school in Frankville #7, Junior High and Senior High in Decorah and graduated in 1968. He attended Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA from 1969 to 1971. In 1971 he attended Winona State in Winona, MN and graduated in 1973. Janmarie began teaching in Winona Sep 1971 and took classes at Winona State, receiving her Masters degree in 1974. After graduatrion Rocky sold real estate for a few years and worked towards a Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, Wl. He received his degree in 1978. Janmarie also taught in Fountain City, Wl while they lived in the Winona area.

Rocky and Janmarie have 2 sons: Ryan Michael and Joshua Dean  both born in LaCrosse.

The family moved to Yuma, AZ in 1988 where Rocky taught 5th grade and Janmarie taught in Junior High School. During their 5th year in Yuma the School Board decided to go to year-round-school so Rocky and Janmarie moved to Renton, WA (a suburb of Seattle). Aftrer 2 years they decided to move back to Yuma and are teaching in the same schools as before.

The Olsons belong to Faith Lutheran Church in Yuma where Rocky is on the Church Council and Janmarie is a Sunday School teacher and occasionally plays the organ.

Both of their boys are involved in athletics and Grandpa and Grandma Moen have to attend their games when in AZ.

Olson, Vernon and Helen (Lovstuen)

(Helen (Lovstuen) Olson)

The Century Farm owned by Vernon T. and Helen (Lovstuen) Olson in Glenwood Twp., Winneshiek Co. was originally owned by Helen’s great grandfather, Hans Olson. In 1854 Hans purchased 40 acres in Sec. 27 for $50.00 after arriving from Hadeland, Norway.

Hans Olson (b. 1815) and his wife Magrette Nilsdtr. Eggebraaten (b. 1817) had 5 sons. The first 4 sons - Ole, Nels, Martin and Andrew - were born on the Egge Gaard (farm) in Norway before they came to America; a 5th son, Hans, was born on the Lovstuen Gaard. Ole died of measles during the Civil War. Nels never married.

Hans Olson’s farm was half-way between Decorah and Waukon. There was a small barn on his property where the horses from the stagecoach were exchanged. Nels had charge of these horses.

Martin first married Anne Branhagen; his second wife was Dina Evanson. Andrew first married Kjersti Svensrud; his second wife was Mathia Ness.

Hans and Magrette had a daughter, Marie, born after they came to America. Marie married Ole Branhagen.

Magrette died in 1860. Hans then married Christie Foss. They had a son, Henry Lewis (m. Seri Marie Larson) and 2 daughters, Anna (m. Emil Renaas) and Olina (m. Martin Toyen). At the time of his death in 1881, Hans owned a total of 200 acres.

In 1883 Hans, Jr. purchased 80 acres of his father’s farm from his step-mother and the other heirs. (Hans, Jr.

took the name Lovstuen rather than Olson because he was born on the Lovstuen Gaard.) The same year Hans married Marie Selsvold. Marie was born in 1861 in Waterville, IA. Hans and Marie had 13 children - of whom 8 lived to adulthood: Helmer; Hilda (m. Albert Teslow); Oscar (m. Florence Williams); Ellen (m. Theodore Ruen); Nora (m. Henry Berge); Rebecca (m. Stephen Bolson); Alma (m. Otto Hanson); and Dagny (m. Fredinand Evenrud). Alfred Hexom (Marie's nephew) was adopted by the Lovstuen’s.

Bio Photo

Hans H. and Marie Lovstuen

Helmer Lovstuen (b. 1884) purchased the farm (160 acres by this time) in 1921 and his parents moved to Decorah. In 1927 Helmer married Inga Ehrie born in 1886 in Ludlow Twp., Allamakee Co. A daughter, Helen. Helmer and Inga raised horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens in addition to field crops. They milked by hand and farmed with horses most of their lives. Before retiring they did get a milking machine and Helmer bought a tractor.

In 1949 Helen Lovstuen married Vernon T. Olson. Vernon was born in 1920 in Springfield Twp., Winneshiek Co. He is a World War II veteran. Vernon and Helen farmed on half with her parents until 1955. They then purchased the farm and Helmer and Inga moved to an adjoining farm. After retiring from farming Helmer enjoyed fishing. He died in 1971; Inga died in 1976.

The farm Helmer and Inga purchased when they retired is now also part of the Olson farm for a total of 330 acres. The original house on the Century Farm was moved 120 feet east and the present house built in 1897. A small building several feet from the kitchen door served as a summer kitchen and laundry room.

Vernon and Helen are retired, but still live on the farm. They have 6 children: Dianne Olson Teslow ( m. Joel Borowski); Donna Olson McConnell ( m. Craig Faldet); Vicki (m, David Westendorf); Kristi (m. Keith Ellingson); Linda; and Lisa. A son, Randall, was born in 1958 and died in


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