High School. At one time he was voted the “best dressed” fellow in Decorah.

Clifford married Eunice Vail of Canton, MN 12 Nov 1935. They had 3 daughters: Marilyn, Elaine and Cheryle. Clifford owned and operated a feed mill on West Water Street in Decorah for a number of years.

Noecker, Gustav and Elizabeth (Schmitt)

(Myrtle Noecker)

The earliest information of the Noecker family is in 1484. In The Rhineland by Dr. Kotzchke a “master blacksmith" is mentioned, ‘John of the Nuke” called “Vierroge", and today would be John Nocker. The John Nocker market was in Ratingen. Nocker characteristics are “strong, erect, blond, blue-eyed.” They are “honest and sincere,” their temperaments are “strong, free of hatred and passion.” They cannot pretend: they are resolutely “brief”—to the “point.” “Kotten" in German means “estate" so “Nockerskotten" means Nocker estate, and these were in the Rhineland in Westphalia as well as in Tirol and Salzburg. The spelling “Nocker" appears for the first time as Oliver Nocker, born between 1440 and 1450.

In 1728 a Christina Noecker of Ratingen lived 1706-1739. The period 1702-1727 marks an era in early German emigration. Between 40,000 to 50,000 left because of bloody persecutions by troops of Louis XIV. To escape, German and other Protestants emigrated to the English colonies in America. Upwards of 4,000 departed 25 Dec 1709 and arrived in New York in Jun 1710. Seventeen hundred died enroute and survivors were encamped in tents. Governor Hunter made rash demands and in 1712 families began to move to other places. Some remained in the states but moved westward; others went to Canada. A family of Noeckers in Ohio were raided by Indians and all members except 2 boys were killed. They were spared because they were working in a corn field at the time.

Our branch came from Canada and made their homes in the Dakotas and Iowa in 1876.The name was changed from Nocker in 1834 to Noecker in 1835. It was common for “given” names to be used over again so we consider dates very necessary.

Karl Ludwig C. Nocker married Wilhelmine Schneider; their son Gustav was born 26 May 1832 in Prettin, Saxany, Prussia. He was one who went to Canada. He married Elisabeth Schmitt 2 Feb 1858 in Woolwick Twp., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. They migrated to Hesper Twp., IA in 1876. Before they came they had 8 children: Alvin Louis (b. 17 Aug 1858); Matilda (b. 28 Feb 1862); Earnestine (b. 25 Nov 1863); Leo Ernst (b. 7 Aug 1865); Emma (b. 28 Nov 1867); Louise (b. 25 May 1870); Leah (b. 26 May 1873); and Hugo (b. 8 May 1875). They had 2 additional children born in Hesper Twp.: Minnie (b. 22 Jul 1877) and Rudolph (b. 5 Nov 1882). The last known address of Gustav and Elisabeth was 605 West Water Street, Decorah.

Alvin Louis married Carrie Frank in 1885 and had 3 children: William Alvin (b. 1885); Alvena (b. 1886); and Mary (b. 1893). Alvin had a livery stable in Decorah and later was manager of the Aase Haugen Home when it was located in the country. Matilda married Emil V. Uffelman [ Input from Eberhard Haering, Bremen, Germany Nov. 21, 2017 "Emil Victor Uffelman  (15.7.1859 Bremen - 28.9.1911 Montana) married Mathilda Augusta Noecker 6.Sept.1888 in Helena, Montana. They divorced before 1909, the year when he married Mary M. V. Pugh."] and had Victor and Ena. She divorced Uffelman, married White and later Lanoye. Earnestine married William H. Coy 23 Dec 1896 and had 3 children: Leland (b. 1898); Elizabeth (b. 1902); and Roy (b. 1905). Leo Ernst married Christine Amelia Clausen 21 Jul 1902. Their children were: Arthur George (b. 30 Sep 1903); Melvin William (21 Jan 1906-1 Feb 1906); Leonard Peter (b. 13 Mar 1907); Clifford A. (b. 11 Jul 1909); Norman William (b. 26 Jan 1912); Esther Charlotte (b. 30 Aug 1916); and Melvin James (b. 15 Jan 1920). Leo had a shop at 514 West Water and did all manner of repairs. His family lived in the upstairs apartment. Emma married Samuel Goettleman 28 Nov 1888. They had Charles in 1891. Louise married Valentine M. Stoskopf in 1891. Their children include: Vioiette (b. 1893); Weston (b. 1897); Arthur and Nada. Leah married George Brown. They had no children. Hugo married Margaret Grace Allen 2 Mar 1902. Their children were: Ruth Beatrice (b. 1 Mar 1903); Charlotte Evelyn (b. 7 Sep 1904); Norbert Llewellyn (b. 6 Aug 1906); Milo Gustav (b. 21 Dec 1913); and Genevieve Lucile (b. 12 Apr 1921). Minnie married Arthur Darrington 16 Dec 1896. They had Vernice in 1899 and William in 1907. Rudolph married Rose Karmann 10 Aug 1904 and had Ronald (b. 28 May 1909) and Kathryn (b. 5 Feb 1913). Rudolph was manager of the Decorah Gas Plant in the east end of Decorah on Decorah Avenue.

Bio Photo

Gustav and Elizabeth (Schmitt) Noecker

Gustav and Elisabeth farmed in Hesper Twp. Gustav was very artistic. A descendant recalls the beautiful scenes he painted on Easter eggs. He also was a tobacco chewer and grandchildren kept their distance from him because of it. Elisabeth was a hard worker and remembered as being very “bossy and stern.” With 10 children to care for we can believe the need for these three traits!

Six of the Noecker children were farmers or married farmers. A descendant of Hugo recalls when World War II was being fought Hugo and his wife were ordered to prove their citizenship. Also during this war farmers were ordered to control the number of pigs they raised—any amount over a given number were to be killed and buried. Many farmers killed and dressed the pigs and gave the meat to families in need.

We can’t go back as far as the monkeys but we do have information as far back as 1484!


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