ert and Patricia were married 29 Nov 1963. Rearing her family was Pat’s priority along with doing volunteer work in the community and her church. They lived in Madison, Wl for 3 years before Robert took a position as an air craft mechanic with Boeing Company. After many successful years with Boeing the desire to permanently live in Decorah came when they saw an ad in the Decorah Newspapers. The family moved to the Washington Prairie area and passionately loved the property, the area and the people. Alas, the move was made as the farm crisis developed and no jobs were available so reluctantly the return to Seattle was made. Bob returned to the same flight test position he had before he left. Patricia is active in leadership in the Cursillo Movement (a renewal movement in the Catholic Church) and its offshoot, Kairos Prison Ministry. She recently completed a quarter in Pastoral Counseling.

Robert and Patricia have 3 children: Robert, Gale and Meghan. Robert Shawn received his Eagle with Palms when 14. He has been involved in a number of security equipment installations. He is now head of security at a Price/Costco Store and was named one of 6 employees of the year in 1995. He remains active in soccer and is pitcher in slow-pitch softball. Shawn is the father of Charles Frederick Noecker. Gale Kathleen is gifted in art and music. She is very tender-hearted with people and animals. Owning a horse while living near Decorah is a special memory. Gale graduated from Decorah High School where a class in three-dimension computer drafting became important using the Catia system. Gale works for Boeing Company in the military division on the F 22 tactical fighter program. She also enjoys photography where she specializes in action shots at motor bike races. Meahan Eileen (b. in Seattle) excelled in school. While in rural Decorah she attended St. Benedict’s School before moving to Junior High. Meghan had been very active in Camp Fire Girls and knew the importance of community service. When the big push was on to restore the Statue of Liberty she proposed to the Superintendent of Schools that a reading contest to raise money for the restoration be attempted through the school system. With the backing of the American Legion Auxiliary this project was successfully concluded. Meghan returned to the Seattle area and completed high school. She continues her studies at the University of Washington where she carries a double major in Astronomy and Physics. She has also worked part time for over 6 years in the deli department at Safeway. She maintains a very large collection of Star Trek memorabilia begun while in the Decorah area.

Noecker, Ronald and Albertine (Appy)

(John Noecker)

Ronald Noecker was born 28 May 1909 in IA where he grew up and graduated from Decorah High School in 1927. He married Albertine Appy 17 Sep 1932. Ronald owned and operated a Standard Oil service station until late 1937. He moved his family to Chicago where he worked as an attendant in a hotel parking facility. After about 3 years he began work at Stewart Warner as a production supervisor. He died 16 Aug 1969 in Evanston, IL.

Albertine Appy Noecker was born 22 Sep 1908 in Seattle, WA. Following her mother’s death shortly after her birth Albertine moved to Decorah where she grew up under the care of her grandparents Albert and Phoebe Lincoln and sisters Albertine and Imogene. She graduated from Decorah High School in 1926. Albertine received her Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State College in 1931. During her senior year she attended a special program at the Merril-Palmer Institute in Detroit, Ml. In 1933 she received her Master’s degree from Utah State College of Agriculture. Albertine started a nursery school in Evanston and organized the first Head-Start program in Chicago. She held the position as professor at the National College of Education in Evanston. She wrote the article “Children are People" that appeared in Hopkinton and Decorah papers. Albertine was a member of several professional and service organizations.

Ronald and Albertine had 3 children: John Allen (b. in Decorah); Robert Lincoln (b. in Chicago); and Phyllis Jean (b. in Evanston). All 3 children grew up in Chicago.

Noecker, Rudolph and Rose (Karmann)

Bio Photo

Rudolph and Rose Noecker in Evanston, III. April 1962

(Myrtle Noecker)

Rudolph Noecker was born 5 Nov 1882. He was the youngest child of Gustave and Elizabeth Noecker. Rudolph and his youngest sister were the only 2 children in the family born in the United States. The other children had been born in Canada before the family moved to Winneshiek Co. Both Rudolph and his sister were born on a farm near Hesper, IA.

Ruddie worked on a dray and hauled rock to help build the Winneshiek County Courthouse. He also worked for the Rock Island Railroad when they had tracks in Decorah. For many years Ruddie worked at the Decorah Gas Plant.


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