Noecker, John and Peggy (Fleer)

(John Noecker)

John Allen Noecker, born in Decorah, grew up in Chicago. However John and his brother Robert spent several summers in Decorah. He attended Iowa State College and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 1957. John married Peggy Jean Fleer from Webster City 12 Oct 1957. In Middletown, NJ they raised 3 children: Sarah Joanne, Martin Charles and Sandra Lynn.

John worked for AT&T from 1957 through 1989. In 1976 he received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University. He retired from AT&T to begin a new career as a computer consultant for people with disabilities. Peggy worked in the retail clothing business for several years. In 1973 she began work for AT&T in the library services department of Bell Laboratories. She is a trained professional singer, singing solo recitals and in area churches. John and Peggy have been active in church activities throughout their marriage. They enjoy classical music together.

Sarah is a registered nurse. She is employed as a private scrub nurse for a cardiac surgeon in Huntington, WV. Martin has a doctorate in physics. He worked on a project at the Center for Astrophysics in the Harvard-Smithsonian Research Center in Cambridge, MA. Recently he began work on a project at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, CO. Sandra received a Bachelor of Arts in theater arts from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA. She lives in Ocean Grove, NJ.

Noecker, Leo and Christine (Clausen)

(Myrtle Noecker)

Bio Photo

Christine and Leo Noecker at the top of stairs leading to their apartment at 5141/2 West Water Street, Decorah, Iowa. (1946)

Leo Ernst Noecker was born in Canada. He was the 5th child of Gustave and Elizabeth (Schmitt) Noecker. Leo came to Iowa from Canada with his parents in 1876. The family settled on a farm near Hesper, IA. Leo attended the rural schools in the area. He did not have more than a 4th grade education. Leo married Christine Clausen 26 Jul 1902. They became the parents of 7 children: Arthur George (b. 30 Sep 1903), Melvin William (b. 1 Feb 1906-lived only 12 days), Leonard Peter (b. 13 Mar 1907), Clifford (b. 11 Jul 1909), Norman William (b. 26 Jan 1912), Esther Charlotte (b. 30 Aug 1916) and Melvin James (b. 15 Jan 1920).

The family lived in various rented houses before Leo’s father purchased the building at 514 West Water Street, Decorah. Today this building is known as the “Dayton House." Leo had a workshop in the building where he did woodworking and repaired furniture. The family lived in the apartment above the workshop. Leo died 4 Jan 1947. Christine died 3 Oct 1956.

Noecker, Leonard and Beatrice (Rowe)

(Myrtle Noecker)

Bio Photo

Leonard Peter and Beatrice Noecker holding granddaughter Dawn Marie Iverson.

Leonard Peter Noecker was born 13 Mar 1907 to Leo and Christine (Clausen) Noecker. He was educated in the Decorah Public schools. Leonard worked for many years at the Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Factory in Decorah, IA, which was owned by Ed Shima. In later years he worked with his brother Clifford in Clifford’s Feed Mill located on West Water Street in Decorah.

Leonard married Beatrice Rowe 1 Nov 1928. A baby boy was stillborn 15 Mar 1933 and a daughter Myrna Jane.

Noecker, Melvin and Myrtle (Casterton)

(Myrtle (Casterton) Noecker)

Melvin James Noecker was born 15 Jan 1920, the youngest child of Leo and Christine (Clausen) Noecker. He was born in the apartment at 514 1/2 West Water Street, Decorah. Melvin lived with his family in this apart


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