had 4 children: James, John, Mary and Roseann; Frank (b. 27 Jan 1894 - d. 28 Aug 1974) married Bessie Carolan (b. 23 Oct 1894) and had 8 children: Robert, Eugene, Stephen, Leonard, Mary, Marcella, Loretta and Rose Ellen; Elizabeth (b. 3 Jan 1897 - d. 26 Jan 1946) never married.

Patrick was known as “Buck" and noted for his jigging, fiddling and playing the jew’s harp. He lived and farmed in Bluffton until his death 31 Mar 1913. He was a member of St. Bridget’s Catholic Church. Ann moved to Decorah and lived on Day St. until she died 10 Jun 1924. She is buried in St. Bridget's Cemetery, Bluffton, IA

Ode, Paul and Clara (Nelson)

(Gail Ode)

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Paul and Clara Nelson Ode

Paul G. Ode was born 23 Dec 1878 and died 18 Jan 1950. He was married to Clara Nelson 21 Jun 1909. Clara was born 29 Apr 1886 and died on 5 Oct 1936. Paul's parents were Peter and Jerend (Riste) Ode and Clara’s parents were Halvor and Berit (Halverson Kjonnas) Nelson. (Refer to their history.)

Paul and Clara lived on the Ode farm all their married life. They belonged to the Washington Prairie Lutheran Church. Paul was active in the church, was trustee and served on the board for building the new parish hall. He was a member of the Farm Bureau, A.S.C.S., and was school district president for the Red Oak School. He was one of the first farmers to build terraces to prevent soil erosion. Paul did general farming, milked cows, raised hogs, sheep, Percheron horses, corn, oats, soy beans and hay. He was the second generation to own the Ode farmstead. Clara was well-liked in the community, a good cook and kept everything in order and in its place. She belonged to the Ladies Aid of the church.

Six children were born to Paul and Clara: Gustave (b. 25 Mar 1908 - d. May 1941) married Stena Enerson (b. 1 Oct 1909 - d. 1992) in January 1930. She had one miscarriage in 1931 and two sons: Philip and Richard. Philip was married to Marjory Judith Mulhaul (b. 16 Jul 1937) on 29 Jun 1961. They have 3 children: Peter, Paul and Laurel. Richard married Carmen Lundgren on 5 Aug 1961. They have 3 children: Karin, Eric and Christopher. Eric and his wife have 2 children.

Elsie (b. 18 Jan 1910 - d. 19 Apr 1995) married Leonard Brown (b. 3 Oct 1908 - d. 14 Sep 1968) on 24 Feb 1931.

They had one daughter, Joann who married Edward Hagen on 9 Jul 1953 and has 3 children: Elizabeth, Edward and John. As of 1995, Elsie had 5 great-grandchildren.

Henry (b. 11 Jan 1913-d. 1 May 1972) married Florence Olson (b. 26 Sep 1909) 11 Mar 1939. They had one son Paul (b. 4 Oct 1948). His wife Linda had one child from a previous marriage.

Walter (b. 14 Mar 1915) married Marvel Mundt (b. 27 Sep 1913) 11 Jun 1937 and had 6 children: Carson, Diane, Gerald, Wayne, Linda and Margaret. Carson and his wife Connie had 2 sons and 3 daughters. Diane and her husband Gary Roddy had 2 daughters and one son. Gerald and his wife Pat Jackson had one son. Wayne and his wife Trudy Byram had 2 sons and one daughter. Linda and her husband Mike Root had one daughter and one son. Margaret died when she was a child and Linda Root died in 1994. Walter and Marvel have 14 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Rudolph (b. 3 Jan 1918 - d. 10 Aug 1979). (Refer to their history.)

Lester and Evelyn Loven were married 30 Apr 1955. They had 2 boys and one daughter. Randall was born and died on 14 Dec 1956. Debra and Jeffrey. Jeffrey and his wife Candice have one son and one daughter.

Paul’s wife Clara died of a brain tumor in 1936. Paul remained on the farm and hired couples to help with the farming and household chores. He also went on halves with a family. Paul and his youngest son Lester had their own quarters as did the other family. In December of 1947, his son Rudolph, with wife Gail and their first 2 children moved to the Ode farm. This made the third generation to farm the Ode homestead. Paul remained on the farm until he died in 1950. Paul and Clara are buried at the Washington Prairie Lutheran Church Cemetery in Decorah, IA.

Ode, Peder G. and Jerend (Riste)

(Gail Ode)

Peder G. Ode was born in Vestle Slidre Valdres, Norway near Ron 22 Jan 1834. He was the son of Guttorm Olsen Fere (Oisplassen?) and Sigrid Ode. Peder’s father was born @1790 in Valdres and his mother was born in 1797 in Valdres. Ode is also an old name used to describe the oldest settlement of the Ron area. The Ode farm name first originated in 1311. The earliest known ancestor of Peder was Reinar Olsen Ode (1594-1677). When Guttorm married Sigrid they made their home on the Ode farm so Guttorm went by his wife's surname. Peder’s brothers and sisters were Ole (1822), Gunhild (1825), Barbo (1828), Marit (1831), Peder (1834), Sigrid (1837), Nils (1840) and Ingri (1842). Since Peder Guttormson Ode was probably the first Ode to set foot in the U.S. this search for our roots will begin with him.

Peder emigrated in June 1856 at the age of 22 to Winneshiek County, IA. It is not known exactly why he left Norway, but undoubtedly poor economic conditions were


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