Obman, Richard and Eloise (Mosbo)

(Esther Mosbo)

Eloise Annette Mosbo was born in Sioux Rapids, IA to Edward Johannes and Esther (Thorson) Mosbo. She attended Rembrandt Consolidated School, Rembrandt, IA and graduated from high school in 1960. She attended Luther College, Decorah, IA for 2 years and 2 summers. She transferred to Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, IA for her final year and graduated with a baccalaureate degree majoring in English and minoring in German. Additional credits earned through correspondence study qualified her for teacher certification at both elementary and secondary school levels.

Eloise married Richard Obman 23 Nov 1962. At that time Eloise was attending Buena Vista College and Richard was teaching German in Odebolt High School, Odebolt, IA.

After Eloise completed college at Buena Vista, she and Richard both taught in Odebolt for 5 years. Their first child Kristine was born during this time.

The family moved to Reinbeck, IA where Richard worked on road construction. A son Joel was born in Grundy Center, IA. The family soon moved back to Odebolt and then in 1977 to Richard’s parents’ farm south of Rembrandt where he presently farms and raises hogs.

Eloise had studied organ while a student at Luther College and continued to study organ the summer following the dedication of the new organ in Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Rembrandt in 1957. She enjoys playing and practices on the organ in her home. She was assistant organist at St. John’s Lutheran Church while living in Storm Lake. Eloise has taught high school English, upper grades, and junior high school English off and on for 14 years. In Jun 1983 Eloise accepted fulltime employment at the First National Bank in Rembrandt. In 1988 she returned to teaching and is presently teaching with the Talented and Gifted program at Odebolt.

Kristine was born in Storm Lake. After graduation from high school in 1983 she attended the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA for the 1983-84 school year. In the fall of 1984 she transferred to Iowa State University, Ames, IA to study architecture with emphasis on design. She designed an addition to her parents’ farm home. Kristine married in May 1990 and has a son Joshua. Her husband Pete is a naturalist. Kristine obtained her LPN and RN degrees and works in a retirement home. They live in Ida Grove, IA.

Joel was born in Grundy Center, IA. He is making the Air Force his career since high school. He married in Jun 1994 and has a step-son. He served in Guson, Germany and is now in St. Louis.

O’Brien, Frank and Elizabeth (Carolan)

(Marcella (O’Brien) Rooney)

Frank O’Brien was born in Winneshiek Co. on 27 Jan 1894. He was the son of Patrick O'Brien (b. 20 Jan 1839 - d. 31 Mar 1913) and Ann Farrell (b. 11 Apr 1854 - d. 10 Jun 1924). His paternal grandparents were Andrew O'Brien (b. 2 Aug 1803 - d. 20 Mar 1895) and Ann (Nancy ) Riley (b. 14 Jun 1809 - d. 11 Dec 1895). His maternal grandparents were Patrick Farrell (b. 15 Aug 1798 - d. 12 Nov 1887) and Catherine Matthews (b. 12 Apr 1797 - d. 31 Aug 1883). Frank had 11 brothers and sisters: Andrew; Patrick (m. Molly Bergman); Luke (m. Margaret Lynch); Owen; John; Joseph (m.Catherine Drew); Mary Ann (m. Ed Fuchs); Thomas (m. Jenny McConnell); Catherine (m. Terry McConnell); Nell (m. Harry Cosgrove) and Elizabeth.

On 18 Nov 1919 Frank married Elizabeth (Bessie) Carolan who was born in Madison Twp. 23 Oct 1894. She is the daughter of Phillip Carolan (b. 7 Jun 1869 - d. 18 Jun 1958) and Ella Donlan (b. 29 Dec 1867 - d. 12 Oct 1958). Her paternal grandparents were James Carolan (b. 1835 - d. 29 Dec 1902) and Elizabeth Woodhouse (b. 12 Apr 1843 - d. 12 Feb 1927). Her great-grandparents were Phillip Carolan and Mary Sexton and great-great grandparents were Stephen and Mary Carolan. Her maternal grandparents were Patrick Donlon (b. 4 Mar 1824 -d. 1899) and Bridget Burns (b. 1827 - d. 10 Dec. 1916). Bessie had 9 brothers and sisters: Mae (b. 27 Feb 1893 m. John Cronin b. 17 May 1894 - d. 5 Jan 1929); Theresa (b. 27 Jul 1896 - d. 29 May 1984 m. Raymond Drew b. 13 Mar 1889 - d. 24 Aug 1982); Richard (b. 13 May 1898 - d. 15 Dec 1965 m. Bea Nolan b. 17 Jan 1902 - d. 31 Jul 1967); Peter (b. 29 Mar 1900 - d. 8 Apr 1980 m. Margaret Baumler b. 19 May 1914 - d. 23 Sep 1974); James (b. 19 Feb 1903 - d. 3 Jun 1984 m. Esther Hanlon b. 24 Sep 1910 - d. 27 May 1968 and Esther Fish); Robert (b. 6 Mar 1904 - d. 21 Oct 1904); William (b. 2 Jun 1905 - d. 23 Jun 1978 m. Frances Gaul b. 12 Dec 1916); Ellen (b. 1 Nov 1907 - d. 7 Oct 1986 m. William Sutton b. 6 Jun 1910 - d. 5 Jun 1963 and Jerome Van Steenhuyse b. 11 Nov 1900 - d. 20 Apr 1987); Sylvester (b. 29 Jun 1909 m. Vivian Gossman b. 12 Dec 1917) and Melvin (b. 4 Jan 1911 m. Ruth Whalen b. 11 Mar 1918).

Frank and Bessie are the parents of 8 children: Robert (b. 28 Sep. 1920 - d. 27 May 1990) was employed 28 years as County Engineer in Winneshiek Co. He was not married. Eugene (b. 16 Feb 1922) was married 28 Aug 1950 to Frances Frana and has 5 children: Frances, Carol Crawford, Patty Kelly, Sally and Ruth Ann Hadish. Stephen  married 1 Aug 1953 to Mary Ellen Kroeger  and has 5 girls: Barbara Cutkamp, Mary Williams, Theresa Brahm, Maureen Leuenberger and Leslie Rhomberg. Leonard (b. 12 Apr 1925 - d. 25 Jun 1995) married 17 May 1986 to Roma Adair Schutte. He was step-father to Laurie Lenard, Robert Schutte, Richard (m. Becky Foltz) and Rollis deceased. Leonard also worked for the Winneshiek Co. Engineers Office. Mary was married to Roger Fischer and has 3 children: Loren (m. Laura Atcheson), Lynne (m. Doug Glandon) and Laura. Marcella was a member of the Sisters of Mercy from 1948-1970. On 30 Jun 1972 she married Rusty Herold (b. 10 Dec 1908 - d. 25 Dec 1972) and 25 Jun 1973 (m. Charles A. Rooney. She has 2 children: Ellie (m. Jim Wiemerslage)


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