Anton died in 1878 at West Paint Creek area, Allamakee Co.

Agnette Petersdtr Waslien was born in Homseiet, Ostsinnenaasen, Norway in 1834. Her parents Peter Gulbrandson Waslien and Johanne Amundsdtr Engerengen were born in Laarud. Agnette’s second husband was Christian Smedsrud. He died at West Paint Creek area 23 Aug 1910. Christian Pederson Smedsrud was born in Vesthorpen (Vest-Torpe?) Norway 17 Jan 1824 to Peder Knudsen and Anne Nilsdtr. His birthplace was a farm known as Smedsrud. His wife Karen Marthea Gulbrandsdtr was born 22 Mar 1821 in Vesthorpen, Norway on a place called Rud to Gulbrand Johanneson and Ingeborg Petersdtr. Christian Pederson Smedsrud and his wife Karen Marthea had 2 children, both born in Jefferson Twp: Inger Aietter (7 Nov 1859-25 Mar 1864); and Caroline Hendrikka (27 Jan 1863-28 Mar 1864). Christian Smedsrud’s first wife died 16 Jun 1885. His second marriage was to Mrs. Agnette Waslien Nystuen in 1887 but no children were born to this union. Agnette Nystuen’s children Gilbert and Hans adopted the name Smedsrud. Peter adopted the name Gilbertson. My grandfather, Gilbert Gulbrand, (b. 27 Jun 1863) arrived in the U.S. Jun 1875. His father died when he was 16 years old. After his mother married Christian Smedsrud they came to the Smedsrud homestead in Jefferson Twp. 24 Sep 1887. Gilbert remained on this homestead until 27 Nov 1942 when he and his wife Hannah moved to Waukon, IA. The homestead was an original deeded from the U.S. government. It was sold by the Smedsrud family in the spring of 1947.

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Left to right: W. Gordon, Hannah and Carl Gerhart. In front: Rick Gerhart Smedsrud.

Gilbert Smedsrud married Hannah Hanson 2 Jul 1891. Hannah (16 Apr 1869-4 Oct 1959) was the daughter of Gilbert Hanson and Andrine Taerningen. Gilbert died 11 Dec 1950. Gilbert and Hannah had the following children, all born in Jefferson Twp: Alfred, Carl, Alma, Jessie, Mabel, Helen, Melvin and Beulah. Alfred (b. 8 Jul 1892) married Irene Louise Sorenson Jun 1922 in LaCrosse, Wl. Irene was born in LaCrosse 29 Jan 1894 to Sever and Oletta Sorenson. Alfred died 3 Sep 1970 and Irene died 12 May 1971. Carl Gerhart fb. 30 Aug 1894) married my mother Pearl Huffman 20 Apr 1920. Pearl was born at Rossville, IA 22 Aug 1897 to William and Emma (Wilson) Huffman. She had one borther William Milton and 5 sisters: Hazel (m. Ernest Webster); Marie (m. Gilbert Roderick); Ethel (m. Alda Smith); Gladys (m. William Brooks); and Helen (m. Austin Ames). Carl and Pearl had the following children: Walter, Arden, Clarice and Alyce. Walter Gordon (b. 13 Dec 1920) married Marie Prestemon 9 Aug 1945. We have 2 adopted children: Rick Gerhart and Rachel Maren. Rick and Rachel each have 3 children. Arden Mervin (b. 31 Jan 1922) married Marian Moyer 21 Jan 1950. Arden died 20 Jun 1976. Clarice Lorraine married Charles Ebner Apr 1943. Alyce Marie married Raymond Spinner, Jr. 26 Feb 1949. Carl Smedsrud died 25 Aug 1972 and Pearl died 30 Mar 1974. Alma Ofidia (b. 12 Nov 1896) married Melvin Julius Kolsrud 14 Oct 1915. Melvin Kolsrud’s parents were Solve Kolsrud and Christine Eikedahl. Melvin had 3 brothers and 4 sisters: Sever, Elmer, Carl, Thorina (m. Andrew Swenson), Clare (m. John Rema), Emma (m. Ove Roe) and Anna. Melvin and Alma had 2 girls and 2 boys. Jessie Cornilia fb. 23 Jun 1901) married Otto Geuder 25 May 1922. Otto was born at Guttenburg, IA 11 May 1893. He died 31 Jul 1959 and Jessie died 21 Feb 1995. They had 2 children: Vernon and Eunice. Mabel fb. 26 Feb 1899) married Robert Keatley 13 Dec 1934. Robert was born at Dubuque, IA 7 Sep 1902 and died in Richmond, CA 22 Sep 1946. Robert and Mabel had 3 sons, Charles Fred, Melvin Gilbert and Alfred Gerhart. Mabel died 6 Feb 1963. Helen (b. 28 Jul 1904) married Alfred Anderson 4 Aug 1926. Alfred was born in Paint Creek Twp. 27 Sep 1898 to John M. Anderson and Martha Busness. Alfred and Helen had 2 children, Gladwin Raymond and LaVonne Adeline. Alfred died 11 Sep 1975. Melvin (b. 6 Dec 1908) married Edna Sanderson 15 Dec 1940. They raised a niece Lois, daughter of Earl and Harriet (Kolsrud) Sanderson. Harriet died in childbirth. Beulah (b. 13 Sep 1913) married Raymond Odegaard 27 Sep 1934. They had 5 children.


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