Co., and after that in Braaland’s canning factory. For a short while he was a choir boy at St. Petri Church. Salve was interested in music and belonged to the Ynglinge Society's Band for a few years. Later on he bought an organ. In 1902 he married Engel—with whom he had 3 children: Karen, Einar and Solveig. He received his diploma from night school in 1897. Salve died in Dec of 1907.

Oscar (the first) was born in Stavanger 20 Sep 1878 and died 26 Sep 1878.

Oscar was born 3 Feb 1880 and died in Decorah 16 Sep 1943. He was only 9 years old when he became a choir boy. In 1891 he became a paperboy and in 1893 started as a printer's apprentice. In 1898 he passed the final exam at Stavanger Technical night school. The same year he entered Non-commissioned Officer’s School in Kristiansand and was promoted to Corporal in 1900. He worked as a typesetter in Stavanger the next 2 years, but served in the Army every summer and was unemployed part of the time. He was at Non-commissioned Officer’s School as a Corporal during the school year 1902-1903 and participated in additional courses. He worked in Stavanger as a typesetter until June 1904 and then decided to go to America where he lived in Hudson, Wl for a short time. He left Hudson and went to Minneapolis,

MN where he worked in a print shop and then left for Decorah, IA. But the stay was quite short. He went back to Hudson for a while, and then left with other members of the family for North Dakota to homestead. He did not like it there and came back to Decorah where he stayed until September 1909. Then he went to Brooklyn, NY and later back to Norway. After arriving in Stavanger, he served 2 summers (in the Army) as a Sergeant. Otherwise he worked as a typesetter. In 1908 he married Helga Muller Nielsen. A son Einar Kristian was born 4 May 1909. A daughter, Margarethe was born 3 Apr 1915. In 1910 he came back to Decorah and got the position as foreman at DECORAH POSTEN which he held for 33 years. Oscar died 16 Sep 1943.

In 1914 his wife, son and mother-in-law came to America and stayed in Decorah until 1917. His mother-in-law settled in Bayfield and the children stayed with her until her death. Margarethe went to Minneapolis where the son, Einar, had also gone after their grandmother’s death. She returned to Decorah where she attended Luther College and graduated in 1939. She was employed at DECORAH POSTEN. She died 12 Nov 1981.

Einar (the first) was born 10 Sep 1881 and died 16 Sep 1881.

Einar (b. 22 Sep 1882 - d. 4 Mar 1968). He was a paperboy from 1891 to 1896. He attended printer’s school and received his diploma from night school in 1900. On 22 Jul 1900 he became a sailor and worked on the “bark” (ship) Solgran for over 2 years. He joined the Norwegian Coast Guard 16 Sep 1901 and served until 1 Apr 1906. In 1905 he passed the constable’s exam and the navigator’s exam. He worked as a typesetter in “Stavanger Amtstidende” until the last part of July when he decided to go to Canada and worked there on the railroads until November. From Canada Einar went to Minneapolis, MN and from there in December to Decorah where he worked at DECORAH POSTEN until February 1907. He then got work at Lutheran Publishing House running the printing presses. In the fall of 1910 he left for Minneapolis and worked there for a few months. In the spring of 1911 he went to North Dakota, and later together with his cousin Andrew Sonju, left for Montana to homestead. Again returning to ND Einar stayed for a while, but it was a dry year, so he made no profit and went back to Decorah. On 2 Oct 1911 he came to Chicago and worked at “Skandinaven” until June 1915. On 12 Apr 1913 he married Dina Katherine Andersen (b. 10 Jul 1881 - d. 15 Nov 1968) from Lower Eiker (in Norway). A son Erling was born 3 Dec 1914. In Jun 1915, they went back to Norway and in Sep he was hired by W. C. Fabritius Publishing House in Kristiania and stayed there until Feb 1918. The family then came back to America and settled in Decorah where Einar has continued to work for DECORAH POSTEN. A son Aage born 22 Feb 1916 was then 2 years old and Erling was 3. Three sons were born in Decorah: Donald (b. 13 Jul 1918), Edward (b. 2 Oct 1919) and Bjarne (b. 21 Jan 1921). Erling married Coletta Wagner (b. 27 Jan 1915 - d. 6 May 1990) 9 Jul —. They had a daughter Evelyn who married Joseph Sobolik. Erling died


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