Quandahl 1 Nov 1941 in Kahoka, MO. When they were first married Ida worked for a doctor in Decorah. Later they both worked for the Produce Co. in Decorah. Shortly after their marriage World War II began and although Milo was nearly 30 he was drafted into the army. He distinguished himself as a sharpshooter. Later he would become a member of the Mabel, MN Legion Post 299. Milo and Ida were to live in many places - Westwood, CA and in a mountain cabin at Camp Bunyon (Halls Flat) CA where Milo worked as a scaler measuring board feet of logs before they were sawed. Next they lived at Hawthorne, NV where Milo worked as a carpenter at a Naval Ammunition dump. Later they moved to Hackensack, MN and Milo farmed, cut logs and sold wood pulp.

Two of Milo and Ida’s children were born at home in Hackensack: Margo and Micheal. Eventually Milo and Ida moved to Burr Oak. Their third child Suzanne was born at the Smith Memorial Hospital in Decorah. With the help of a Gl loan Milo and Ida were able to buy a farm in 1949 in Canoe Twp. where they farmed successfully until the fall of 1974. Their twins Bettie and Billie were born in Spring Grove, MN.

In addition to farming Milo was a Dekalb Seed Corn salesman for many years. He also was a crop adjuster for 13 years for Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company. Milo and Ida loved and enjoyed their 6 grandchildren: Erica and Jennifer Matter; Kerri Friedhof; and Billy, Rachel and Sarah Noecker. Milo struggled with lung disease and a failing heart. He underwent heart surgery 4 Oct 1990 at St. Mary’s Hospital, Rochester, MN. Eleven days later, 15 Oct 1990, he passed away at age 76.

Norman married Lillian Johnson of Decorah on 15 Jan 1942. At the time he thought his military service was finished, but he was recalled. Lillian was a rural school teacher and later was employed as a waitress at the “Green Parrot Restaurant’’ in Decorah. “The Pub" is now located in the building.

Norm and Lil adopted a daughter, Karen. Then a daughter, Kristi Lynn, was born. Karen did not marry. She worked at ‘Jack and Jill” (a grocery store) after graduating from Decorah High School. Karen died 7 Nov 1984.

The Norman Noecker family live at 1009 Mechanic Street, Decorah.

Noecker, Robert and Patricia (McCormick)

(Patricia Noecker)

Bio Photo

Back: Bob and Pat Noecker.

Front: Shawn, Gale and Meghan Noecker.

Noecker, Norman and Lillian (Johnson)

(Myrtle Noecker)

Bio Photo

Norman, Karen, Lillian and Kristi Noecker.

Norman William Noecker was born 26 Jan 1912, the son of Leo and Christine (Clausen) Noecker. He graduated from Decorah High School.

Norman was employed for a number of years at the Weis Buick Garage as a mechanic. He later worked at the Decorah School Bus Garage. Norman served in the U.S. Army Guartermaster Corp during World War II. He was stationed in Italy.

Robert Lincoln Noecker was born in Chicago, IL to Ronald and Albertine Noecker. During an epidemic of infant deaths in the hospitals he was fortunate to make it home. As a toddler he played with Lincoln Logs only he saw them as trains. This became the basis for a life-long hobby. It was enhanced each time he took the annual trip to Decorah by train, where he and his brother John would spend their summers with grandparents Rose and Rudy. Granddad Rudy had a connection which would occasionally allow the grandsons a ride on the steam engine as it turned around in Decorah. Bob is involved in a live steam train club and his fun goal is to recreate the Decorah train yard in miniature and to own a miniature of the engine which ran in Decorah.

Robert worked at drafting and sales in Chicago before entering the Air Force 9 Oct 1959 to 8 Oct 1963 where he served in the Tactical Air Command. Just before leaving the service he met Patricia McCormick in Clovis and later purchased her engagement ring in Decorah, IA.

Pat was born in Oklahoma City, OK and lived in Ohio and Tennessee. In New Mexico she taught Junior High School on the Zuni Indian Reservation. Rob


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