ment until he married. He graduated from Decorah High School in 1940.

Melvin was inducted into the Army 26 Dec 1942. He later was transferred to the Army Air Force where he was a gunner and mechanic. He completed 26 missions over France and Germany during World War II.

Bio Photo

Melvin and Myrtle Noecker with their children Constance, Calvin and Arden.

Melvin was honorably discharged 19 Oct 1945 and returned home the next day. That day he met Myrtle Casterton who did not know he had been discharged. They had their first date that day. On their fourth date (26 Oct 1945), Melvin surprised Myrtle with an engagement ring! She did not know whether to keep the ring or give it back. Myrtle kept the ring and they were married 15 Jun 1946 at the Highland Lutheran Church.

Myrtle had first become aware Melvin existed when they were in the same study hall at Decorah High School. The students were seated alphabetically, so Myrtle was near the front and Melvin at the front west end of the room. Every day Melvin would walk to the front of the library to get the daily newspaper and later return it. This meant 4 trips back and forth. He wore boots that squeaked and Myrtle always thought "Why doesn't he pay for those boots so they quit squeaking?”

Myrtle took the Normal Training Course in high school. She had signed her first teacher’s contract before graduating in May 1943. Myrtle’s first 2 years of teaching rural elementary school were at the “Nerlie School" located near the Springfield Lutheran Church in Springfield Twp. south of Decorah.

After they were married, Mel and Myrtle moved to Kansas City, MO where Mel attended the Kansas City School of Watching. Myrtle was employed at the Credit Department of Sears, Roebuck and Co. until Mel finished school in the fall of 1947. Mel and Myrtle then moved back to Decorah where Mel began working as a jeweler 15 Dec 1947.

On 15 Feb 1948 Mel and Myrtle moved into their home at 1015 River Street, Decorah. Mel continued working for Carl Albertson until he bought the jewelry store on 1 Apr 1958. It then became known as “Noecker’s Jewelry”. The store was located at 200 West Water Street, Decorah.

The purchase of the jewelry store fulfilled a life-long dream for Mel.

Exactly 25 years to the day from when they had purchased the jewelry store, the Noeckers sold it to their brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Casterton. The Noeckers continued to work for Mrs. Casterton until they retired 15 Apr 1995.

Mel and Myrtle have 3 children: Arden James, Calvin Lowell and Constance Louise. They have 9 grandchildren they enjoy very much.

Mel and Myrtle are members of the First Lutheran Church, Decorah where Mel has been a life long-member.

Noecker, Micheal

(Suzanne Matter)

Micheal Hugo Noecker was born to Milo G. and Ida M. (Quandahl) Noecker. He is the second born and the first boy. Ida had her baby at home with the help of a doctor in Hackensack, MN. Before a year had gone by Ida became concerned about Micheal. He was not sitting up and crawling like she thought he should. Little Micheal was taken to a doctor who diagnosed him as being mentally retarded. At the same time Milo was drafted into the army. In order to be closer to family Ida and Milo moved their family to Burr Oak, IA in the summer of 1945.

Micheal lived at home with his mom and dad, moving from Burr Oak to Grandpa Hugo Noecker's farm and eventually to the farm in Canoe Twp. He has an older sister Margo, a sister Suzanne and twin sister and brother Bettie and Billie.

Milo and Ida made their last move to 1864 325th St., Decorah in 1974. Micheal lived with them only one more year. It was decided for Micheal’s sake that he should live at the Oneota Care Facility. He moved there in 1975. For ten years he made the facility his home. In the summer of 1985 Micheal moved to the Woodward State Home for the mentally handicapped in Woodward, IA. He was trained at the school for living in a group home setting. After 5 years of training a home in Cresco, IA became available for Micheal. The home has several mentally handicapped people living with an adult house supervisor.

Micheal has happily made his home at the Converse Home located at 314 E. 2nd St., Cresco since the early part of 1990. He enjoys living with 4 other handicapped people, bowling and working.

Noecker, Milo and Ida (Quandahl)

(Bettie Fox)

Milo Gustav Noecker was born 21 Dec 1913 to Hugo and Margaret Grace (Allen) Noecker. He was baptized and confirmed at the Burr Oak Lutheran Church, Burr Oak, IA. Milo attended schools in West Union, Decorah and Hesper Twp. through the 10th grade. Milo married Ida


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